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The Closer- Death Warrant- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 31st August 2011

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Johnson and a detective come to County lockup, where a trustee inhabitant swears he passed a message about a murder for hire to happen the next day. Johnson looks over the file and says Dimond ( a gay man) is guilty of perjury from past cases and his testimony is convenient. But the man insists he knows what he knows and wants a deal.

Back at the station Johnson’s commander nixes getting a deal from the D.A. for Dimond. The purview is the county authorities, who have their hands full with the recent arrest of the Garcia crime family cartel. Johnson and Rayder connect the dots that with the Garcia family incarcerated, a murder hit would be ordered from there.

Gavin shows up and Johnson wants to reschedule, citing the case. Gavin says he makes money no matter what happens. Gavin irritates the men because Flynn got a raw deal in a past case where Gavin represented him. Johnson feels like the murder deal is real and tells Rayder the details of why the case belongs to the County.

Various staff eye Johnson’s attorney when he shows up for questioning the squad. Its unpleasant news as to the leak in the Baylor murder case. The detectives are startled to learn they must answer questions regarding Baylor. Rayder suggests Brenda let them know (too late) what is up. Some are more cooperative than others.

Rayder discovers that Dimond is dead in County lockup. She twists the arm of an uncooperative guard to get the news that he had a visitor, a woman called Maria Flores. The girlfriend visited him and they review the tape where they kiss. (Dimond was gay). Slow motion shows them exchanging a piece of paper by mouth. Rayder investigates the violence during the arrest to make it an LAPD case. She questions others about details as well.

The hit seems to involve a case number of a Garcia cartel informant. A sequestered hearing near Olvera street is being held for the informant. Rob Curtis, the witness, says Maria Flores is a Garcia hitwoman called the “Kiss of Death”. The case involved is the missing accountant and money handler of the Garcia crime family, who has access to all the money from the activities. Delays have kept the case from going forward for a long time. Meanwhie the Garcias are in jail.

The Commander calls in DDA Hobbs who is handling the Garcia case. She is leery of letting her informant know he is in danger because he will flee with the money from the Garcia cartel. The attorney for Curtis, Rhodes, is a master of delays. But the Commander insists that additional security is needed in case the cartel has staked a hit. Johnson wants to question Curtis.

Johnson and Fritzi show up at the safe house where Rob Curtis is being held. Johnson flirts with him and Fritzi wryly takes the hint and disappears. Brenda pretends to be with security and does not reveal her status. Curtis fast talks a lot of sophisticated justifications for laundering the crime money. The money laundering is done overseas.

Johnson sweets talks Rob into admitting Flores is working for the cartel as the Kiss of Death. Curtis’ attorney gets angry when he sees Johnson talking to his client. Then Brenda sees Rob rough up his attorney, Rhodes. She notes there is bad blood between them. Rayder calls to say Maria Flores is circling the “secret” court where Curtis is supposed to give testimony. Brenda is frantic.

Hobbs insists they go forward with the court. But Rayder calls Johnson to say that the Kiss of Death is circling the block. Johnson delays the court meet until the detectives can secure the Flores car. Flynn gets pulled out of a meeting with Gavin to run the Kiss of Death to ground. Curtis and his attorney wait in the safe house.

While Fritzi and the government attorney Hobbs have lunch nearby,  Rader stalks Maria Flores around the streets. She picks up a Latino man. Rayder reports this to Johnson, who is apprehensive about too many personnel. exposed. The attack is on the restaurant where Fritzi and Powell are lunching. He grabs her and pushes her to the floor as bullets and glass fly everywhere. A bullet hits her arm.

Rayder and the other detectives chase the car to a dead end market where the red car plunges into another parked car. the woman comes out of the car but the gunman. Then he walks toward the crowd at Olvera street market, knowing the cops won’t shoot. But Rayder pulls a bean bag gun from her trunk and beans the gunman straight in the face. The squad are amazed she hits him right between the eyes and knocks him out. With a bean bag.

Back at the station they run the file on the gunman and realize he was brought from Mexico especially for this job. The cartel wanted DDA Powell out of the way. They found all the info on the secret court in the car. Curtis and Rhodes wait for a questioning. Rhodes tries to get them out of there before Curtis can talk.

Rayder brings in the county jail logs from the past few weeks to Johnson. She says Ray Dimond was not beaten by police but went into a telephone pole. DDA Powell wonders why the cartel would want to kill her. (Gavin is still waiting to complete the questioning). Brenda knows why and goes into the questionign cells.

The attorney, Rhodes, says the state can no longer adequately protect Rob. They won't be answering questions. Johnson says Andrea Hobbs was the target of the assassination. (The squad watches on close circuit TV where Johnson’s attorney watches too). Johnson threatens jail to Curtis, where the cartel prisoners are waiting. Rhodes has been ordered the money.

Johnson says the Garcia family had a Board of Directors meeting in County lockup. The attorney, Rhodes,  was there and listed his relationship to the Garcias as “counsel”. Curtis turns on his attorney. Rob realizes they couldn’t kill him without losing access to their money but killing the attorney Andrea Hobbs would delay the trial again.

Johnson mentions the transaction where $15,000 was paid to Flores and Bob explodes. He authorized a payout of $15,000. The attorney tries desperately to get Rob to shut up but he incriminates himself by saying he also authorized his own attorney’s payments by the cartel accounts. This is the admission of illegal commerce that gets Fritzi the right to arrest Bob Curtis for using crime funds to pay for his legal defense.

Rhodes says they don't need Curtis anymore. Rhodes then brags he knows all about Johnson. He says she left Terrell Baylor to die and he won’t be morally blamed by her. The attorney says she can't force him to talk. Rhodes wants a deal to tell where the cartel money went. But Johnson wants an allocution to the Maria Flores murder hit on Hobbs, Fritzi, and 14 coffee shop patrons.

Rhodes grins at Brenda because he thinks he holds all the cards. He says he wants a deal in exchange for telling her where all the cartel money is that he tricked out of Rob Curtis. Brenda says she doesn't care about the money only the people that almost got killed including her husband. Brenda implies if she puts him in County lockup the Garcias will figure out he cooperated with her and turned evidence on them, signing his death warrant. (The men grin watching this on closed circuit TV). Rhodes doesn't believe she wod dare endanger his life.

Gavin winces as Brenda mentions that if Rhodes goes to hell he can ask Terrell Baylor what she won't dare to do. The men say she is just getting mileage out the the Baylor situation and Rhodes caves and starts writing. Then Brenda comes into the dquad roomt o deal with the unease over Gavin's questioning. The leak matter comes into the open.

Rayder says there is no way Goldman knows about Major Crimes without a leak. Gavin speaks to the squad altogether, assuming the leak is in the room. Johnson, Fritzi, Rayder and the Commander all watch dumfounded as he parades around speaking very confidently. Gavin says he has already won no matter how much Baylor’s attorney sneaks around. He skips out to a very quiet remaining set of people.

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