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Rescue Me- Jeter-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 25th August 2011

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Lou arrives at House 99 to see all the junk tossed out on the street and the firehouse spic and span. Franco hasn’t slept in two days. White Sean is polishing the engine door for the third time. Franco tells Fireman Lou and Fireman Tommy to get into uniforms. Lou and Tommy want to know about Franco on the job. The Chief says Rivera has been riding along on a light set of calls and false alarms.

[Tommy remembers from his cancer stricken friend that she told Jeter to stop talking. He clarified that this was New York Yankees star player Derek Jeter. The fandom of baseball and New York is ever present. ] Lou says now he knows how Mary Shelley felt, and they laugh at “Franco-stein”.

After this exchange, Gavin gives Lou another letter, not a joke. Tommy admits to going to Ground Zero but deciding not to be lost firefighter 344. While dressing, he is telling Lou about the real letter he wrote full of his feelings, Tommy goes to get some coffee. He does not take off his cowboy boots. Franco calls him Fonzi for his cowboy pose. Lou waits for Tommy to come back into the locker room and “catch” him. Tommy stealthily creeps back in and is startled to find Lou doing nothing.

Later, Lou reads the new letter and is astonished at how honest and caring Tommy really is. Tommy says that Lou is more than just a brother in the brethren of firefighters, he is more like a brother than Gavin’s own brother was to him. He says he was never afraid on the job because he trusted Lou to make the right all every time. Lou weeps at the touching words.

Tommy gets home to find the family working on the wedding. Uncle Teddy gets angry and Sheila leaves and won’t talk to him. The whole family knows about what happened with the vodka bottle at Sheila’s. The tension is palpable. Gavin’s nerves snap.

Colleen has more wedding plan news. Uncle Teddy is walking her down the aisle. Tommy reacts angrily. The dress is now $10,000. Janet also talks about a Plan B where he does not go to the wedding. She says there will be alcohol anywhere and everywhere and they don’t want a Tommy Gavin wedding scene fisticuffs event.

Janet challenges him to name the last time he went to a meeting. He says a few weeks. She says no. It was three and a half months without a meeting. Janet requires him to quit his job and take a desk job to be a real father. Janet also yaps at him not to show up at the rehearsal dinner drunk. Gavin is speechless not to be at his daughter’s wedding.

At the meeting, Tommy has to listen to Mickey gives testimony. He talks calmly about controlling his rage. Tommy interrupts the meeting to talk to Mickey privately. The whole AA meeting listens to them argue about Tommy’s recovery. Gavin asks Mickey to go to the wedding. Mickey gets very angry at Tommy about this and says he won’t go near Sheila ever again.

Mickey starts wrangling to get to Tommy and starts losing his temper. Other AA participants hold him back physically. Tommy requests Mickey to sign the letter for attendance (for Janet) and Mickey explodes with rage. Gavin gets out of there.

At House 99, Gavin arrives at the firehouse anxious for a Power Bar. All the cabinets have been labeled but Lou opens the right one he needs. Gavin babbles and then gets freaked out by the look on Lou’s face. He says he knows all Lou’s looks and this one is unfamiliar. Gavin is spooked but the firehouse alarm starts to ring. Gavin backs away from Lou.

On the rig run, Franco is acting crew leader and tries to showboat a save. A car with a man in it is sloped off a steep dockside bank high up above the riverside. Franco makes a bad call that risks the crew and the victim of a car gone over a cliff and hanging by the tires. Franco leaps to get into the car, opening the passenger door to an unconscious victim. He gets almost thrown over with the car which his weight tilts almost over the side.

Franco acts rashly, tilting it over the cliff and endangering all the firefighters holding onto the car. They heave to tilt it back. They scream at Franco to stop. Throughout this episode, Lou screams for a chain. Franco comes back to land. Ignoring Franco, Lou thn commands them to chain up the car undersides (which Tommy does) and the fire engine pulls the car back up onto the riverside cliff bank. The man is fine but the men are angry at Franco for taking such an unnecessary risk.

Lou tells off Franco and says he will be riding in the side position on the engine. No more of this exchange for their positions. Lou declaims that this is why Franco is not wearing the white shirt with the stripes. Authoritatively Lou takes control of the rig and the crew to the group’s unquestioning assent.

Franco turns to Gavin and The Lt., who are standing in agreement. The Lt. tells Franco that decisions like the chain are beyond him, this is what makes Lou the best leader, (unknowingly echoing Tommy’ letter). Tommy says that Franco is the A-Rod of the squad, the showboat, but Lou is the Jeter. The Lt. nods but get annoyed when Gavin rubs it in too much.

Lou comes to Sheila’s later. Damien sits watching. He brings out a bottle of alcohol and lights a liquid in a shot glass on the counter, saying that this fiery tot of drink is what mesmerizes Tommy and unravels his thinking. The risk and danger of fire (and fire water) attract Gavin. He states that Gavin was looking for information or evidence about his own universe when he found Sheila’s letter from Jimmy.

But then Lou demonstrates to Sheila how Tommy’s relationship with risk has paid off for many surviving victims. The incident with the vodka illustrates his flawed relationship with alcohol but Lou also points out that Tommy’s best instincts are where his mind/attraction to fire is. Lou shows pictures of people Tommy saved, lighting them up for effect. He describes where those people are now. Sheila is struck by his words.

Lou says he saved Sheila from herself after Jimmy died just by being there. (Damian watches). Lou describes Damien getting saved both times by Tommy. Lou says without Tommy he’d probably be talking to an empty room. Lou says if he is Jeter, then Tommy is Mickey Mantle. Lou asks Sheila to give Gavin (The Mick) another chance.

Lou says Tommy has been writing letters. Lou confesses to having read his. Tommy was honest about their friendship in the letter but it made Lou realizes how much he cares about Gavin. Lou gives Sheila her letter. Sheila is startled but reads it when Lou leaves. (Damien sees everything).

The words touch her and convey how Gavin and Sheila needed each other and helped each other. (Gavin also reveals some very expensive wine is hidden somewhere they both know about). Sheila hugs the letter to herself, as her thoughts about Gavin are confirmed.

Lou tries to give the same talk to Janet, who is not impressed. Lou spills the lighter fluid into the sink, which catches on fire. Janet says the only words she wants to hear Gavin says about 62 Truck is ‘I quit”.

At the rehearsal dinner, black Sean introduces Tommy and the Lt. to his brothers, who are all different shades of black and full of attitude. Sean says they are a black rainbow and his dad has a “midnight” thing going on. As Gavin and the Lt. trade quips, the Lieutenant gets mushy on him and hugs him. other act very mushy too, including Lou, White Sean, and Janet, Gavin is freaked out.

Colleen gets up and makes a toast to Black Sean, saying he will make a wonderful husband. he also makes a toast to the other love of her life, her dad. The mushy emotionalism touches the crowd but puzzles Gavin. His world of sarcasm and quips has disappeared. Janet gets smoochy and Gavin is off guard but accepts it. The Lt. gets up to make a speech too.

Mickey stands up and gives a traditional Irish toast, full of heartfelt sentimentalism. Tommy Gavin is thrown so off balance he reacts emotionally and demands to know what is going on. Tommy stands up and asks the crowd what is going on. Tommy asks if he has cancer or something? Uncle Teddy reaches for a roll and Gavin overreacts. Janet confesses that Lou gave her the letter and she told everyone about his promise.

Gavin says what promise, and she says “To retire from the fire department”. Since Gavin wrote no such letter, he sees that Lou typed the letter. Lou has written him out of the fire department. Gavin asks for a show of hands regarding who else received typed letters. Gavin sees that Lou has written everyone the same type of letter he got. Gavin tactfully goes over to see Lou and asks him to join him outside. Tommy is seething.

In front of the restaurant the men argue. Lou says that he gave Sheila her letter because she was angry at him and it turned everything around. Lou says that he wanted Janet to have the same experience. The letters got burnt in the fire. So gave them to everybody and told them not to read them. (Lou did not give letters to the other men). Lou says he thinks Tommy Gavin should quit.

Gavin is livid. Gavin says that, in front of all Black Sean’s parents and the firehouse family and his own, Lou made it up that he should quit, when he has tens of thousands of dollars of wedding dress debt and risotto to pay for. Gavin takes back all the nice things he said in the letter and says the only difference between Lou and his brother Johnny is that Lou hasn’t hit on his wife.

Lou says that the letters made everybody happy and that Gavin should think of others for once in his life. Gavin cannot grasp that Lou has given away his job. Gavin says that Lou isn’t Derek Jeter. He says that he is a traitor and that he is Judas. Tommy walks off in disgust to make sense of this and Lou calls out that he is still coming back in for dessert.

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