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True Blood- Let's Get Out of Here- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

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Sookie gets rescued by Alcide while Debbie watches. But on the way to her house Bill sideswipes Sookie from Alcide and takes her into the house. She is unconcious and won’t take the blood. Alcide is not inspired by Bill’s suggestion that they pray. When Sookie heals up Alcide is disgusted she doesn’t get how harmful her involvement  with the “fangers” is, and leaves.

Antonia/Marnie scares the flock, even though she has Eric under control. Marnie turns aside Tara’s questions and the rest of the coven doesn’t want to be involved anymore. Marnie traps them in, threatening harm unless they put a spell of protection on the place. Antonia plans to get Eric to do vampire carnage at the tolerance festival the next evening.  

Jessica ends up at the hideout with Nan. But Bill’s concerns are turned aside because Nan wants TV cameras to see peaceful vampires at the tolerance event. Under chains, Bill taunts Nan about how nobody has faith in her anymore. Nan wants the bloggers and CNN and cameras showing the humans they can be trusted. Bill doesn’t feel very tolerant.

Arlene notices the baby is gone and calls the neighborhood psychic. Terry tries to take a military view, which the nurse rejects. Andy sneaks a tiny vial of V and mans up. Jesus wrests some sanity for a possessed Lafayette, who relives the past life tragedy. Mavis is helped by Jesus to find peace. She is seen with her live baby again.

Lafayette/Mavis confesses being buried by her husband. Later Lafayette gets control of his body back from Mavis, who digs up her own bones and those of the baby.  But Andy isn’t the only one drinking blood despite recovery in Bon Temps.

Debbie is furious when Alcide comes home and gets in bed. Alcide had promised to stay away from Sookie, and Debbie didn’t see Bill join them. Sookie dreams about King Bill and Eric having a threesome with her. Debbie goes out and scores some blood, then goes to help Sookie. She discusses her jealousy. Sookie  discusses Alcide’s feelings for Debbie too.

Jessica gets busy in the back of truck, of all places. To the sounds of Taylor Swift. Jason brings her her stuff from Hoyt. He draws “The Monster Box” on the side.

Marcus’ threats keep his daughter from sleeping, so Sam suggests to Luna they go camping. Sam pretends to be a bunny to please Luna’s daughter. But Marcus ropes Alcide into coming with him to rough Sam’s brother up. Marcus wants to threaten him and talks Alcide into coming along.

Sam’s shifter brother visits the wolf gang at the garage. They kick him and beat him up but Alcide ends up calling them off. Then Marcus realizes this is Sam’s shifter brother. (At that moment Sam and Luna make passionate love in their tent). Alcide carries out the victim.

Sookie goes to Marnie’s to get Eric, helped by Debbie. Antonia doesn’t want to open the door but Debbie pretends to pledge allegiance to her of the wolfpack. Antonia says wolves don’t usually go out in the open. Debbie quickly says that she brought her Sookie, the King’s beloved. Marnie turns to see ...

Eric tells Sookie he plans to kill the King. Tara finds them together and says how stupid can she be. Tara notices Antonia watching them. She holds off Sookie with a gun, but lets the details of Antonia’s plan at the Tolerance festival go through her mind. She says “Are you listening to me?"

Sookie realizes Tara is being held prisoner and trying to help warn the vampires. The other witches wake up, see Sookie, and scream. Only Roy is loyal to Antonia. But when Sookie escapes Tara shoots into the air and Sookie jumps into the truck with a scared Debbie.

At the hotel, a handful of vampire guards attend. The Living Dead Alliance has its speakers at the microphone. Nan and King eye the crowd of mostly humans. Backstage Antonia arrives with Eric, casting her spell. Sookie gets dropped off by Debbie at the hotel.

But when king Bill (entrepreneur and philanthropist) gets up to speak, Sookie runs in the back of the ballroom. She screams his name as three bodies are eviscerated from the balcony as the crowd stares in horror and screams. Then Eric appears. The crowd panics and flees. The three power vamps disappear, and so does Eric at high speed, and Sookie yells at Bill to run.

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