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Royal Pains- Run Hank Run- Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 20th August 2011

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Hank runs on the Hamptons beach and meets a champion marathon runner who helps him recover from a  cramp. She says she needs a doctor. Her nanny brings her baby to greet her. Hank agrees to monitor her core temperature while putting her through her paces to see what is wrong.

Evan poses for a sketch for Paige, and she refuses to let him see it. Evan learns second hand that her mother was famous artist. Paige denies going ahead with entering the Hamptons art contest but Evan steals a portfolio of paintings to include. Mrs. Collins sees Evan take the paintings and says that none of Paige’s other boyfriends care about her art. Evan asks doesn’t she meant past tense other boyfriends?

Divya denies her dinner with the doctor is a date. Marisa takes pictures with the baby as a surprise for  Boris. He shows up with bodyguards after Hank arrives and Hank sees Boris spills a glass and suspects his condition is worsening. Marisa is frustrated she can’t surprise Boris and shows Boris the proofs but he spills liquor all over them. Hank suggest a full rundown at the clinic and an MRI but Boris says later and not in front of Marisa.

The marathon runner is lacking iron and is anemic. The type of anemia of Marcher’s anemia compresses the capillaries and if the foot strike is too heavy the problem can develop. She won’t run on the treadmill and says when she runs in the sun is when the problem develops. Hank says the condition he thinks she has will be inherited and her baby Mary should be tested also. The marathon runner is told certain triggers make the reaction manifest itself.

Paige and Evan attend the art show. Evan sees that his nude is featured as the painting of Paige’s chosen for the art show. he notices one man examining the portrait up close and gets uncomfortable. Evan is gently mocked by others at the art show. When Hank, Divya and Jill show up they are amused to see what talents Paige has. The buyer of the painting monopolizes Paige and Evan is forgotten.

Boris sends Marisa away. Hank freaks out because he wants the relationship to develop not suffer. But Boris’ condition rapidly worsens. Hank gets blood test numbers back for Boris which make no sense. All the equipment is transported to the hospital. Hank sends many blood tests to the lab. He gets a text and rushes to the mansion.

Hank gets Dieter to let him into Boris’ bedroom and Hank rapidly works with Boris to bring him to his senses. Dieter rushes out. Boris pulls away from Hank when he is drawing blood and Hank is smeared heavily with Boris’ blood. Hank feels a tingling from the blood contact. Hank calls Jill and asks for toxic chemicals services and poison control assistance. Boris is being poisoned, and Hank suspects Thalium.

Divya is surveying the marathon runner at the hospital, still moonlighting without Hank’s knowledge. She analyses the answers and asks the runner if there are any beans or legumes growing around he place where she runs. Divya knows her property because she looked at it when looking for a place to live. Divya diagnoses SdI5, a rare iron triggered iron deficiency.

The agents involved in the toxic materials scare swarm the mansion. They question Hank about Boris’ habits. Later, Jill delivers a message from Marisa and Carlos they are doing fine. The
Prussian Blue and hypo-perfusion are bring down the Thalium half life. Hank realizes that Boris has been swimming lately and that the pool is full of chemicals. The agents find poison in the pool water. Hank asks Jill to find Divya to help him at the mansion.

Hank tells Boris that Thalium is an ancient poison from Medici times. Hank tells Boris he has VOSE symptoms,Variance of Unknown Significance. He suggests the line of his ancestry made his bloodline susceptible to poisoning, and not the full disease gene in his family. Boris muses his family is not sick but simply has a genetic mutation that allows others to poison them cleverly. Boris looks hank in the eye and wonders where Dieter is.

Hank tells Divya that some clever nurse at Hamptons Heritage Hospital diagnosed the runner with SdI5, a rare condition. After running, the jogger was relaxing in her garden with nearby with Fava beans trigger to her anemia. Hank wants to send the nurse flowers but Divya insists on handling it. (She is the same nurse.)

Hank comes home to find a break in the heat wave. But Evan is not pleased. It seems that Paige avoided his messages and texts saying she was with her parents but the General called Evan claiming he was monopolizing her. Evan says maybe Hank was right maybe he doesn’t know Page at all.

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