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Weeds- Cats Cats Cats -recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

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Foster Klein (Aidan Quinn) wakes up with Nancy in bed but his smoke alarm keeps going off and he wakes up before she can leave. He rescued her from the lesbian scene with Zoya. He starts getting amorous. But then Nancy advises him the FCC will come for him and he leaps out of bed and throws her out. He learns she was wearing a wire and he wants to know how long he has.

Zoya arrives at the bike shop and starts playing havoc with the teenage back room boys to get $700 worth of walking around money. She needs clothes. She says she needs to buy a bear. They don’t know who she is and she slaps the kids. Nancy is on the phone with Andy who says he doesn’t like being the poster boy and isn’t involved anymore. Zoya plans to buy a bear to guard the drugs.

Nancy sees Shane gets out of the police car and walk into the house. She learns about Shane’s new criminal science major and about his new police job. Shane says she keeps partnering around with the wrong son. He wants to be more than her bank. Shane wants to plant drugs on Zoya and get her back in jail. He has an internship and has school credit. Nancy gets a call from the FCC who says she has to come down to the office. She curses while he is still on the line.

Zoya tries to take a bike and Andy messes with her. Zoya insists they are partners. Andy learns of the plan for the dog hotel in Burlington Vermont. Andy designs a new plan where is part of the hotel and it only has cats.

Silas sits in the Pouncy house woman’s office and scares her. Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg) is upset for a second. He says sit down have a seat. She corrects him on his intimidation and they go to eat lunch. She complains about her boss. He asks her to come deal for them because the pay is better. Silas talks too much. He brags about designing the MILF team. He shows her their operations in the back room and she acts impressed. That night they sleep together.

At the police precinct Shane offers the police officers free Microsoft office copies. Then he searches the database for Pouncy house. He brings a folder of the competition and their details. Shane shows her the file. Andy jokes that she is making decisions. Shane is frustrated her only response is that she’ll look at the file later.

Foster Klein is on Plan C. He is emptying out his safe and offers for her to come with him. He asks her to go down to the islands with him. Nancy asks too many questions. He tells her to keep the townhouse. It is tied up in so many paperwork trails they will never get it. He leaves and does not look back.

At the police precinct, the internship officer jokes abut Shane stealing Microsoft pirated software copies. Shane relaxes when eh says stealing code isn’t a crime. But then he mentions printing things out is a crime and and tells Shane to put the handcuffs on. (Shane is jailed.)

The FCC man has a cow over Nancy’s behavior. He is angry the ugly scarf is gone too. He tells her to pay him $90 for the lost recorder. He lifts the phone to dial the jail. Nancy starts screaming for clemency when they bring Doug in. They want somebody to talk. They bring in Doug and say first one who talks get the deal. But Doug starts talking fast about his superiors and their pension fund investment decisions in Washington D.C.

Doug (Kevin Nealon) points out the hedge fund their Ponzi scheme manages has the federal pension funds in it. That includes the FCC man’s investment funds. Nancy is amazed. If they go down, his retirement is out the window. He negotiates his freedom and Nancy’s and she gets the tape back. The other FCC officer buys an eighth of an ounce off her to cover the depression of the lost bust. He pays for it with the money Nancy had to give the FCC man for the listening device.

Andy and Nancy watch the townhouse burn. Knowing Foster Klein is gone, Nancy has burned it down. Zoya is told of the tape, and about the fire, and that the feds will be looking for her. Nancy implies the FCC has the tape and on it she says where she threatens to burn down Foster Klein. Zoya in a panic runs away to hide. Nancy says she must go to Burlington Vermont for the dog hotel. But Zoya exacts a promise from Nancy that Andy will never join them there.

Silas wakes up and comes and gets some coffee while Nancy asks where Shane is. He didn’t answer his phone or his pager and didn’t come home all night. Silas sees the file on the Pouncy house people and runs for the bicycle shop. Nancy is confused. (Silas gave her a compete tour of how they work, including maps and computer operations).

Andy stands on the floor of the bicycle shop, but the maps have been nailed upside down from the ground, but everything in the shop had been nailed to the ceiling and the back room completely looted. the shelves are empty and the staff gone. Silas drops the police file, which has photographic proof that the girl Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg) is the boss of their operation. (it was a setup).

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