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Entourage- Motherf*cker-Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 24th August 2011

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Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) tells E he is crazy to represent his ex-girfriend’s former stepmother. As Eric and Drama and Scott tease E about Sloane a woman lurks in the hallway. She is cold to Scott. This is Sloane's stepmother.

Drama is freaked out because the replacement is a total wreck in the tapings. The producer tells Drama he can’t stand him either but what can they do.

Shauna brings Vince to a Vanity Fair interview with an Oxonian scholar. Turtle boasts about Don Pepe’s and Vince wears the Don Pepe t-shirt and Shauna moans about the creepy promotion. Shauna kicks Turtle to the corner and Sophia interviews Vince. Her searching questions put Vince on guard and he gives flip answers and backpedals. She asks him leading questions about addictions and his abandonment by his father. Shauna tells Vince she interrupted the interview in the middle.

Dice Clay turns down Johnny’s offer to pay him the difference out of the salary. Dice says he has to go out on the road 7 days a week to pay for his son Dylan to go to Princeton. Drama says the show is tanking. Dice has started smoking again. He turns down Drama’s offer and says the studio needs to pay him. Drama goes to talk to his agent (William Fichtner).

Ari wants to take his kids to Disneyland. But when they arrive at the office Taylor Lautner (a difficult client) has a buddy’s screenplay. Dana is coming to read it. Mrs. Ari explodes because Ari is dating Dana again. Ari is caught between work and family, again.

Ari’s boss Babs (Beverly D’Angelo) insists Ari must stay so the script doesn’t leave the building. Ari’s son asks Dana if she is the woman that his Mom hates.  The kids are dismayed but Ari’s teenage daughter is delighted to think she’ll meet Taylor Lautner. Dana is furious and leaves but says she will buy the script.

Vince calls the interviewer and asks her to his hotel penthouse for the continuation of the interview. She says this is a proposition. Sophia Lear makes him hold for 45 minutes. Turtle mocks up Sophia’s image with a naked woman online. Vince asks her to the hotel. She says going to his hotel is inappropriate (she is shown leaving a hotel.)

Levin says E needs to get clear of his Sloane baggage. The woman comes in and wants to be managed by them.  E talks to his ex-girlfriend’s ex-stopmother about Sloane. E talks about the prenup. E says he destroyed Murray. But as they talk  E gets her drunk. They sleep together and feel weird afterward.

E says he and Melinda are going to hell. Then Sloane calls E while they are still in bed to say her ex stepmother Melinda sent Murray an email she would sleep with Eric. Sloan is livid and Eric says since they aren’t in each other’s lives anymore so who cares. Then Eric asks if Melinda sent the email to Terrence.

Sophia Lear interviews Vince and asks much more intrusive questions (without Shauna near) about his feelings about his father and how he might help him financially if he steps forward but doesn’t need his emotionally due to being brought up by his mother and aunts. Sophia asks about the porn star in his past and why he was at Karl Ertz’s house.

Ari can’t get out of the office but his kids freak out. Finally Ari has to bring the kids home. Ari confesses to Mrs. Ari he is unraveling but she says his words are worthless. She points out that she dated around but didn’t disappoint the kids.

Mrs. Ari says work has always trumped family. Ari learns she is filing for divorce. Mrs. Ari suggests all Hollywood will have an opinion that Dana and Ari are sleeping together. Ari goes home and gets drunk.

After Sophia Leaves Vince says he is love with her. (He doesn’t sense that because Shauna was not involved and she was twisting his words a lot trouble is in the offing).

Drama is told the studio and the network don’t support Johnny Bananas. Drama is told if they go with the show they’ll tailor the whole show around Drama. Johnny Drama is told just what he wants to hear. Dram doesn’t get sucked into the play and says he will strike too.

Ari is so wasted he is babbling and drunk dials Dana. Dana calls Ari back and says she will give him another chance. She says she lonely and she can see how complicated it is for him too. She is coming over but Ari doesn’t tell her about Mrs. Ari’s threats.

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