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Burn Notice- Better Halves -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 3rd September 2011

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Michael to sent by Agent Pierce to go to a beach resort near Caracas to bring back a biological weapons inventor. Pierce is closing down on Lucian’s killer. The CIA has approved Michael to take Fi as his wife as a cover. Fi is not happy about the dearth of quality time. Her grudge against Michael grows. She uses the travel cash to buy a new dress.

Michael says the email looks like Stigler was financing an import export business. Sam and John identify Stigler as the issuer of the  laundered the money used to pay off the dead old man who made the bomb that killed Max. The banker Stigler has massive security. Jessie and Sam  corner him in a bar after knocking out his private security men. The HK-91 used to kill Lucian was financed by the banker.

Jessie and Sam pretend to look for a bathroom but muscle their way into the back room where Stigler and some girls are. They show him the picture of Lucian and tell the banker he is dead. Stigler says Lucian is an old friend. Sam tells him they are looking for Tavion, the man who took the money and used it to fund a shooting spree. Stigler is not concerned about max being called, saying he is just a businessman.

In Caracas, Fi and Michael work fast. Kevin Skylar is the bio-weapons dealer.  Skylar is a germ warfare maker for the Russians code named Cheshire. They send Michael because Venezuelan extraction can be disavowed as Michael gone astray. They go to the resort and use a tango dance to reconnoiter the four couples who checked in the same time.

They think one of the men is undercover because he didn’t turn when the waiter called his name. But Fi thinks a couple who keeps watching the door are the likely undercover assets. But when they search the Skylar’s room, Fi sees trouble out the window. Four people approach. The Russian couple Fi was watching are their bodyguards.

Michael tries to bug Skylar’s room but the people return before they can leave. On the balcony Michael needs to rip Fi’s new dress. The ripping sound alerts the guards. But by the time the guards check they are gone, over the balcony rail, and Michael has ruined Fi’s new dress

Fi cozies up to the wife. Pool side Michael intentionally order champagne and caviar delivered to Nikki (Charisma Carpenter). After a glass or two Nikki introduces Christine to her husband who is polite but noncommittal. But then Michael shows up and they are introduced. Michael appears as Brandon who has booked a six seater helicopter to see the rainforest. Nikki (Charisma Carpenter) twists her husband’s arm to join Fi and Michael.

Stigler gives Sam Tavion’s visit description to let them take him. Stigler warns this is a dangerous man. But later they borrow Fi’s blue Porsche to lay the groundwork for a grate bomb where Tavion’s car will be parked. But when the man doesn’t show Jessie investigates the bar and finds the banker dead. jessie radios Sam but there is a problem.

Sam is being held at gunpoint by Tavion, who wants a meet with Michael. Sam says he framed him for murder that won’t be easy. Tavion seems unsure about this an says they have to meet in person. They don’t say Michael is out of the country. Jessie and Sam have to get Michael to meet him at a  park in Miami. Meanwhile, Fi and Michael are wearing fake wedding rings as Mr. and Mrs. Jansen.

Meanwhile at the Venezuela resort, Michael and Fi are having dinner with Brandon and Nikki. But the guards are getting very nervous about their brainy scientists’s new friends. Niki is moping because now Brandon says they cant go on the helicopter ride. To bridge the crisis Michael says he is a broker for men like Brandon and he can get him  a better deal. Michael judges the time had come to do anything to get Brandon on that helicopter.

Michael and Fi talk knowingly abut how he was approached at a pharmaceuticals conference and Brandon and Nikki are dumbfounded. As the guards close in, Fi pretends like they have told an off-color joke as the reason their voices were kept lowered. Fi coaches the pair to pretend to be having a good time. Michael says he can get Brandon much better deal and won’t insult him with ‘babysitters”. The guards back off when it looks like a normal dinner.

Next day, Fi and Michael have poolside champagne while going over the details of getting Brandon and Nikki out of the country. Michael will get the man when they are in the sauna because he can’t wear Kevlar in there or hide a gun. Then they will go for the helicopter and Fi will lock the patio door of a restaurant with Nikki, while their bodyguard waits in the bar. Brandon is very nervous but wants out of his current arrangement.

Inside the sauna, Brandon talks about a new bio-weapon he has made that the Russians don’t even know about yet. The new drug cases undetectable organ failure and death. He gleefully wonders what it is worth and he thinks maybe North Korea is a good buyer but Michael says maybe the Chinese they will see what the market will offer. (Michael is secretly appalled.) When the Russian bodyguard comes in and berates Brandon for evading him Michael attacks him and they get away.

At the restaurant Fi gets a text the men are clear. She readies Nikki for their break. Nikki keeps giving her bodyguard a big rabbit-eyed stare which alerts her something is up. When Fi locks the door Nikki gives her another look which draws the bodyguard forth. Fi sees the woman draw a gun and brea th patio window to get to them. F pushes some obstructions in her way and then Nikki and Fi jump in the ocean water to get away.

They come up on a dock in a marina but Fi’s cellphone has slipped out of her pocket. They get on a motorbike and then dart into the jungle but a roadblock is there. The bodyguard has radioed for reinforcements and Fi drives to an abandoned shed. Nikki says they will be taken but the question is how long will it take them to get captured. Fi is out of bullets but then she uses Nikki’s diamond from her wedding ring, saying she married Brandon because he was a doctor.

At the helipad, Weston senses something is not right Fi should have called in by now. Brandon says they can leave the women as acceptable losses and Michael turns back to get Fi.

At the shed, Fi takes cover and uses her bullets surgically sniping th two men helping the woman bodyguard. She expects others will come. Fi lures the woman close and almost gets shot but when she runs ut of bullets the Russian pauses, then Michael strikes her down from behind. Fi asks how he found them and Weston says he knows every move she’d make.

Then Fi and Weston alternate trigger fire at the next salvo of Russians.Putting Nikki in the middle they get out and race for the car. Michael rushes to the helipad where the helicopter has landed wit armed military men. Brandon freaks out and says he didn’t sign on for this. Michael tells him he has a date in Langley and Brandon say he wont sing. But Fi tells Nikki she’ll get  deal and Nkki says she’ll talk plenty

Back in Miami, Jessie and Sam has shut down he roads and the air and the sea around the park where Michael is supposed to wait.Tavion calls Sam looking for Weston ad then Sam points out they have the area surrounded he has to wait.  Jessie has called in a lot of favors and pretended a nuclear strike. Tavion sees this and waits.

Michael and Fi get home and Fi says she kind of liked being married to him even if it was phony. Michael says he has to check in with Sam and Jessie to see where they are on Tavion. But when Fi leaves Michael gets inside with his suitcase to find Agent Pearce there. She shows him a building reflection of the supposed meet with the killer of Max, and the impression from the satellite feed is unmistakably Weston’s car.

Weston grimly sees on Pearce’s laptop screen his Charger reflected in the daytime building on a Miami street. He turns to explain but Agent Pearce has a gun on him, righteously furious because she thinks he killed Max. Michael says he has been trying to build a case and find the real killer because he knew she would believe it was him. Weston can’t get her to listen to anything he says.

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