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Red or Black?

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Written by : published Saturday 3rd September 2011

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Red or Black is a whole new programme created by the powerhouse, which is Simon Cowell. But hang on I know people are bored of him dominating the airwaves but I assure you this one is brilliant. I got bored of Saturday night game shows in the mid 2000’s but this is a whole new energy to the format.  ITV 1 already has two of the most watched shows on TV with The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. I’m sure that Red or Black will be one of those ratings giants.


It’s being hosted by the ‘safe hands’ of Ant and Dec the longtime Saturday night favourites of both young and old. No doubt their salaries will be astronomical but I doubt ITV will care if the ratings are sky high and the adverts can be sold for thousands per second.


So what is Red Or Black I hear you ask? Well it’s basically a game show that starts with thousands of contestants. Each stage sees more and more people dropped out of the game. They have to choose for each challenge whether to go with red or black, whichever colour wins then that group goes through to the next round.


One annoying thing, which seems to have moved from the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are the short videos of the contestants begging and saying how shit their lives are and how much winning would mean to them. Their just fillers to be perfectly honest.


Mr Cowell has pulled out all the stops on this first show for the wow factor. David Hasselhoff and Louis Walsh being involved in one of the early levels. Leona Lewis performed live in the studio and made one of the decisions in a round. It all seems like a medley of all of his shows thrown into one.


I like Red or Black. It’s much more exciting and entertaining than the other offerings. A million pounds seems much more daring than a few thousand. I think Red Or Black will be a huge hit and a firm Saturday night favourite just like BGT and The X Factor.


I’m afraid to say that Cowell has won again. 

Watch Red or Black here. 

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