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Hell's Kitchen- 7 Chefs Compete- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

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With Carrie eliminated, Gordon Ramsay tells all the chefs to take their jackets off. He thinks they need inspiration. They fly to New York and are met by a guide.

Raheem takes them on a tasting tour of the Big Apple. They eat New York clam pie pizza and Greek food. The Peking Duck is showed to be inflated. They go to a French Restaurant and get real Continental cuisine. They go to Mexican restaurant and a Jamaican restaurant as well. They visit an Indian restaurant as well.

The competing chefs visit the BLT Steak restaurant in New York City This is the prize job the winner of the Hell’s Kitchen will win. The kitchen is very large and they serve over 230 covers a night. Each player imagines themselves as the head chef of the restaurant.

Back in Los Angeles, Ramsay challenges them with ethnic cuisine. A custom slot machine rolls out a protein a starch and vegetables with a coin that reads the cuisine they must prepare. Natalie gets Jamaican with kumquats. Jennifer wants anything but salmon but wants Greek and she gets Greek with salmon. Will gets scallops and mangoes with Italian cuisine. Elizabeth gets Mexican cuisine but Tommy is jealous because he wants that. He doesn’t want Indian and he gets Indian.

Elsie gets kunquats and beans and Chinese ethnicity but has no Chinese cooking experience.

Paul gets French cuisine with perfect choices, he agrees with Ramsay he hit the jackpot. Natalie puts on to many spices for her Jamaican jerk. Elise cooks something Chinese for the first time, asking Jennifer what the yellow carrots are. Natalie keeps sneezing because of her spices and pepper. Ramsay calls time and the chefs deliver.

The challenge is judged by a King of the Hill manner. The best dish chef supercedes each presentation and the winner’s team wins. Tommy brings a good kumquat curry taste but poorish presentation. Elizabeth brings a New York strip with diced chorizo for a Mexican win.
Natalie’s spices on her pork are way to hot for Ramsay to tolerate. Elizabeth wins over Tommy.

Paul delivers a French inspired filet and a grapefruit hollandaise, taking Elizabeth down. Elise brings her ahi tuna Chinese dish, which wins over Paul. Will brings scallops in Italian rendered fat. Jennifer hauls in last with her Greek dish. She say New York and Boston fighting to the end. Jennifer’s Greek salmon wins and the red teams wins a day at the beach.

The men and the Blue Team, especially Will, are disgusted. They have a surprise at the beach for the red team, while the Blue team preps both kitchens. The women rush off to dress for the beach. At the beach they get into a plastic inflatable ball, a Zorb. This is a dizzying thrill ride and they scream like little girls. They return to Hell’s Kitchen with glee.

The Blue team worries about Tommy. Natalie says you can’t fix dumb. Tommy wants to take fresh onions to prepare powdered onions. Before service, Tommy tells Elise he wrapped her Beef Wellingtons but he didn’t score them. Elise does it herself. The Blue Team says their own Wellingtons are not scored so Tommy must not have scored them, Elsie is lying.

During service, Natalie deliver horrible scallops with no sea and raw on one side. Ramsay is touched off. Elizabeth tries to keep appetizers rolling but she gets confused and falls deep in the weeds. Ramsay asks Elise to help Elizabeth. Elise does help Elizabeth get the scallops out.

Chef Scott yells at Tommy to let the onion rings drain. Tommy says Scott always yells at him and blows it off. Ramsay yells at Tommy because the onion rings are like greasy oily onion worms. Ramsay yells at Tommy and he calmly comments he will refire them.

But then with the entrees comes the fish and the Wellingtons. Ramsay yells at the Red Team Elizabeth and point out how rare the sea bass is. Jennifer yells at Elizabeth and then Elizabeth starts babbling like a crazy person. Ramsay says that she doesn’t know the difference between a cod and a bass. While Elise points fingers at Elizabeth, Ramsay throws a fit on the chews dup looking Beef Wellingtons she presents at the pass.

In service, the Beef Wellingtons come out squirrelly looking. Ramsay loses his mind and Elsie blames Tommy. Ramsay catches her in the lie and Elsie walks over to Tommy and accuses him of scoring the Wellingtons wrong. (The playback shows different). Tommy says he’ll take a polygraph and is aghast Elsie would lie. The other team members comment on how Elsie always blames someone else.

But while the great Wellington controversy happens the Blue Team pushes out horrible food. The waiter says three tables on the Blue Team side complain the fish is dry. Ramsay deals with Natalie about cooking fish. Elizabeth for the Red Team is still confused by cooking fish. Elise comments that Elizabeth is holding the ticket back for cooking the sea bass fish, but they are still raw. Elise is now in the weeds because the Wellingtons look odd, pushed back waiting for the sea bass.

Ramsay loses his temper when Elise tries to rescue her strip which is rallying against the sea bass. Gordon Ramsay says Elizabeth can’t time the fish at all. Ramsay calls Elise’s strip dry and throws both her and Elizabeth out of the kitchen. Elise gets angry and kicks the trash can, and screams at Elise again. Ramsay says it is like night 1 in there. Jennifer is left to cook the tickets alone.

Jennifer communicates with Natalie competing tickets and works with Ramsay on the pass. Ramsay says at the finish of service, the Red team must nominate one person to go and the Blue team must nominate someone as well. Jennifer must decide alone whether Elise or Elizabeth gets voted up to be thrown out. The Blue team unanimously agrees to nominate Natalie. The men try not to make Natalie feel too bad. (She has really bonded). The men feel Elise should go home.

Jennifer is not sure whether to base her decision on that night or overall. Elise is fed up and demands a decision but Jennifer wants room to think. Natalie is nominated and Jennifer nominates Elise. The blue team encourages Natalie to keep her head up. Ramsay says he can’t believe Elise had the audacity to blame Tommy. Natalie and Else both make humble pleas to stay. Elise cops to her mistakes.

Natalie’s errors and successes with the fish over and over and her babbling idiocy are relayed with Elise’s accusation of Tommy. Ramsay sends Natalie home, saying she isn’t learning and she is not ready to lead BLT Steak in NYC. Jennifer comments that Elise will wake up and be the same, like GroundHog day all over.

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