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Desperate Housewives episode "Where do i belong" reviewed

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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Lynette continues to torture Tom. Renee catches her but Lynette has no shame. The local priest asks Bree to counsel a lost lamb, but Bree finds out it's Beth Young. The father blackmails Bree because he's heard she is shacking up with her younger boyfriend. The gay couple show Carlos and Gaby their new ten year adopted girl, and Carlos forbids Gaby to speak of Grace any further. Liza Hunter McDermott is the name they propose. Mike surprises Susan in the hospital with her daughter who wants to give her a transplant. Mike suggest her mother give the kidney transplant. Julie says she called and they will be present the next day. Susan reacts strongly in the negative. Aunt Claire is played by Valerie Harper, and Lesley Ann Warren plays Sophie, Susan's mother. Marty and Sophie are just about to take a three month cruise. Julie gets a blood test when the mother refuses. Bree attempts to makes friends with Beth Young. Gaby comes home shopping with Bree to find that her daughters have found the doll in her closet for her real daughter Grace. Gaby loses it. Susan erupts in rage that her mother doesn't get tested. There is an 85% chance she is not a match. Claire, Sophie, and Susan look a great deal alike. Claire later visits Susan at home and says Sophie has breast cancer. The "cruise" is a made up story. Susan gives her mother one last visit. Beth Young comes to drinks with the Wisteria wives. A young man delivers flowers to Bree. They are cold to Beth and then Bree draws them into the kitchen for a pep talk. She asks them if they want to see Beth end up like Mary Alice, the narrator of DH who committed suicide.

When they return Beth finds a gun in the sofa, the same gun that shot Paul Young. this starts a fight and Beth leaves threatening to call police. The flowers nobody bought were brought by a mystery person, who return to their motel and removes the disguise. it's Paul and Mary Alice's son, who stares at a photo of their former "happy family".

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