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Entourage- The Big Bang -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 30th August 2011

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Vince (Adrian Grenier) is shooting the cover for Vanity Fair and he and Shauna wait for the article to come in. Shauna prints it out for them to review. Vince thinks the interview went well. But the interview is a six page cover story that emphasizes his recovery and comeback. This is good but it calls him a shallow womanizer. Shauna is dismayed when Vince leaves the photo shoot. He says that they don’t need an accurate interview why would they need an accurate photo.

Vince counsels E (Kevin Connolly) on the Les Moonves script for Johnny and discusses the investors for the Pepe’s restaurant. Turtle (Jerry Ferreira) is handling it. Scott Levin (Scott Caan) tells E that Sloane’s ex-stepmother left a $300,000 SLS car in the driveway with a bow on it for him because she got the JJ Abrams show. E is anxious about Melinda’s ideas about their relationship. They go to lunch. E is angry to be paid back for sex.

Ari discusses his divorce with his attorney (Scott Morrow). Babs tells him she wants a majority stake to fund his divorce payout. Mrs. Ari put eleven million into his business of her money and he needs to pay it back. Barbara wants to be the boss again and Ari says his wife might end up in the boardroom with them. Barbara laughs that Ari, the most chauvinistic man in the world, is now owned by two women.

Drama gets threatening phone calls from other people working on Johnny Bananas. The strike means the staff don’t get their paychecks. E does not support the strike. Billy calls and panics Drama and he goes to the gym to bulk up. Lee threatens the network has ordered more Mike and Molly to covers Bananas production. He visits the Diceman for support. Diceman and some friends are playing poker.

Turtle meets his investors John and Gina as the chef for the restaurant. They say he has lost his accent and is  a manorexic. He has planned for them a hotel and a Laker game. The DiLuccas want to stay in Vince’s mansion but Turtle explains burning down the mansion. They barely absorb the details of the deal but focus on the stars and want a limo. Turtle needs John as the chef.

On the roof at the spiffy hotel Turtle tries to talk business and outline the business plan. They bother David Spade for an autograph and demand a limo. The DiLuccas act obnoxious and assume because Vince is not a investor for the restaurant he’s not interested. Turtle wants them to look at the space but Gina puts it off to cruise in the limo to the Lakers game five hours early.

At lunch E mets Johnny Galecki who is now dating Sloane. E hears how Sloane is freaked out that E is having sex with her ex-mother. Galecki is obviously going to tell Sloane about seeing E and Melinda’s enthusiastic relationship.

Vince approaches the interviewer who meets with the Anderson School authority Professor Bagwan Chaudhri. The Financial Access at Birth Initiative opens a $100 savings account for every child in the world. Miss Lear denies rewriting the article to suit Vince. She speaks very pejoratively about his intelligence and doesn’t really care about his feelings. He says he wants to correct her opinion of him. Chaudhri points out his initiative won’t make the cover like Vince will but that’s life.

At the house Mrs. Ari is cooking with Bobby Flay. He demonstrates his cookery methods. He makes a physical overture and she stops him. She says they are in her house. He says she stops him wherever they are (they are clearly not sleeping together). Flay says she is not ready. Ari knocks on the door against the advice of his attorney because Ari says he has known her since she was nineteen. Ari wants to settle direct with Mrs. Ari honestly.

Ari wants to discuss the financial situation. He knocks on the door and Melissa panics. Ari says he could lose the company. She says she can’t talk. Ari smells something cooking and realizes it is not her cooking. Melissa says this is not his house. Bobby Flay comes out and Ari calls him the Grillmaster.

Ari is shocked his wife is getting it on in their house with someone else. Ari realizes that Melissa has changed and is not the person he knew. He points out he is leaving his own house leaving her with her barbecuing boy toy and not beating his face in.

Phil call Drama when he is at Diceman’s house. His manager took two decades to get him a role and he is throwing it away. Phil says he just got the movie script from Les Moonves and he will make sure Drama will never have the role. Phil demands Drama accede to the contract terms. Drama says he is a crazy self-sabotager like his therapist says he is. Phil demands an  answer or his career is over. Johnny Drama says no and hangs up, sick at himself.

Diceman talks Drama through the crisis. (The men play poker)Then Andrew Dice Clay gets a call from Phil. There is no knowing what is being discussed. Dice talks turkey then he tells Johnny the Bananas show is indeed cancelled. Drama freaks then Dice confesses he is kidding around, the show is back on their terms are acceded to. A win for Drama! (Kevin Dillon is Matt Dillon’s brother).

Vince asks an old girlfriend about how shallow he is. She says he is a nice guy but the woman he was two timing her with was her sister. Vince realizes he may be a bit of shallow as Turtle cannot come up with any serious relationship he’s had either. Vince is not happy his mother will read the article.

Turtle shows him the picture John took of Leo Di Caprio’s head at the Laker game. The question is raised whether or not Turtle is managing is chef the right way. But E and Scott Levin get into a fracas because E is miffed that Johnny Galecki is represented by the agency. E says they drops Johnny Galecki from their roster or he leaves.

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