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Hell's Kitchen-6 Chefs Compete- Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 31st August 2011

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With Natalie voted out, the teams are balanced three people each. Jennifer cannot believe Elise has gotten another chance. The BLT Steak Restaurant in New York City is still up for grabs. Elise says tomorrow is another day. Elizabeth gabbles while Jennifer and Elise exchange worried glances. The freak-out Elisabeth did on the cooking worries Jennifer.

Previews of the next episode show returning champs from previous Hell’s Kitchen playing against the black jackets These include hot-tempered Van, confused Rev,  sweet Jillian , simmering Vin, and loudmouth Tennille from past seasons of Hell‘s Kitchen. The preview of the menu challenge shows all the players walking out on Elise.

The challenge the next day is about timing. Each team make three dishes, one entree each. Each team must deliver a thirty minute, twenty minute, and ten minute entree. They have one minute to decide. Paul takes the middle and Jennifer takes the thirty minutes. Elsie gets the ten minute. All the dishes must arrive at the same time.

The red team starts with Jennifer not really getting going. Her lamb is rare. But Elisabeth and Elise shout questions about their ingredients to plan their dishes. The Blue kitchen has Tommy blundering around. Paul cant get him moving. They shout instructions. Then Elisabeth and Paul are the twenty minute chefs.

Elisabeth chooses monkfish and couscous and asparagus. Elise come into the final entree batch  ten minute entree cooking. Jennifer’ lamb is totally undercooked. Tommy introduces quail egg on top of lamb. Ramsay compliments the sear. Jennifer serves lamb in plain sauce. (Elisabeth criticizes in the voice over). Jennifer and Red team wins the thirty minute challenge.

Paulie presents pan roasted sea bass with a great sear and a good sauce. Elisabeth serves monkfish with couscous but the grains are bland and  slightly undercooked. Paulie’s fish wins kudos from Chef Ramsay. Blue team wins. Elise loses her composure.

Will serves Santa Barbara minute prawns in the shell with a very strong garlic sauce on vegetables. But Elise on the red team serves spicy calamari with spicy pepper sauce. The calamari are undercooked and Blue team winds, and wins the challenge. (Jennifer is displeased). Elise starts crying.

The men win a shopping spree at Ted Baker in Beverly Hills and a limo waiting. The Blue team men take off and goof off in the limo and drink champagne. Tommy wears his bandana. Tommy gets a dress for his girlfriend. Will and Paulie play an “Entourage” vibe dressing up.

Ramsay announces that night will be twelve portions each team for a six course charity dinner. The losing red team must reorganize and clean the dining room. Elise and Elisabeth can barely lift the table and Jennifer must lift most of the table. Elsie takes charge in getting the tables to match and Jennifer just about loses her temper.

Back at the Hell’s Kitchen dining room, the men arrive back. Tommy brings Elisabeth a handkerchief because she cries so much. The VIP charity dinner is about to start. Each chef will be in charge of the size course meal. The teams need to work together to deliver twelve portions of each dish at a time. Elisabeth withdraws her help because she had to cook her chicken, it must be ready, she states. Elise is frustrated because her efforts to lead and play the team role get squashed.

The dining room of Hell’s Kitchen is closed. This is a unique event. One team (red) will be cooking for the American Cancer Society and the other team (blue) will be cooking for Humane Association. Ramsay announces the winners of that night get the black jackets. The three million dollars total ($125K each) in contributions are from the 24 guests in attendance. These are very important guests and Ramsay is nervous they be treated right.

Scott preps the chefs. They are one service away from black jackets. The VIP guests mingle and Ramsay delivers a message to them thanking them for their charitable donations. The guests are seated in the quiet restaurant where they are the only diners.

Ramsay delivers the tickets as 12 cover orders of each course when the guests are seated. 12 scallops are ordered for each table. Paul whips em out and Tommy does the sloppy salad. On the  scallops Jennifer drops cauliflowers but Elisabeth is crickets. Elisabeth tries to do it herself. Elise and Jennifer deliver it themselves.Jennifer cannot understand why Elisabeth has dropped her chicken to cook two courses earlier.

Elise has to do the red team risotto and does it perfectly at the pass. Jennifer has the capellini course next. Jennifer plates her capellini at the pass. But Ramsay sees that Elisabeth and Elise both stop cold. Jennifer is emotional about her failure. The plates of lobster capellini are completely unbalanced and Ramsay throws a  fit.

But the prep for the Blue team is terrible. They are a course behind. Paulie realizes Tommy is finishing the risotto ahead of time with the Parmesan cheese. Will balances the uncooked with the cooked and serves the rice. The risotto for the red team comes out good but the blue team tanks.

The women get a good start delivering the first course but the men’s team falls apart. Then Jennifer has to deliver the capellini and does a horrible job. Paulie whips em out. But then problems start because Tommy is in the weeds. The men’s risotto is a goopy nightmare.

Blue Team makes it way out in a timely manner. Ramsay complains the red team is sending their third course to the cancer society table. Paul takes complete charge of the blue team.

Elisabeth then uncovers all her chicken ready right away. Ramsay screams at her and Elisabeth says they need to rest. (They are cooked white all through). Elisabeth starts babbling. Ramsay starts freaking out because after ordered clearing the plates Elisabeth does not have the garnish ready.

Gordon Ramsay has a fit because James has to rush the course just delivered to the diners away to deliver the chicken hot. Some people are not finished eating it. Paul’s chicken is ready as well on time. The Blue Team executes.

Back in the red team the 12 lamb Wellington. Elise declines all help. She tells Jennifer to do the vegetables because she knows what to do and limits Elisabeth to stirring sauce and stirring potatoes. Ramsay stops all of the chefs to look at Elise’s potatoes. The potatoes has no salt. Ramsay is losing his mind. Elise accuses Jennifer and Elisabeth of sabotage. Elise’s Wellington’s are perfect.

Ramsay focuses on Tommy who is clueless. Then Tommy starts to talk sense and orders the help from Paulie and Will. The diners are happy with their dinners. Last comes the desserts.

The twelve helpings of tarte tartins are apple fritters. Jennifer instructs Elise to saute the apples and cook the apples through. While Elsie and Jennifer plate the fritters Ramsay detects they apples are raw. But Jennifer breaks into tears and declares war on Elsie. (Jennifer says this is payback for the bland mashed potatoes). Jennifer can’t answer for her capellini.

Ramsay says the Blue team won and all three of the red team girls are on the block. Jennifer says Elsie has been up on the block five times. Elise is angry because her food was good but she didn’t get help. Elisabeth and Jennifer rely on Elise being let go to cover their shortcomings.

The men are awarded their black jackets. Will has a kind word for the women. Ramsay then wants to know what happened with the Red Team.

Elisabeth says she is a great cook to stay. Elise and Jennifer start arguing and Elise says that she led her course. Jennifer pleads that she put her heart and soul into the service. Elise says in her defense she wanted to nail the service and admits she should have taken over the whole service from the beginning.

Ramsay tells Jennifer this was her worst service and awards Jennifer a black jacket. The men congratulate a teary and grateful Jennifer. He then eliminates Elisabeth. (He says in retrospect that after tonight’s service he wants to donate Elisabeth’s jacket to charity). He says she has a future in front of her.

He says Elisabeth is not ready to lead a brigade could not lead a kitchen. Ramsay tells Elise she has had success in the kitchen and seems to be caught in a spiral. Ramsay tells Elise to take her jacket off. Elise is enthralled to get a black jacket and the rest of the players are dubious. (Jennifer is disgusted).

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