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The Good Wife The Real Deal -recap

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Written by : published Thursday 10th February 2011

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Peter Florrick is out of money for his campaign and Eli (Alan Cumming) has some ideas. Meanwhile Alicia is canvassing the neighborhood affected by poisoned ground water in a potential class action suit. Diane and Will are nervous because they need the power of the lawsuit settlement money to swing the partnership vote. Alicia is stopped short when another lawyer is found in the area also getting signatures. Alicia recognises Canning (Michael J. Fox), the lawyer who brought Lockhart Gardner low on the former pharmaceuticals case and cut them out of over $20 million in settlement.

Florrick says he wants to get a guy he knew in prison to do an interview for him. They get a new media consultant who says Wendy Scott-Carr is weak on the young vote. He says she is black, but "Donna Reed" black. The consultants says his firm was lying to Scott-Carr about how well Florrick was doing with young voters. But they can't move that advantageous 70%  rating unless Florrick marries himself to a young voter issue, like medical marijuana. Peter gives a televised speech in praise of a new medical marijuana initiative just as Alicia appears in court on the evils of groundwater contamination due to pharmaceuticals.

Lockhart Gardner suspects Canning wants to represent the class action contamination victims to make an early low settlement with the company. A judge who appears sympathetic to Canning gives them four days to get the signatures to decide who gets the case. Kalinda investigates Canning, who is now on his own, to see who is his money. She even goes to his home and finds a paper on his desk but he appears and knows who she is. He says his wife's miscarriage last year made him quit lawyering for big pharma. He is one step ahead of Alicia in the neighborhood campaigning.

Will's girlfriend is getting to the dangerous stage even though both protest they aren't falling in love. She breaks up with him for a month and a sagging Will confesses to Alicia he needs a friend. The girlfriend appears in his office the next day. Will's girlfriend overshares to Alicia about how serious they are getting, looking for advice and Alicia quietly replies sometimes it is best just to remain friends.

Diane is worried that Bond can sway the confidence vote at the partner's meeting. A key signatory to the class action suit is in the office when big strategy decisions are made. Then Alicia discovers Canning is right where she needs to be. Kalinda sets up a watch on Canning's limousine  going to the big pharma company defending in the suit. The paper she took has a logo of a "Equity" finance company that loans lawyers money for good cases at steep interest.

Eli sees a nerdy Youtube  video for the Florrick campaign which causes alarm because the young vote won't buy it. He visits the man, a music teacher who was struck by a speech Florrick made years ago, and makes him special community liaision, making all the video go through Eli. Meanwhile Bond undercuts the Diane and Will in the boardroom vote by announcing the Superpac deal, worth millions, that he had been talking about. Everyone applauds Bond. It's not the time for the ouster vote.

Lockhart Gardner and Canning hubbub the courtroom with arguments. The judge can't handle the bickering and decides both should work together on the suit. Canning is nailed for having been to the pharmaceutical company to get a pre-emptive deal, which the judge says he had no right to do. One of the class action suit victims shows Alicia a Nanny-cam video of Canning talking about Lockhart Gardner partnership fight to the class action defendants in their home. Alicia asks Diane Will and Lee (the family law manager) what is going on, with Kalinda in the room.

Kalinda finds a keylogger on Alicia's computer and does a sweep of others in the law firm. Will tells Alicia to deliberately mislead the eavesdropper by saying the pharmaceutical company will settle for $70 million and instructs Diane to respond to get $85 million. Will gets called into a meeting with Bond, who informs him that Diane has rejected a $70 million offer and he needs to take over the class action suit case. Will is stunned to see Bond is in the know. Who is sharing outside information? Blake is not shown in this episode.

Alicia speaks with Canning,whom she does not trust. She sees the suspected leak waiting by the elevator, and learns that Canning got her to sign with him because he showed her a leaked document from the pharmaceutical company. Will realizes that it isn't privileged because Canning would have shown it to the finance company to get more money for his case loan. The Lockhart Gardner lawyers interrogate a witness from the Equity finance company as the judge looks on. The analyst testifies that Canning faxed him the paper. Canning is shut out. Lockhart Gardner gets the class action suit.

Alicia is told by Canning that lawyers distort what companies have to pay for their crimes. Meanwhile Will and his girlfriend make up. Will, Diane and Lee (Zach Grenier) arrange that Bond "learns" more data and fires some of his loyal employees, suckering him into giving up allies in an eventual partnership vote of confidence. Bond's past harsh treatment of Lee's department  is paying ugly dividends. Alicia gets into bed with Peter Florrick, as they chastely discuss their respective days.

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