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Weeds- System Overhead-recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 31st August 2011

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Nancy comes to the bike shop to discover Silas crushed in his own failure. They have even pirated the phone line so its get connected to Pouncy house. Andy’s wires are extremely disconnected. They took the Copenhagen wheels. Nancy gets a hard time both from Andy about the drug business ruining his bike shop and Silas for her being unavailable. The landlord says the people in the place all night upset the turtles.

Nancy is stunned to realize even the safe has been cleaned out. She realizes Emma, Silas’ date from the night before, is the boss of Pouncy House an has taken all their inventory and equipment. The Pouncy House knows where the family live. Furthermore they have re-installed the entire bike shop upside down, enraging Andy. Nancy leaves because she gets a call from the police about Shane. Andy in unraveling because his grip on sanity, the bike shop, has blown up.

Silas tells Andy he will go to talk to Emma and Andy implies he isnt sure why he is going after her, for business, revenge or to make babies. Silas tracks her down at the Columbia University subway stop. On the sidewalk they meet. Emma tries to shrug it off and says she didn’t mean to sleep with Silas. She hopes they get the message that Pouncy House is top dog. She says it was just business, and they lost.

Silas can’t get through to Emma. Then Andy comes up. He pulls a nail gun on Emma (Michelle Tractenberg). and forces her into the VW bus. Emma is not scared of him but Andy waves the nail gun around while Emma rolls her eyes and claims Andy won’t do anything in broad daylight. Then Andy shouts he will kill someone and nobody cares. Emma isn’t fazed until Andy accidentally looses some nails into the seat, when she finally puts on the seat belt. Silas tries to back Andy off the crazy wagon but the ship has left the dock. Andy drives off. Emma is not having fun.

At the hedge fund, Doug (Kevin Nealon) gets a congratulatory Venezuelan humidor from his superior. Everyone has heard about his move to block the SEC from shutting them down. The man then panics because the CEO had fled and he was the money man with the big cash contacts. Doug says his speech was too good to waste and the company can’t go under. Then Jolene Waite comes in.

Redhead Jolene from the SEC shows up inside the hedge fund offices and says she is there to make sure the money in the pension funds is safe. She has oversensitive hearing and understands why they are panicked. She says they must assuage the public’ suspicion about the hedge fund so the public doesn’t withdraw their money and liquidate the pension funds the federal employees have inside it. The men are stunned, trapped into making the hedge fund work.

Later Nancy goes to the police station. The cop, Detective Willette,  finds an attentive ear in Nancy, who is furious to find Shane in a jail cell. Nancy plays on the cop’s need to talk and be heard. He shows Nancy to Shane;s jail cell. Nancy tells Shane she wants him to be in college chasing girls, and that she did the jail stint to keep him from being in jail. Nancy is angry Shane is so much like Silas and gets a text from Silas which she ignores. Shane says he is sorry and doesn’t get get why Nancy is so upset. Shane comments that the cop’s ex was a bitch.

Andy terrorizes Emma in a confused manner at the bike shop. (Emma is used to using her looks to get out of problematical situations.) Silas walks in after a smart remark tells Andy to shot her in the face. Nancy arrives back at the bike shop and sees Andy lose it with the nail gun. She takes it away and puts Andy out of the room. Then she sits down to have a quiet talk with Emma. Nancy sees that, to Emma, the marijuana business is just a hobby, and talking and arguing are how she has gotten out of trouble thus far.

Nancy tries to point out what badasses they are. Nancy points out that Emma is pre-law in college with a bright future ahead of her. Nancy realizes Emma doesn’t have to do this, and that this is the feeling that many other older women have been giving her.  But Emma isn’t fazed. Nancy shakes her head and calls her a cheap whore and leaves. Silas stays with the nail gun.

Nancy later goes to find Zoya’s brother, Demetri, who texted her. He doesn’t know her money is gone. He has 60 keys of herb and some military friends to help. He wants her to hold the stash and assumes they are now full business partners. He assumes he will hold the money. Demetri points out to Nancy he will take care of the Pouncy House problem with violence if she doesn’t deal with it. Demetri is under pressure to make money off his drugs because he borrowed money from a syndicate to finance them. Nancy leaves for the police station in a thoughtful mood.

Nancy spins a tale of a challenged single mom to the sympathetic police detective Mitch Willette. Nancy softens her hardass demeanor when she realizes Willette is a softy. He realizes she is asking him to do something. Nancy says Shane does whatever Silas does and this woman named Emma has been hanging around. At this moment at the bike shop, Emma and Silas start arguing about who has the better competitive edge in the marijuana distribution business. They realize at the same time that by merging their operations they can eliminate costs and risk.

At police HQ, Nancy Botwin makes a play to detective Harley, whose door is always open. Nancy answers his faux-parental concern with politeness, which melts the whipped divorcee.  Nancy tells the police detective that Shane researched the Pouncy House police files to get data on Emma to help him. The man says that Emma is the boss and they are the wrong element. Nancy suggests that by giving Shane problems, the matter should push the Pouncy House case to the top of the list. The cop indicates he will make one arrest to help Silas/Shane.

At that moment Silas is at the Pouncy House headquarters, watching Emma talk her employees into partnering with Nancy’s operation. (Nancy has screwed herself again).

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