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The Closer-Home Improvement- recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 17th August 2011

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The Litigation attorney Mr. Baker costs a $25,000 retainer. Sharon Rader recommended the attorney. The Chief takes a cellphone call and it costs her ten dollars. The Chief is shocked at the cost. The attorney says Los Angeles will settle to avoid court costs. The Chief supposedly Terrell’s grant of immunity was not her decision. The Chief and her husband argue about money.

In frustration the Chief is called to the scene of a crime. Her tennis shoes have been stolen so she is wearing uncomfortable heels. The body is in two plastic bags and has no explanation for being unearthed. The contractor did not file a permit. The retaining walls are dug up and the body is 12 days old. The men joke about the deceased. The Chief ordered his prints rolled. The contractor angrily demands to get on with the the job.

The contractor runs away to get onto the next job. The Chief chases him and says he is felony rude. She jumps in the truck and they find the duct tape. Detective Sanchez jumps onto the truk and tosses items in plain sight into the cab for the Chief to see. The duct tape is enough to hold the contractor for 24 hours. The city inspector says the car is illegally parked. The job is red tagged until the permit gets processed.

The victim is named as John David Dale a sex offender. Romano the contractor avoided the permit process. He is behind schedule. The forensics have an entry wound in the back of the neck. A conical object killed the man after three blows with a balpeen hammer. Mr. Dale bled out so the investigators are looking for a mess. The neighbors with 200 walk ins for the open houses next door expands the client list. The suspect board is covered.

The suspect list now includes Google Earth. The Chief interviews the owners of the home with the dead man. The dead man was registered for the rape of a minor. He inherited the house he lived in. But the neighbors were moving for a job in Chicago.

Mr. Kane says they really need to go . But the neighbor selling their home says the area was dark because contractor pulled out all the wiring. The nickname for the dead man was “Joe Blow”. The neighbors say the place where the man was found had parents with a small girl named Kayla. She was forbidden to play in the yard unsupervised.

The Meghans law website showed the residents the sex offender lived next door. Mr. Kane invokes his right to counsel after throwing a tantrum and saying he would have beat the neighbor up. The Chief says that Kayla will be monitored because they don’t let children hang out with suspected murderers.

Mr. Kane is reported to have threatened the dead man. The daughter Kayla tells the police that her father fought with him and th contractor argued with him. She asks how they found him and the chief agrees that it an excellent question.

The chief has made radical changes in their home economy. She turned off the land line and chopped the satellite channels. The cat is at the table while the Chief cooks clam linguini. Detective Sanchez calls to say the contractor never pulled the permit for the retaining wall. They bring Inspector Aguirre in to ask why he came by since no permit was filed.

The Chief finds out that the union can’t help her. The Assistant Chief wants proof the murderer is connecting to the Kanes. Mr. Romano never filed the permit. She must re-arrest the Kanes by 6 p.m. or stop the surveillance.

The Chief says over and over he got no bribes. The man says he can’t say who complained. But he produces an email from the victim dated from when he was buried under the retaining wall. Chief Johnson’s husband wants to pretend the money came from the city. The Chief calls her husband and tells him to meet her at an open house.

This is the house of the neighbors of the dead man trying to sell their home. The chief says they are doctors. The realtor says the Meghan’s law showed the criminal next door and this kept the house from being sold for months. 

The back yard has a space where a garden gnome (with a conical hat) is missing. The gnome is too large for the Chief to move. Chief Johnson notices one section of the grout tile is spotless and has been bleached recently. She goes inside to check for closet space. Maelynn’s jeans and tennis shoes have bleach on them and the garden gnome has the conical top indicated by the forensics. Maelynn says it was self defense she was home alone and she panicked. 

Greg and Maelynn says it was a rape attempt. But the equipment needed to clean up the grout and the garden tools to plant th body and the bags and tape were bought the day before the murder attempt. Maelynn says she dis the murder all by herself. The chief asks for a demonstration. They wheel in the garden gnome the couple threw out. But police chief says that the gardeners were surprised they cleaned up the gnome before throwing him out.

Maelynnn cannot lift the gnome and her husband Greg tells her to put her legs in it. He blurts out that he helped her mvoe it and the Chief gets their confession. As she leaves the office the detectives duct tape the gnome as a "flight risk". But in her office the attorney is there saying he has the money. Polk fakes his way through her effusive and emotional hug in gratitude. 

But the attorney demands from this point onward that they are all honest with each other and makes the Chief's husband swear too.

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