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"The Bi-sexual" Stirs Up Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Written by : published Monday 22nd August 2011

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     "The Bi-Sexual," this week's episode of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm involves Larry (Larry David) and Rosie O'Donnell (playing herself) both meeting a girl whom they really like and have chemistry with. Sadly for them, it's the same girl. Jane (Amy Landecker, Dan in Real Life) is apparently bi-sexual, and neither Rosie nor Larry will back down. In an unrelated plot, Larry decides he doesn't want to eat lunch with a guy he barely knows, saying they aren't friends. But eating alone, the guy begins choking and ends up in the hospital.

     Larry and Rosie have amazing chemistry. Curb Your Enthusiasm works because Larry brings in people who are his equals, comedically, and usually puts them in the right in any argument. The beauty of "The Bi-Sexual" is that neither Larry nor Rosie should win. They begin to treat the beautiful Jane as a prize, possibly caring more about winning against each other, as they begin to see it as a competition of man vs. lesbian for all women, than actually being with her. Which is too bad, because she's a great match for Larry, and they really do seem to click. Though, given Larry's hangups, it would never last long-term.

     A running gag throughout "The Bi-Sexual" is comparing baseball to dating. Larry wins Jane over from Rosie completely when he "juices," meaning, takes Viagra. Jane feels like Larry is cheating when she learns this, as an avid baseball fan, and still very sensitive about the whole steroid scandal. Plus, Rosie takes Jane to a ball game on their date, Jane goes with Larry to a baseball museum, and Larry and Rosie compete in a softball league. As such, the connections are strong in the comparison.

     It is interesting, however, that while Larry is only in town for a few months, and it is an unplanned trip, that Larry is on a softball team. There are jerseys and everything, so it's not just a casual game among friends in the park. How does Larry integrate himself so quickly into the social calendar of the city? Is this how the rich and famous live? At home wherever they go because of their connections? Must be nice.

     Not really sure what that second plot about the man choking adds to "The Bi-Sexual." While it is not unusual for Curb Your Enthusiasm to juggle a couple of plots in a single episode, the B story felt forced in, and never ends up having hardly any connection to the A story, unlike in most of the series. As such, while it is a somewhat funny situation, the show would have been better off to leave it out until it could mesh more fluidly into another episode.

     On a final note, Larry's pairing with Leon (J.B. Smoove, 'Til Death) is a match made in heaven. Smoove has been on Curb Your Enthusiasm for several seasons now, but as Leon travels to the city to reconnect with Larry this week, their chemistry becomes obvious all over again. They have a scene where they discuss bi-sexuality, and as they compete and insult each other, both enjoying the exchange immensely, it's hard not to be caught up in the fun. While from two seemingly drastically different worlds, Leon and Larry have a deep friendship that transcends the short time they've known each other. Soul mates, indeed.

     Curb Your Enthusiasm airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.

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