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The Cape (2010)-Goggles & Hicks

The Cape (2010) poster

Written by : published Thursday 10th February 2011

The Cape (2010)-Goggles & Hicks main image

Goggles and Hicks
The assassination of a man in the Afghanistan desert a world away from Palm City shows the methods of two assassins in the Tarot group. The two get hired by Fleming, who emphasizes substance over style. The killer is fazed when Fleming gives him a Cape comic book. Goggles says that mixing reality with fantasy is dangerous. But Goggles organizes a meet online with Scales that Orwell rbings to Vince.

Vince has broken ribs and wants a day off. Max and the carnival crew try halfheartedly to hide their activities but Vince's cop's moral compass is uncomfortable in the group. Max tells the Cape to take a day off, just when Orwell (Summer Glau) brings the Scales deal. Scales shows up in a church smelling a rat. Hicks targets the Cape but the spider silk fobs off the first ID tag. The second one gets Vince as Scales leaves. Then Goggles tracks Cape and unmasks Faraday.

Faraday watches Tripp play baseball. The Goggles and Hicks team then ambush Vince with a compterized toy. he runs to an alley, where he smashes the toy. They run into a tunnel. Orwell tracks the system and turns off the computer chip and negates the system. Goggles and Hicks activate an Electromagnet pulse which plunges the city into blackout.

Meanwhile Dana confronts Marty at his party. He has been made Police Chief of Palm City. Before she leaves, she finds Tripp has installed a video camera to catch his visitor. When she leaves the kid upstairs  comes down. He fixes the camera and they eat ice cream. Tripp is amazed to meet a kid who doesn't know the Faraday scandal. Meanwhile Faraday and Orwell hide in a massive theater. Orwell finds the microscopic tracking device.

As Hicks bursts into the theater, Goggles tracks him online from the van outside. Faraday throws Hicks over the balcony as Orwell spots the van. They drive the van with a shaking Goggles inside it away, with Hick crawling over the top. They shake Hicks on a curve and get away. Dana comes home to find Tripp and his friend with stomach aches from too much ice cream.
Then Fleming meets Hicks in the desert, giving Fleming a thread off the cape. Fleming is angry and refuses to do anything about Goggles. He tells Hicks, (who know the Cape's identity) that he's fired. Then Hicks shows up at the diner calling Faraday the Cape and showing him the data chip with Faraday's DNA and information on it. Hicks even knows about the broken ribs. Vince isn't frightened but Orwell tells him they took Goggles to Owl Island.

Max asks about how was the day off and Vince says he's had better.

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