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The Inbetweeners: A review by Andy Bremner

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Written by : published Thursday 25th August 2011

With the current generous competition on offer by my fabulous employers the TV King to win the first 3 series of the Inbetweeners and the release of the film it probably time for a review me thinks.

I have sat and watched every series of the Inbetweeners with my family and made the filth and ladishness a part of our family routine. Strangely the members of my family I watched it with were mostly women. I have sat with my grandmother, cousin, auntie and mother to watch it and I've found it consistently amusing. Not as much as the ladies though my god the wails and howls of laughter sounded like hyenas being fisted. Like I say I found it funny but not so much as them and I couldn't quite put my finger on why. Then it hit me, I am only slightly older than the boys portrayed in the programme. I hate to worry anybody but those conversations are so painfully similar to those I have had with my friends when it first came on I thought it was a documentary. That's the sad thing about teenage boys ones that don't have sex in particular. You spend your time constantly talking about sex even when in reality all you have had is a swift fumble and on with your jolly day. Many an hour has been spent among my contemporary coming up with border-line rapey ways of chatting up women. The scariest of all being popping your cock into someone's drink. Needless to say we all agreed that wouldn't work.

That's the thing about the Inbetweeners that makes it so appealing though. It gives people who are not used to that sort of chat the chance to laugh and be jolly at the expense of hapless young boys in scenarios that can't be real and hapless young boys (unfortunately myself included) can watch and laugh in realisation that they are not the only ones to be wanked off in front of a party full of people before being beaten up by an angry 13 year old. The scenarios in the Inbetweeners  have created an interesting circle whereby they are getting their jokes from the actions of teenage boys and are also shaping how teenage boys act. I know this will seem petty and slightly undignified a claim but before Inbetweeners was ever released I was using the word clunge on a regular basis simply because it was a word which sounded so disgustingly vile it shocked even the most battled hardened of strange conversation veterans. Now suddenly it's commonplace. That is the programmes crowning glory. The ability to make all those around remember it, absorb it and repeat it much to the delight of others. It is unfortunately the sword in its side too. There is nothing more annoying than the prick at the bar who just repeats and regurgitated endless lines of script, which was much funnier in the programme and they have ruined with the fact they have swapped the punch lines around, the cocks!

So my advice to you is watch the Inbetweeners by all means sit and watch it with every generation of your family. If you win the competition then watch the DVD's till your heart’s content but if you next to me in a pub and all your doing is repeating line from the Inbetweeners, or any other sitcom for that matter, I will rip your tongue out and beat you to death with the wet end.

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