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Royal Pains- Me First- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 26th August 2011

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Paige runs through the beachside lawn of their home, ordering caterers and decorators for the general’s Senate campaign rally. She ends up in the house taking to her dazed mother about what to wear. But when her back is turned her mother disappears. When Paige runs outside she sees her mother disappearing down the walk. Paige chases her mother down the beach walkway and then stops in horror.

Evan is baking Mexican wedding cookies and cream puffs for Paige’s father’s campaign rally. But hank hears that Evan thinks Paige is perfect. Hank gets a call which he does not tell Evan about and runs off. He runs to where Paige is by her mother on the beach. Her mother is passed out and has fractured her foot. Hank asks questions which lead him to believe she is not happy and needs psychiatric care.

Paige did not call 911. Hank senses an imperative not to speak to others about the problem. he tells Paige her mother was walking toward the water in bare feet. It may have been a depressive suicide attempt.

Hank later treats Paige’s mother at the hospital and discovers this is the secret that Paige has been guarding. Paige’s mother has diurnal depression, and this starts bad in the morning and gets better toward nightfall. Hank tells Paige that Evan thinks she is away with another boyfriend.

Evan comes to Paige’s home to deliver the cookies and finds Paige leaving with her suitcase for her mother at the hospital. But Evan guesses that Paige never left. Spouting accusations, Evan gets told by Paige they are through and drives off. Evan goes home and uses the cream puffs for golf balls and tees off in the driveway of the mansion. Paige says that is a convenient excuse when dealing with her mother’s illness.

Hank gets the woman to the Hamptons Heritage hospital for tests, but later the general comes to the mansion. There he threatens Evan because Hank is interfering with their lives. Evan stares blankly. The general tells Evan to tell Hank he has brought his wife home from the hospital. Evan is confused to learn Hank knows what Paige is doing an is involved behind his back.

When Hank arrives home he gets a cream puff that narrowly misses his car and accusations and anger fly from Evan. Hank defends his right to his patient’s privacy. Evan says if it wasn’t for him hank would be on the floor of a New York hospital. later Divya tells Hank this is an impossible situation and that Evan wants things to be simple even when they aren’t.

Hank gets called to a Hamptons house where a famous movie couple have left their young son in the care of a nanny. The son needs a new asthma nebulizer and the nanny observes the child Simon has many fears. But later the nanny falls unconscious in the pool the child saves her and call the Hankmed number. Hank wants to do more tests.

At Hampton’s Heritage Hospital, Dr. Van Dyke aggressively reminds Divya of their date which she has second thoughts about. They end up going on a motorcycle to a concert she hates. At the bar Divya orders a strong drink and then gets on the dance floor with Van Dyke. But then he jumps on the faux surfboard. He pretends to be unconscious to get her to practice mouth to mouth resuscitation. Divya has had enough and is ready to leave.

They miss their reservations and have a picnic dinner on a boat. Divya shares her story about the arranged marriage with Ram and giving up all her luxuries. Van Dyke says he doesn’t like talking about himself and doesn’t have any skeletons in the closet.  The doctor tries to charm her into another date as platonic friends. Divya is dubious and then finds out the boat is not his.

Hank cannot leave Toby as she is until the housekeeper gets home. Hank chases Simon and is the knight of the red foam tomahawk. Toby goes to take Simon to bed and Hank and Jill chases each other before going back to the house. Hank gets locked out just as he sees Toby inside. But when she sees him she starts and then walks toward the door. Toby falls to the floor in an epileptic seizure.

Hank is locked out and breaks the door glass with lawn furniture to get inside. Hank and Jill work to get Toby conscious but Hank says she is in a special kind of arrhythmia until he can inject her with magnesium. Slowly she comes back to consciousness and Jill and Hank are glad to see her open her eyes. Jill stays with Simon while Hank conducts Toby to the hospital.

Toby has Long’s QT syndrome where symptoms occur when she is startled, then she gets started into seizure. But then Toby asks what got her sick and Hank detects the nebulizer for the kid’s asthma was absorbed into her mucous membranes. Toby confesses she was like Simon when she was little. Her ailment is ironic. Hank mentions that without the nebulizer Toby never would have known about the heart condition.

At the General’s senate campaign party, Evan and Paige come upstairs to talk to Paige’s mother. Evan says Paige is perfect. They go downstairs and then act like everything is OK. Paige says for Evan to say she is perfect puts too much pressure on her. When directly asked about her mother’s health, Paige freezes. Evan saves the day and acts normally. The general’s Senate campaign party is a success.

But later when Hank arrives at Paige’s home to deliver the medicines Paige’s mother left at the hospital, Evan answers the door and refuses to apologise. Evan expected Hank to break doctor patient confidentiality for him to know about Paige’s mother. But then the General appears. He kicks Hank out and asks if Evan is going with him. Evan then closes the wrought iron front door in Hank’s face. Hank is completely shocked.

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