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Series One, Episode One "The Good Son"

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Written by : published Wednesday 31st August 2011

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Being 20 years old it might seem a little strange that I am addicted to a programme such as Frasier, however since I was introduced to this programme in my second year of college I have made a point of making sure that I have not missed an episode!  So why not start my reviewing of this show at the very beginning, the pilot episode!

The Good Son is filled with comedy and heart-warming words. Like with many comedies you have to have the right sense of humour to get the jokes that are hidden in the lines that each of the characters say, and this comedy is no different.

Getting use to the main characters is not hard, as you see the clear comparison between sons and father. The father known as Martin is a mans man, he is into sports, start talking and the simple things in life e.g. enjoying a beer while watching the game. He also owns a dog, Eddie whom is his best friend. Then there is the two sons, Frasier and Niles whom could not be any different from their father if they tried. These difference in characteristic lend aid to a narrative later on in the iconic programme, but as for now these differences make us as an audience laugh out loud. Before I continue I should probably explain that both Frasier and Niles have a tendency to be more feminine than most males, without seeming to be homosexual. They have a taste for the ‘good life’, they drink wine and cherry, attend the opera and wear suits no matter where they go. 

Following these characters is the two females Daphne, the English physical therapist who moves in with Frasier so that she can look after Martin, whom while working in the police force got shot in the hip by a robber. Daphne adds humour because she believes that she is physic, and tells the funniest, but strangest of stories relating to her family back in England, some of which later on in the series you finally get to meet in person. Another reason for this character is because she acts as the love interest of Niles, whom although married to Maris (whom you never see, but the stories and descriptions of her add humour because they are very ‘out there’) falls for Daphne the first time he sees her, and this is a narrative that runs throughout the whole show from the first series until the very end of the series.

Then there is Roz, Frasier’s producer on his radio show. She is straight talking, and in some respects acts more manly than Frasier does. She likes sports, is not afraid to speak her mind, and sleeps around. However her character is warm, and develops as the show develops.

So now I have introduced the characters it is time to right a brief ‘review’ of the pilot episode. As with all pilot episodes it acts as an introduction to all the main characters, and because of this they are exaggerated so that you can establish who is who and what they are like. In this episode, Frasier whom has moved back to Seattle after his marriage broke down is reluctant to let his father live with him, however due to the fact that his father has had a bullet in his hip there is nothing he can do about it. Niles, the other brother is unable to let him live with him because of his strike wife Maris, whom I mentioned earlier is never seen but aids the narratives a lot throughout the whole running of the show.

In this episode, you see how awkward it is for the three males to be in the same room together because it has not happened for a while, it is even apparent to them because Martin mentions something along the same lines about that they seem to be forcing themselves to be together.

There is however a heart-warming moment where Frasier and Martin are talking about Frederick (Frasier’s son), and you can see as the audience that this topic of conversation is something that brings both parties closer together. And you also see that the relationship is going to get stronger because they both admit that they both need to make more of a habit, and instead of going out they sit in and try and make a conversation.

All in all this is a great pilot episode, and it enables you as an audience to make links and assumptions to what is to come in the future.    

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I am a 20 year old student who is currently studying Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Huddersfield.

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