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White Collar- Veiled Threat - Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 1st September 2011

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This episode shows how Neal’s relationship with his boss deepens and  his relationship to being a criminal becomes more complicated. The FBI chooses a black widow suspect with a string of dead husbands to investigate. The dead men number four so far and she has come to New York. Her application to participate in a charity auction for bachelors flags her in the system. The next victims are being lined up. Clinton and Peter will also pose as rich men.

Neal and the others must pose as wealthy bachelors for a charity bachelor auction. Peter is worried he won’t do well and Elle coaches him how to be good on a date. Neal is so smooth he worries about getting too many bids and adopts many obnoxious profile habits that cool the women off. He talks on cellphone and texts and turn the women off. Diana ends up saving Neal bidding on him for $1,000.

Diana poses as a woman bidding also and trades information. The shill bids $15,000 for the FBI boss and his diffident manner. The emcee(Jonathan Silverman)  keeps the event going .Petergets picked by Selena. The staff are agog. He is not pleased to have continue this undercover role. But when the con woman, Selena, picks David and his wife is none too happy. His manner fools her into believing he is an easy mark.

Peter tries to take the frame up to the next step and tries to trace her call to confirm the date but she hangs up too fast. He has to date her now. Peter gets through dinner but has to go to her place to plant a bug. Neal is in the van with Diana to eavesdrop and cooks her a meal because she saved his bacon at the auction. Diana suggests he cook his girlfriend Sara a nice meal for a real date for them.

Peter is supposed to be a captain of the steel industry. He goes to dinner with the woman and they dance a tango. Diana and Neal brace for jeers of laughter but Peter has taken lessons with Elle and acquits himself well. Peter goes back to her place to plant the bug but she is suspicious. He gets seduced by the con woman. Neal dials his cellphone to fake a business emergency. Elle is infuriated to know they have to go on another date.

The next night Neal does just that, and Sara is pleased, but is interrupted by 4 phone messages from Peter. The con woman Selena wants to get intimate and turns back Peter’s suggestion they go to her place by insisting on his. They get to Neal’s just as Neal has gotten his messages, told Sara, and gets Sara into the closet which was a panic room and has a two way mirror. Selena is delighted Peter has set up a candlelight surprise dinner for the two of them alone. She sees Neal’s drawing pad and insists Peter do a drawing of her.

Sara and Neal watch from the closet as Peter tries to fake a drawing. Selena is just wondering how he could get the dinner together when Mozzie comes in  talking fast, assuming Neal is there. Peter hints to Mozzie, and they pretend Mozzie is Peter’s butler. Peter asks his butler to get a suit out for him before he leaves. Mozzie goes in the closet and gets the drawing Neal has done of Selena and he brings it out. Peter thanks Mozzie, who demands cash for his butler’s role errands.

Selena tracks Mozzie’s weird remarks but Peter says he is a high functioning servant with a condition. Neal has done a drawing of Selena with a wedding ring on it and they seal the deal. They hear her call someone after Peter leaves and they realize Selena has a partner. Peter mst go through with the role even further.

Elle is so mad at this she poses as a wedding planner and asks awkward questions of Selena. Elle makes comments about her own wedding which was too public and not what she wanted. peter, in disguise, is floored to learn this. The con woman says her paperwork will be sent over right away for the marriage license is legal. In the street, they get in the limo and Elle barely warns Peter in time when a car sideswipes him.

Peter tells Neal Selena made some plans about what would happen if he died. They suspect a plot. She wants his money to go to charity. The lawyer’s paperwork has a familiar face: the emcee from the charity auction. He also runs the defunct charities the dead men donated their money to when they died. Neal goes to the emcee for another shot at another auction. Mozzie tags along and says the security is almost impossible to beat. The have to get into the place.

Neal then poses as the best man to throw Peter a bachelor party in the office of the charity. The emcee grabs a chance to make money and the bachelor party is held that night with strippers and drinks everywhere. The place is full of undercover FBI.

During the party, Mozzie enjoys himself while they search the inner office but find nothing. Neal and Diana shift the plan into high gear. Diana visits Selena  and reveals her FBI ID. She informs Selena that the emcee is dead and that they are investigating his murder and fraud schemes.

While Selene goes to the bank and withdraws all the money, the emcee wakes up and gets an alert on his mobile the are coming to get him. He intercepts Selena on the street with all their money in a bag. She is surprised to see him alive. Then Peter Neal and Diana arrest them. Selena is disappointed to discover only the tango was real. Pictures f the emcee drunk have everything on  tape.

Then Elle is summoned to Neal’s apartment where a magical decoration scheme  is ready for a private wedding for just the two of them. Elle is thrilled ad Peter is shocked to see that Mozzie is performing the ceremony, ordained by the Internet. Mozzie intones the wedding of “Suit and Mrs” suit”.

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