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Rescue Me - Vows- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 1st September 2011

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The Gavin wedding for Colleen proceeds apace. Mickey readies Black Sean for the realities of marriage while standing by to officiate. A string quartet plays while Teddy readies Colleen. Many of the firefighters make jokes about Black Sean’s mother being Mexican. Black Sean accurately assesses the real reason Mickey left the priesthood: he wanted women.

Gavin bets the family $300 he will make it to the altar without fainting. Colleen winces to hear Tommy was drunk when she was born. Janet raps him again and again with the flowers because he didn’t take the desk job. Even Sheila says he won’t make it. Janet and Teddy reinforce this fact. Gavin waits until Teddy and Colleen start their march then joins them on the march. Muttering threats and curses, the threesome make their way to the altar.

White Sean and the crew sit in the sun waiting for the wedding. The Lt. wears  a Nehru jacket to the general amazement. Lou asks if it comes with a gay Asian lover. When Tommy Gavin gets to the altar he does faint from heat and everythign and he has to pay off Colleen the $300, which she puts in her bustline. Mickey approvingly says this is the right way to start out a marriage, with a little extra wedding day cash.

After the ceremony booze starts to flow. Gavin calls an emergency family meeting out back. They toy with the idea of getting a free pass from drinking just on this one day. They agree but then Tommy calls it off. Sheila says she is the exception because she paid for everything. One of Black Sean’s family tries to horn in one the meeting, thinking it is about getting more to drink and volunteers the four cases of Hennessy he has in his car.

Janet also threatens if anyone ruins the wedding she will strangle them Everybody teases Tommy’s sister (Tatum O’Neal) for hooking up at every wedding. But they all say Teddy over all needs to not drink because he throws things out windows at every wedding. Tommy says no more Mexican jokes but tells one about “What do you get when you cross a Mexican with an octopus?” Teddy replies “I don’t know but it picks a lot of lettuce”.

Tommy makes small talk with Black Sean’s parents. Janet and Tommy have nothing to say to them and vice versa and it is very awkward. Lou comes up and deliberately embarrasses Tommy about what color the kids will be. Janet and Tommy confuse questions about Janet’s expected baby with one Colleen and Sean might be expecting. They misuse the word "mexipus" a lot.

During the wedding toasts Sheila grabs the microphone and insists on repeating how she paid for the wedding over and over again. She is drunk and nobody else is. She insist that Tommy and Janet recite their wedding vows over again and Colleen and Sean pressure them also. During the vows Mickey takes relish in making Tommy repeat every word.

But Janet’s vows involves making Tommy promise to take a desk job and Tommy freaks out.Only when Kate says she will become a prostitute and start drinking does Tommy give in. After this ceremony beautiful pictures of the Gavin family, including Black Sean happen and everybody laughs for joy. But when Gavin tries to have a piece of wedding cake Lou plunges his fingers in it.

Gavin just wants to find somewhere to relax. He unbuckles his pants and slips into the bed upstairs at this large oceanfront Inn rented for the wedding. Tommy is aghast to see Sheila run into the bedroom and throw herself on the bed next to him. Sheila begs Tommy to hold her and Tommy realizes how bad this must look. Janet is immediately right there, watching. She croons to Sheila that it wasn’t about love, Tommy just liked the sex. Janet humiliates Tommy and demands he go get them something cool to drink.

When Tommy is gone Janet says that she just needs to get lad and Sheila agrees. Janet says Sheila should get back together with Mickey. Everybody is dancing from both family groups to the music. Running upstairs from the festivities, White Sean attends with his smelly girlfriend and asks Mike if he should marry her. Mike says no, and White Sean says thanks anyway and after the wedding asks her to get married.

The groom’s Mexican heritage comes out in the Spanish music being played. But after the ceremony Black Sean’s parents find Mickey and Sheila necking furiously. They say he was listening to her confession and Sheila says she has been bad, and the shocked couple move on. At the end of the night Teddy in his boxers throws the Mexican orchestra instruments over the balcony yelling like a banshee.

But then a call comes for the ladder 62 fire crew. The Lt is the boss and Lou and his crew start up an abandoned building. A guard for another building says kids sometimes hang out but they should just let it burn. Tommy and Lou and the gang head up into the middle of the building and find diesel fumes. Meanwhile the chief comes with another ladder crew and they assess the  damage. The explosions start to get worse.

To get to the exposure window they have to use the elevator and have a frightening moment when it stops working. The ladder crew get stuck in between explosions but find their way to a window where the ladder from the other truck crashes a window and offers them rides down to the street. They all rush the other way for the rescue.

Because right then they hear the kids in the building shouting for help. They use their masks and tunnel inside the building to a trapped room where the kids are trying to breathe. The teenagers need the masks to breath worse than the firefighters due to smoke inhalation. The men tunnel back through the building to get to the roof. The Lt. and the Chief are frustrated to get the men out.

They make their way to the top but the door is blocked. Gis goes on the roof but sees the door is bricked up. White Sean hears the Lt. tell Gis to get off the roof because the whole roof is going to blow. They realize they are trapped as Gis radios to the crews that Ladder 62 is trapped with no way out.

White Sean and Frisco beat on the concrete blocks and break out the wall while Black Sean stares in amazement. They beat through the wall to the roof. At the top Gavin looks at Lou, who has care of the teenagers. He says “Go on, we’ll be fine, trust me”. Tommy looks at him and then there is a long shot of the whole roof exploding in a flash.

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