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Royal Pains- A Little Art, A Little Science- Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 1st September 2011

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Hank is still in a fight with Evan but goes to the general’s home to talk about electro shock therapy. The general wants to have his wife attend a book signing to help his campaign.  Evan sees that the woman who is Paige’s mother is very ill and nothing is being done to address her illness. Evan admits to Hank she needs help.

Hank tells Evan he will go to the Brooklyn hospital he got kicked out of to find is Ellen Collins is a candidate for the EST. (The woman who plays Dana Gordon on Entourage is the doctor here). Evan asks if he is even allowed back there yet. Hank says they will find out.

The doctor at first thinks Hank is the patient but then Hank wants to talk about the general’s wife. But the doctor says Ellen is not a good candidate for the treatment. She has already been disappointed by several drug therapies. Hank pleads her case.

Meanwhile the art critic Eric Kassabian (Eric Vildderama) returns from Europe and gets a new painting and then faints after it is unveiled. Hank comes to treat him and sense something is not right even though the patient seems to be dealing with his diabetes. Eric describes a relationship with art that seems hallucinatory. Hank thinks this has happened before. The art critic sees the painting move in visions with auras.

Meanwhile Jill goes to the city to meet with her replacement.

Divya gets a new Hankmed patient, an Indian actress with a Bollywood following. Divya is chagrined to learn she must ferry the high maintenance patient to Hamptons Heritage after shopping and be at her beck and call. This keeps Divya changing back and forth into her nurses uniform. Evan signed a concierge medicine contract that demands this treatment. Divya can’t ask Hank for help without revealing her hospital stint.

Divya keeps her work at the hospital separate from Hankmed, because she is paying off her former husband-to-be’s parents and Hank is already helping her financially. They may sue her for her share in Hankmed if she doesn’t. (Hank does not know this) Dr. Van Dyke is treating a small boy and Divya comes up with another save from an English dental journal. Van Dyke lets Divya run the show and leaves.

At the aircraft carrier Evan shows up to play minder for the long line of service personnel waiting to get the General to sign his book. Evan schmaltzes the people and keeps them happy just like Paige would have. After a successful day the General gives Evan a Scotch. But the man is angry when Hank and Page show up and announce his wife has been put into a Brooklyn hospital.

Paige speaks up, complaining she must put her life on hold and stand in for her mother constantly to cover up the clinical depression. Hank emphasizes electro shock is no longer painful. The General says they tried that long ago and he won’t have it. Hank stresses the treatment is successful when the family is supportive. (Evan is still mad at him). At the Brooklyn Hospital, the General shows up as Hank indicates the EST treatment on Paige’s mother is successful.

Eric gets a diagnostic from Hank that shows it is his reaction to light flashes that broke his breathing. Hank gets a colleague to give a second opinion. They do a test of the lighting in front of the painting and the monitoring shows electro cardio movement. The spikes are present with abnormal light. Hank indicates a light bulb change is in order.

There is still the ridiculopathy test. Eric must still do a follow up procedure at Hamptons Heritage hospital and Hank schedules this.

At the hospital, Hank emphasizes to Dr. Van Dyke how important this treatment is to be done right. Van Dyke assures Hank everything will be fine and he gives the job to Divya. But Divya is very tired and gives Eric the oral steroids too, not realizing he is diabetic. Eric thinks he recognizes Divya but she feigns not and avoids him. Divya goes home and gets to bed.

Hank finds out Eric is missing from the hospital and rushes to the mansion. Eric is found in the art gallery, unconscious in front of the painting, with the oral steroids in hand. Hank dials 911 and demands treatment for ketonic shock. Hank angrily holds the bottle with Dr. Van Dyke’s name  on it.

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