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Torchwood: Miricle Day. A review by Andy Bremner

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Written by : published Friday 19th August 2011

Another swift apology for lateness but I'm my defence I have broken two of my fingers so I am whacked out on painkillers so if this review descends into madness that's why. I have already established the fact that I am colossally painful geek. I love the world of sci-fi, space and aliens. Nothing thrills my imagination more than the idea of being all spacey and stuff. This was why Torchwood was a brilliant idea. We pathetic geeks can never be the doctor or fight aliens without either a massive amount of acting training which would cost massive amounts of money or a massive amount of acid and hallucinogens which would also cost a massive amount of money. Plus there are guns swearing and sex in Torchwood so that catches out a few of the Doctor Who naysayers who aren't sure about the franchise and think it’s for kids.

Anyway "Torchwood: Miracle Day" (BBC) is currently in full swing and unsurprisingly I have found myself swept along with it. Amazingly though there is still no sign of evil invading aliens which I have to say is incredibly impressive. There are two reasons for this. While attempting not to sound unduly racist or xenophobic it’s the Americans. Not the population but the producers, they seem to think that unless they show the viewer who the villain is then people will simply slip into a confusion fuelled coma. Obviously the average American viewer has the attention span of a hyperactive sponge and therefore any attempt at subtlety will be pointless so the average response is to make the villain plain and obvious for all to see preferably making them a subtle as a golden plated brick being smashed round the face Brian Blessed wearing a suit made of flashing neon lights and fog horns.  Luckily this is happening less and less and the result is finally produced something of Anglo-American relations where the latter doesn’t shoot the former.

Lazy racism aside the pond jumping in Torchwood is definitely something new and excepted but in a good way. The only problem is that there is literally nothing left to shock us with. The previous series have killed off all of the Torchwood team in gruesome and horrid ways and revealed the evil bastardy but doing the right thing side of the immortal Harkness. Unfortunately this does mean that the tension is somewhat diminished because Doctor Who has already gave us glances into Jacks future any fear we may have for him is gone but then Jack was never the heart of the story. Gwen Cooper was always the human side to the Torchwood Team but she has always been the least technology savvy member of the team so where did all this technological information build up?

Honestly though these are the pitiful gripes of a man who can struggle to think of anything else. The series so far has been excellent, brilliantly paced superbly written and a welcome return of Russell T Davis after we thought he left the Doctor Who franchise. That's the beauty of the Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures collective franchise you can use the collective because it has grown into a part of your extended family. Torchwood is the rough and sweary but still a cherished part of the family. So go and watch Torchwood honestly watch it marvel at its brilliance and then we can make some of those freaky masks and scare people in hospitals.


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