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Leverage- The Cross My Heart Job- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 23rd August 2011

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The team is coming through the airport discussing an unsuccessful mission in the Caribbean when Nathan spots a dead drop But one of the team is not a professional and Nathan notices her. He sees a team of people picking up an Igloo refrigerated container from her in the airport and move on. She is crying. She is not a pro and Nathan says so and asks if she needs help. He says he is there to help.

She says she is a nurse and the heart was in the Igloo. It was supposed to be for a fifteen year old boy but someone else wants it. They kidnapped her daughter. She says a human heart needs to be delivered in four hours to be viable for transplant. Nathan and the gang postulate the heart must still be in the airport so it can be flown out for the recipient as soon as possible. Nathan says they have about an hour and a half to get the heart back.

Nathan asks the hacker to find out where the prisoner is and work from the kidnapper back to the heart recipient. He lost his laptop in the past job and says he has no computer equipment. But the nurse has a photo and Nathan deduces where the photo was taken. He thinks they must have her nearby for leverage and finds the guard and the little girl in a fish themed restaurant in the airport. They secure the premises.

Sophie puts on high heels and gives the waiter of the restaurant a wad of bills to keep it shut as a work center for the gang, and behind him Spencer takes out the guard. The nurse is reunited with her daughter. The waiter is ignored as the gang think about how to find the heart wherever it is. The equipment they had got lost n the previous mission. Nathan theorizes a private plane must be standing by and waiting to take off.

Nathan wants to track back to the heart recipient waiting for the stolen heart. Hardison needs a way to hack into the data to locate the likely recipient. They call the national organs agency for information regarding the donor list and get an email sent that allows the hack to proceed. Nathan thins the list with the nurse’s help by geographical and age range to match the donor heart. They narrow the list from thousands to a dozen or so.

Nathan recognises the name of Chesney, a defense contractor bigwig who he had his eye on but eliminated as a target because he was dying. They realize this is the man behind the heart theft. The medical crisis is imminent. Nathan gets a flash back to when his own son was dying. Although time is critical,  Sophie draws the boss aside and pours Nathan a drink and says he needs to stay focused. Meanwhile the rest of the team go into action.

Spencer next steals the security badges needed to access the corridors of the airport, the hangars, the tower and the security areas. Spencer wears a pilot uniform and bluffs his way into the lounge. One gabby pilot walks up and starts talking Pilot-ese and won’t go away. But Spencer pretends to be on the trail of  lady and he opens a door for an African American woman who works in the tower, while stealing her ID.

Hardison gets it and  impersonates a sex change operation person whose ID reads that he is female. He pretends the security code on the pass does not work and then humiliates the security staff guard at the desk by implying they have a racial and gender related bias against him. He gets into the tower. He gets a desk in air traffic control and finds a small private plane and Nathan feels this is the stolen heart delivery vehicle.

Sophie and Nathan call the National Weather Service and send photos of a tornado. Although the weather is clear, the national weather service sends a warning to the air control tower. The crew chief of the tower controllers wants to check it out, but Hardison suggests lawsuits might be imminent if the planes start crashing, etc. Hrdison also points out how brave he is to risk glass injuries when the tornado comes. The man remembers a “protocol” he must attend to and flees, leaving Hardison alone in the tower.

Nathan talks into the comlink for info on he plane. He detects the plane Nathan is watching is empty. The heart is somewhere else. Nathan scans the list of departing flights.

Meanwhile a Spanish inbound flight insists on landing and Hardison is the only man at the air traffic controls in the building. At a loss to find the flight vector, Hardison hurriedly loads Microsoft Flight Simulator and plays the game enough to coach the pilot to a safe landing. Hardison nervously talks nonsense mixed with official air traffic control language. Hardison reports that the flight is boarding that goes to the location closes to the ailing defense contractor.

Spencer and Parker have secured uniforms of ground personnel and a luggage vehicle. Parker unplugs a wire so it can go faster than 25 miles per hour. They skim over the airport tarmac to get to the boarding area of the flight. Parker watches the people leave the plane, looking for their delivery boy. She flags a likely passenger.

But meanwhile Nathan has realized that the security contractor has a backup plan. Nathan calls the man and goads him. Sophie points out that Nathan gave the man his name and now he knows who he is. But Nathan wants him off-balance. He wants the man to rush the plans and not form a solution operation.

But the man calls Nathan back via cellphone and says he won’t live long enough to get another heart. Then Nathan threatens to “end him” unless the little boy stays in the hospital longer than he needs to. The man tells Nathan with precautions he can wait 6 hours for the heart. He laughs and hangs up.

After being taunted about the backup plan by the dying security contractor, Nathan realizes they are taking a commercial flight out. They get their players into position and unload the plane of passengers (via the tower) due to the tornado warning. They spot the VIP with the frozen heart and steal the refrigerated container, running away. The covert thieves give chase. Running away they fumble the suitcases and the thieves get the heart back at gunpoint.

Parker calls the man a cheater for pulling a  gun and scowls while he gets away with the Igloo. She reports over the walkie-talkie they got the heart back. the others panic but Nathan repeats the name of the operation he and Sophie discussed earlier. Nathan was smarter than that and a flashback shows Sophie in an airline uniform capturing the heart and secreting it in a suitcase herself.

They get Sophie and go outside to find a waiting ambulance and surprisingly Spencer and Nathan knock him flat. They tell the shocked nurse that the defense contractor would have had a backup for the backup and hired other staff. They pull a gun out of the EMT’s waist as proof. He was a plant. They rush the heart to the hospital. Nathan has saved the boy in the hospital, this time around.

After watching the boy recover from surgery they leave but Nathan later gets a call from the defense contractor who promises threats. But Nathan turns the tables on him, telling the older man he is watching him. Nathan watches four screens which show the man in bed and all his electronic readings. The man is alarmed as Nathan reads his pulse rate and comments on how it goes up as they talk. (Nathan will keep watch on him until he dies).

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