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True Blood- Burning Down the House- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 30th August 2011

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n the Tolerance hall, Marnie incants against Eric killing Bill. People run screaming everywhere. But Sookie sees Bill gets attacked by a crazed Eric one time too many and showers Eric with freezing white light. Marnie is shaken loose as the spell is broken and Antonia momentarily appears. Eric remembers his whole life and stares at Sookie.

Sam’s brother Tommy starts to turn into a werewolf as a result of the pack beating. Alcide gets him to Merlotte’s as his brother arrives. Sam is shaken but Tom starts to fade and starts to disappear like he never existed. He said that is what he wants. When Tommy dies Sam says Marcus is dead wolf.

Sookie and Eric share some uncomfortable moments. Sookie says she stopped him from killing Bill because she can’t imagine a world without Bill in it.

At the Tolerance Hall, Marnie vanishes herself and the spelled vampires back to the Moon Emporium, just as the witches and Tara start to team up to break Marnie’s hold over them. But then marnie returns with the vampires and he tells them about the bloodbath. They see Marnie act very strangely.

Eric and Bill plan to blow up Marnie. But Jesus wants to get Lafayette to help them prevent the glamors from overtaking all of Bon Temps.

Jessica wakes up to some serious rejection and morning-after double talk.
Hoyt shows up and start crying about Jessica.

Andy is woken up with a blood vial. The couple are angry that the kids might get to it. Andy talks like a junkie about V. Terry takes Andy to Fort Bellefleur, their childhood treehouse. But when challenged about his skills Andy can’t hit a paint can from ten yards without an AK. Andy’s pride is hurt that he can’t perform basic law enforcement skills with weapons.

Sookie gets Jason involved. They go to see Lafayette and Jesus. They want to help Marnie. Jesus wants to check in with Marnie and see if she’s OK. Sookie tells Jason what hapened at the Dorchester hotel.

Antonia and Marnie separate. Antonia says the world is too big and Bill is only one King in a wold of them. She was a healer. Antonia says they are shedding the blood of innocents. Antonia says she brought babies into the world. Antonia says she brought necromancy into her world to control death. Not to make the innocent bleed. Marnie says the people at the Tolerance hall were sympathizers. She calls them collaborators.

Sookie, Lafayette, Jesus and Jason stand outside the Moon Goddess Emporium. Sookie finds Tara’s thoughts. Jesus comes forward and pretends to have been in Mexico. Marnie refuses to let Jesus join them unless he comes through the wall of shame. Jesus assumes his Latin animality, impressing Marnie/Antonia. Lafayette comments on this to an amazed Jason and Sookie.

Marcus hangs around Alcide’s place talking to Debbie. Marcus and Debbie get high. Marcus and Debbie bond over the feelings of parenthood. Debbie is angry Alcide has rejected them to have a cub/child. Debbie and Marcus are just about to jump into bed.

Sam is furious his brother is dead in his place. Sam and Alcide attack the wolfpack at the garage and Sam starts killing parts accusing them of murder, and they then ask Alcide for help. Alcide says he tried to stop it.

Andy Bellefleur is drunk and hung over on V in the house. Terry and Andy get into a fight. Andy ends up ashamed he brought V into a house of children. Andy gets an intervention. Andy starts crying and Terry says men without souls do not cry. Andy has a moment of joy after Terry and he recall how their respective families have their ups and downs. Then he drives off leaving Andy to walk home.

Marnie/Antonia sits down with Jesus. She says that he should not have been able to break the protection spell. Antonia observes that Jesus has the demon to serve him. Marnie says if the circle was stronger they could eradicate all the vampires. Marnie wants Lafayette but Jesus says that Lafayette is too scared. Jesus asks to speak with Marnie. He says she is trapped by the Spanish spirit. He thinks if he can connect with Marnie

Jesus discovers that Marnie is not possessed but backing Antonia’s play to end the vampires. Marnie shows a bewildered Jesus their zombie captured vampires under spell. Jesus sees the vampires and gets scared Marnie has switched sides. He cannot ‘save” her after all.

But at that moment Tara and her pal Holly complete their own spell. Smelling treachery, Marnie flings more strength into the shield as they rush outside. But Jesus alerted Sookie and they all rushed the Emporium shield border.

Lafayette and Sookie rush the wall just as Tara and the other witch Holly hit it and Antonia/Marnie flings up her hand. Jason blinks and sees the shield disappear and then everyone is gone in the blink of an eye.

Later that night Bill, Eric and the rest of the senior vampire coven drive up to the Moon Goddess Emporium and alight with the advanced weaponry he ordered the night before.

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