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The Closer- A Family Affair- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

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Detective Ortega from Phoenix arrives at the precinct in Los Angeles. She sees the death photos of a girl with a heroin needle stuck in her arm. Ortega’s work is in narcotics. She is greeted in the elevator by the man printing out photos. The woman was found dead in a hotel room. The cause of death is supposedly drugs. The woman says the dead girl, Sedona, was her daughter.

The woman says that her daughter was diabetic and knew drugs would screw her up. The mother says they barely spoke in the past few years and the husband took the phone away from her but the husband hung up The mother lost touch with her daughter when she was 17. Ortega is stunned to learn that the girl was a prostitute. The Chief reacts very emotionally.

The Commander says Hollywood Division did their job. But they wait for a warrant for the dead girls apartment. The Chief is ruffled to see Rayder about the department. The entire squad has started to refer Rayder to the union representative. Rayder is still digging into the murder of Burrell.

Detective Ortega insists on going with the detective to identify the body. The coroner is jumpy having the mother of the deceased there. When they uncover the body the woman caresses the face and kisses the brow of the dead girl. The follicle DNA test comes back that this was a first use or one use only. Ambien was on the tox screen. Drew did not have a prescription.

They explore the apartment. The mother, Ortega, finds the Santa Monica Community College Id in her purse and there is  GED on the wall. Sanchez finds a bunch of syringes and calls the police department to see if the serial number matches the ones found in her arm. They numbers do not match. The drug was China White rare on the West Coast. There was a Las Vegas plane ticket and a note in Russian from Dmitri Andropov.

Detective Ortega is present while they discuss the dead girl’s career. The Four Aces website had pictures of the girls and the mother Ortega winces. The agency is owned by Linda Prall and her attorney was called the minute they walked in her office. The FBI attends the questioning of Mrs. Prall because the interstate prostitution charge stick because of the Vegas note.

Mrs. Prall says that Sedona’s date was a first timer but she had a husband who was a drug addict. Mrs. Prall said that Drew wanted her to do adult films because they raise the hourly rate. The prostitution “mama” says that the husband kicked her out. Mrs. Prall said that the husband Drew  wouldn’t kill the girl because she was paying him to stay away from her. Mrs. Prall says Sedona was gettin ler ife back on track.

The Chief asks Detective Ortega to wait out the next interview. They find the address of a drug dealer detective Ortega busted. They go in but the men are armed and start shooting. The Chief is almost shot but grabbed out of the way. As the Chief grasps the man and asks if he knew Sedona Gibson, he spits blood in her face. Gibson, the boyfriend, is dead. Drugs are everywhere and needles too.

Local police arrive and tells the squad to leave. Captain Rayder is on the Chief outside, before she can leave the scene. The Chief says that Detective Ortega wants to know what killed her daughter. Rayder asks how bad does she want the evidence in the house. She wants to make a deal with the Chief to get Sanchez to talk to her. The Chief says if she gets the needles they will talk.

Rayder arrives at the station house with needles she says were found in the house. The needles match the ones found in the hotel. She tells the Chief she needs Sanchez to meet her in the conference room.

The father of Sedona was an embezzler. Randolph Pitman is the natural father. The detective Ortega acts innocent when they ask who Randolph Pitman. Sedona was adopted. Looks like Sedona’s last customer might have been Spencer Pitman, her brother or family member. The wonder how the connection fits.

Sanchez talks to Rayder and makes a hostile witness who answers with extreme prejudice. His answers do not split off when Rayder repeatedly tries to ask specific testimony of the gang member case. Sanchez makes it clear to the Chief thats the gaps are covered by the risk of letting Burell live to kill again, he killed a 74 year old man for a beer.

Pittman is profiled as a wealthy heir who had withdrawn $50,000. The father was worth over a hundred million dollars. Detective Ortega has no idea her daughter could access the records.
Pittman has a prescription for Ambien. The Chief produces the Ambien evidence with Drew Gibson’s paws all over it.

The Chief asks Pittman in for questioning, and he grows alarmed when they imply he was hiring his sister to have sex with him. The Chief and Sanchez imply Gibson is alive and will get a deal unless he tells the truth. They want to know what the money from 4 Aces models has to do with his family. He says that he was helping her out. The Chief says that Mr. Gibson told her something very different.

Pittman says Drew was a junkie. He says that he arranged the appointment for Sedona but backed out. He was afraid she was going to embarrass his family. They know Gibson killed the the wife but then Pittman fears the threat of arrest, and the Chief says unidentified prints were found on the Ambien bottle. The Chief requests Pittman to take a fingerprint test. The Chief says he can have an attorney but second person to make a deal gets the death penalty.

 In the hallway on the way he blows up and says he gave Gibson the $50,000 to get rid of Sedona. (Obviously Drew funded the coke deal instead). Pittman slips up and says Sedona died of heroin. Pittman says Sedona didn’t deserve $33 million and being disgraced. He attests he gave Drew the $50,000 to kill Sedona Gibson. As Pittman is led away, Ortega asks if Sedona ever actually asked for money and he says no.

Before she leaves Ortega thanks the Chief and confesses that the death could have been avoided. The woman sobs over and over “I let her down”.

Captain Rayder is in the Chief’s office. Rayder says that Sanchez and Gabriel know about a conversation that took place in the car. The Chief says she told him to go. Rayder asks how does the plaintiff;s attorney know how she answered? Thus Rayder  tells the Chief that somewhere in the division she has a leak.

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