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Rescue Me - 344- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 20th August 2011

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The group of Tommy Gavin, Lou, the LT and the Chief Feinberg visit the construction at the site of Ground Zero in New York.  The Chef says memorials don’t work. He went to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C but he was afraid f it because three of his men died. You have to talk about them and remember their faces and spirit. The letters they wrote to their wives and kids and left in their lockers.

Lou is trying to uphold his part of the “godfather” bargain. To be Godfather to Gavin’s new child he has to diet. Sheila takes Colleen Black Sean and Mike to the new seaside wedding site. Colleen is afraid to take up Sheila’s offer to pay for the wedding. Sheila says she has a great business manager but also that she has stopped paying for quacks for Damian. Since he will never have a wedding, the money will be for her.

Gavin looks through the family photo album while watching Damian and reads a private letter to Sheila. He looks up to find Damian gone from his chair. He finds Damian in the bedroom, who says “Is this what you’re looking for? A letter from Jimmy he never knew about. He reads it in the window light as Sheila comes home and finds him reading it and screams at him.

She finds a glass of Vodka poured and an open bottle which he doesn’t remember pouring. She screams at him she told him about the letter during a one night stand 7 years ago.  He also does not smell like alcohol. He does not know what happened and says so, but Sheila is upset that the one private thing between her and Jimmy is gone. Gavin walks out wondering why he has had a blackout.

White Sean is upset abut the ribbing he gets from the guys in the station house. They joke about the gas problem she has. His girlfriend’s post sexual emissions get a lot of sarcastic play. Mike brings a gas mask and a tank into the room and give it to Sean as a suggestion. Then the fire bell rings.

But the house call is going to a home where Yuppies think there is a gas leak. The men go inside and find a father and two young children on the couch watching TV, dead of a gas leak. Gavin feels for their pulses to confirm they are dead. The men are stunned and saddened. Tommy looks around on the ride back and goes home to a home full of sleeping people. He goes home to his son and daughters and makes sure they are OK. He awakes his daughters, who are angry but he is relieved.

At the station, Lou makes Gavin check out some bumpy skin on the back of his bum. A huge growth is there. Gavin tells Lou he has something serious to talk about. He wrote letters saying the important things to relatives and firehouse people, and gives them to Lou. Gavin says they are private and he expressly  says not to open them unless he dies.

Lou sneaks into the firehouse later and pulls out his own letter. The letter calls Lou an undisciplined freak for opening the letter. Gavin writes he has red velvet cupcakes hidden under his bunkhouse bed for Janet’s birthday. The letter cuts off because Lou has already run out of the room. Gavin finds Lou climbing out from under the bed with the red velvet cupcakes he bought for Janet.

Gavin explodes in rage at Lou. But Lou says he knew it was a sick Tommy style Stephen King joke. He says Gavin is like a dry drunk writing letters. Lou says the official number for the 9/11 loss is a joke, it is 343. They are all walking dead. The survivors are zombies.

Lou says he saw the vodka in his truck. He wants Gavin to drink and make it 344. Tommy stares at Lou and walks out. But Lou gets up off the bed and runs after him, fearing Gavin will take him up on it. But Lou is surrounded by the firehouse men, who are disgusted at Lou and the cupcakes. The Lt. walks up to see what is going on. Lou shows the group his report card from culinary courses.

Black Sean burrows into the crowd demanding that Lou confirm his honeymoon week vacation being scheduled off. He gave him the forms. Lou crumbles because he can’t remember doing it. Black Sean freaks out because this is his honeymoon. Black Sean grabs the report card and mocks Lou openly. Lou tries to defend himself, but Franco says this, together with the cupcakes and everything else, makes Lou look like a weak station manager. Lou says there is a lot to do and  challenges Franco to do a better job.

Franco looks to the Lt. and he says he’ll give Franco 5 days with the keys to the station and Lou’s responsibilities to see. Franco meets Lou’s salute, calling him “fireman" without his rank. The Lt. says everything runs through him as a safety precaution. Franco cackles to himself and goes to the Lt.'s office, and opens it to see a mess of paper and junk in a tiny room. Franco realizes to late he may have bitten off more than he can chew.  

Tommy is in his truck in front of the Ground Zero stoplight, and gets ready to take a pull on the vodka bottle. But he has a traumatic flashback to ground zero, with people feeing the subway and a firefighter carrying a body and dust and rubble falling and bodies. Just then a homeless man comes up to his window and demands money. Gavin gives the man the vodka and drives on.

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