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Memphis Beat- Feud-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 18th August 2011

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Dwight is dropped off at the precinct house by his new girlfriend as they discuss toast. Dwight avoids giving out her name to interested observers. The squad is dispatched to check out a shooting at a local place of business. A young woman named Ella was shot for no reasons and has been rushed to the hospital. Dwight (Jason Lee) finds her jewelry and cash intact and stolen cash in the trash. Dwight wonders why she was shot.

Chief Rice (Alfre Woodard) rushes out to meet a friend. Dwight suspects she has an informant because she leaves with no notice and comes back with news.

The young girl works as an intern at Fairburn Financial and has a boyfriend the lawyer doesn’t reveal. Perusing her background check, they find she has no records going back past 5 years. The Chief wants to know why she had to change her name. Meanwhile the staff wants to know more about Dwight’s new girlfriend. Dwight keeps his lip zipped. They discover the shot woman is Ella Murphy, with armed guards outside her hospital room as the daughter of the the infamous illegal operations and crime family.

The police staff hear that the hospital patient has armed guards. The police arrive to find a lawyer refusing to tell them anything but installing the guards in the hospital. Sutton (DJ Qualls) finds out that the lawyer only has one client, the Murphy family. This local family has staked out local illegal shipping and liquor trade after a hundred year old feud with the Harrisons. They discover Ella was working in the law firm under an assumed name.

The staff ID the shot woman as Ella Murphy and she was possibly investigating illegal dealings her family had been guilty of. They are incredulous to find out the offspring of th Memphis oldest running family feud are dating and wonder who could their enemy be. The Chief calls in Mr. Harrison (Lance Henriksen) and his nephew Dean regarding whether term of the twenty five year truce have been changed. He says no but Dean is angry at Chief Rice.

Dwight realizes that not everyone approved of their relationship and the shooter may be a mystery. Meanwhile Whitehead (Sam Hennings) sends Sutton to get information about Kaley. She notices him giving her a note and sends him on his way. Then she asks Dwight if he sent the geek to check up on her. Dwight is thoughtful and determines to speak to him at the station.

Working on the theory that her boyfriend was Mr. Harrison’s son from the crosstown rival crime family, the staff visit the hospital. But Ella’smother has taken up a vigil and blocked access to her with guards. While Dwight almost brings up the topic of the Kaley, they hear a hospital fire alarm. Ella is missing form her hospital bed.

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Murphy, refuses to talk to Dwight at her house when the police visit, while Whitehead holds off the armed guards. Sutton checks the security footage and sees Dean holding a gun on the Harrison young man and Ella’s wheelchair during the fire drill.

The Chief has an undercover contact at a industrial plant nearby owned by the Harrisons. She finds out the Harrisons are expanding their business. The Chief posits that someone is unhappy that the relationship between Ella and young Mr. Harrison will threaten the truce. Later the undercover man tels the Chief that few months ago the Harrisons starting withdrawing federal tax form their paychecks, and they may be going legitimate.

They check out young Mr. Harrison’s alibi, where he stopped a truck robbery at the same time as Ella’s shooting. The victim knows the crime families are behind it and does not want to testify. But the police realize that if the Harrison family members go legitimate a lot of crime is left to divide up for others locally. But the description of one of the actual truck hijackers matches Dean. Dwight realizes Dwight is trying to break the truce.

The Chief busts the Harrison plant to get access to their undercover he is disturbed that an unknown assailant is shooting at Ella. The expanding territory is the legitimate direction of the company. They theorize someone wants to see Harrison enterprises stay on the wrong side of the law.

The Chief calls in Mare Murphy (Amy Madigan) , who has a secret herself. Mr. Harrison comes in and she accuses him of kidnapping Ella. The Chief realizes that Harrison and Murphy pere were in love years ago and that Mrs. Murphy’s emotions caused the truce. Mr. Harrison says that he was not strong enough to fight his father and continue their relationship. Dwight says their help is needed. Harrison uses his network to find out what properties Dean has access to.

Dwight’s birthday is coming up and Whitehead visits Kaley to explain about Sutton’s visit.Whitehead says that Dwight does not like to celebrate his birthday. But they have a party planned. Kaley is not sure she should attend because she and Dwight just stated seeing each other.

Dean has got the pair holed up in a shed and Dwight overhears the men arguing. Dean says his cousin has gone soft. Dean tries to shoot the Harrison boy and Dwight tackles the gunman. They are rescued.

But then Kaley then brings Dwight to the birthday party. He sings onstage with the planners after saying hello to his mother.

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