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Leverage- The Boiler Room Job- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 19th August 2011

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The killer ‘Mako” con man is running a boiler room ruthlessly. (The FBI closes in). The man brutally asserts that taking every last dime is the idea. He thinks he is a deadly shark. The woman on the phone runs a school and she contacts the leverage squad personnel . The FBI bursts into the room and finds a note: the Mako has outsmarted them again.

Nathan and Sophie meet the teacher who was defrauded in a bar. The “life lesson" is a painful one. The boiler room scam took all the funds for running the special needs school and they only have three months operating expenses left. They depend on donations and will be ruined. Nathan promises results. They profile the ‘Mako”. He is descended from the “Yellow Kid”. Hodge says the inverted pyramid of the Mako bilks thousands of people ever day.

They send in the African American hacker Hodge to the next boiler room recruiting and coach him to survive getting weeded out. Hodge talks a mean game and meets the Mako’s approval. He ends up making several successful trades and attracting the attention of the mako. But he tries making trades with his laptop staying at work late and gets discovered by the Mako. The man has discovered his real name.

The Mako has a pedigree. They profile him as a grandson of the original con men that made up every con there is. They rack their brains to figure out how to con him. When tasked what is there to do, he blurts out ‘commodities”. Nathan tells him he is hired by someone else. He says is there to park futures orders within the Mako’s trading accounts.

One of the team, Parker,  is at a chocolate festival and is hopped up on espresso frappucinos. She jumps up and down and annoys the other members of the team. Nathan says he is a master of body language and difficult to fool. When the Mako asks which commodity the chocolate fan blurts out ‘chocolate” into the microphone. Hodge repeats this before Nathan can speak.

He mulls it and says cocoa futures are always in play. He assumes they know something he doesn’t and he demands to meet with the man behind the hacker. They quickly set up a phony office. Sophie and Nathan pose as IRS authorities. Spencer poses as a janitor and has to cause a delay because the offices aren’t ready. The Mako turns and runs his hands through the facility cart.

Nathan poses as a Texan trader who is furious Hodge has led him to his office. The Mako wants a cut of the swindle. But Nathan says no. He sends them away saying “she” is on her way. The Mako is surprised Hodge makes $200K for his work. Sophie comes in, she is the “chocolate whisperer”. Evidently she is an authority on cocoa products worldwide. Hodge makes an Internet legend for her online. But then the Mako grabs Nathan and takes him away.

Nathan is wired and they code instructions to him. The Mako wants in on the big score. Nathan says the crop report is wrong and that the market will think there is a good supply when in fact there will be a shortage. But the Mako wants to know what the big play is. Nathan stalls but says the chocolate supply is the key. Sophie is his expert with industry knowledge.

At the chocolate convention, Sophie enters a tasting test. She wins but then the Mako approaches the trader and says he knows her chocolate. But he also comments that she and Nathan are sleeping together he can read it in their body language. Spencer, Parker and Hodge instantly have an opinion on this. The Mako’s assistant reads Sophie’s lips and understands that they will be starting an elite cocoa shop like Starbucks in China. The Mako senses a fortune to be made.

But they lead the Mako a merry dance, and Spencer leads him through the jungles of Ecuador. He says the lumber is being cleared for the cocoa and the Mako orders buys on lumber futures. They are waiting for him to put in part of $100 million trade. Nathan tells Mako to come with the money or he’ll miss out.

The team set up a fake boiler room with amateur actors which Sophie trains. Nathan coaches the actors into their parts. When Parker shows the Mako in the office he laughs in Nathan’s face and calls the whole sham. The says there were nonstop tells. He brags about how his whole family wrote the book on scams and he can’t be fooled. He bought the futures all by himself.

But Nathan says they fooled him because before he came there he completed is trades and Hodges executed them. He bought $300 million and Hodge pirated the money. Just then the FBI comes in, the same ones as before. The Mako gets arrested because parker is an “agent". The con man starts screaming and the agent tries to remember what kind of fish he is supposed to be. Everybody in the room screams out a different fish name.

The Mako gets dragged out by the FBI. He claims all the people in the room are con men. But Nathan steps forward and points out they are all people he has conned. They all scream and cheer. The replay shows all the characters being interviewed saying what they were scammed for.

Next day the people report to Nathan the balances were repaid with a lot of extra money added. Nathan and Sophie explain to their staff about their involvement.

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