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Weeds-Synthetics -recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 16th August 2011

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Zoya shows up in the apartment in front of Nancy while embracing the brother. Zoya uses a knife against Nancy’s skin and asks who does she belong to. Nancy is scared until she sees the brother watching from an open doorway. Nancy realizes the fear is part of a sex game. Nancy relaxes and Zoya acts like she doesn’t care about the drugs. Nancy asks how she got out and Zoya says she can make deals too.

Andy is in the bike shop and narrates a green mission while interviewing for the Style section piece for the newspaper. Silas is angry he can;t get in through the back because Andy has padlocked it. But Andy poses for the photographer.

Zoya is called “Donkey ears" by the brother. Nancy tells Zoya that she wanted to make money first before getting her out. When Nancy tries to crawl out of bed her old cellmate Zoya tells her to leave the drugs. Nancy is too scared to say no.

Trying to get out of the apartment, Nancy runs into the brother, who wants sex too. Nancy says Zoya can’t know where her family is or where she works. Zoya starts talking in her sleep and the brother seduces Nancy possessively.

Nancy comes back to the Halfway House to find Olga and an officer waiting for her. Olga tells her to sit down. When the previous evening Olga saw Nancy’s empty bed in the Halfway House she tried to throw her back in prison. She called the prison to arrange a permanent bed but was told an arrangement had been made for Nancy’s release. Olga is furious Nancy has been let go.

Olga says she is very disappointed she couldn’t help (control) Nancy. Olga tells her she is a lifer, and she will always work a system. Olga says she will lose everything in her life based on the choices she is making. Nancy says she knows who she is and does not pretend to be anything else.

Doug’s hiring Nancy and her FCC deal means she has to steal files. While Doug leaves the office room she tries to leave but the CEO Foster Klein (Aidan Quinn) tries to pick her up. Nancy shuts down the computer and the flash drive and leaves. Nancy gets out of the office with the briefcase pretending it needs repairing.

Two people from Pouncy House party rentals appears in the bike shop. Twin DJs play to a crowded house while the drug call center is in the padlocked back. Andy is no longer willing to make the bike shop something he covers for. Silas is surprised by the Pouncy House visit. They are in the same business. But real bike customers are everywhere.

The man and woman from Pouncy House introduce themselves to Silas and are angry because the bike shop back office has poached their clients. They are in the party favor business and the visit is a cease and desist order. Silas is not fazed. But then the woman, Emma, (Michelle Trachtenberg) remembers seeing Silas on a Copenhagen billboard. He can’t risk them finding out why he had to leave there either.

Shane, the murderer, stakes out an athletic field with the 25th Precinct cop. He asks Silas to give the graduation gift to the man’ stepson. Silas apologizes for thinking the boy was a dealer. Later over beers Silas fills the cop in on how his fathers died. The cop is surprised.

The FCC man needs to get the real documents and is confused by Nancy’s hickeys, which are two sizes. They are two sizes. The federal agency man says that she will go back to the prison or halfway house because the data is the cover stuff not the real deal. Nancy knows she can never get out because Olga will send her back and says she can get the CEO’s files and the FCC agent marvels at her sudden deep access. Nancy says the CEO put the hickeys there but opened his mouth wider to make two sizes.

Nancy adjusts the FCC bug in her tank top when they have dinner. They have a chef’s table and are served about a half ounce of actual food on formal plates with white wine. Nancy asks the obvious questions but he stalls and says not to talk about work. nancy goes to the restroomanf fries the bug in the sink tap water. The FCC agent appears in the bathroom in seconds to replace it. Nancy can’t get a break.

Silas comes back to the car. The cop gets the gift back unopened. The boy does not want to offend his real father. The gift is a watch which belonged to the cop’s own father who is deceased. Later at the bar Silas tells the man the stepson Bill will need him when he figures out what a jerk his real father is. The cop blinks at his wisdom.

When Foster Klein (Aidan Quinn) brings Nancy home Silas tries to send him down in the elevator. Angry at being taken for a nobody, he hears enough conversation to be interested and forces his way into the room. Nancy is paralyzed because she can’t get her son to shut up and the FCC is recording everything. Andy throws open the sliding door, exposing a room with drug bales in it and Zoya’s brother.

Andy also starts talking about their distribution arrangements as a fascinated Foster Klein comes further in the apartment. Nancy cannot gets them to shut up without exposing her bug to Foster Klein, Zoya’s brother and her sons. Zoya’s brother asks Foster Klein (Aidan Quinn) if he is cool and he says yes. The man says “That wasn’t a question”.

Nancy starts the Itunes music loudly. In the van, the FCC can still hear what is being said. Andy says the product is good and Silas says ‘pride of the Afghan fields”. They want to smoke some and ask a bewildered Foster Klein is he smokes, who says yes.

They all turn when Zoya appears in the doorway. She calls Nancy “Nanciska". Nancy tries to hide in the refrigerator, pushing her bug near the cold to freeze it or drown out the conversation. Zoya’s brother asks Nancy how much she will sell the drugs for. Foster Klein looks around in amazement.

Zoya greets Silas and Andy warmly, kissing them in greeting, saying she recognizes them from their pictures. They have no idea who she is. Foster Klein hears Zoya mention her brother being there is no surprise, but teases Nancy about her kiss outside with Foster Klein, which angers Zoya’s brother. Then Zoya references them kissing, and her sons wine. The man leans on Foster Klein, letting him know leaving is not an option.

Zoya then tells Foster Klein he should leave because she doesn’t like him and she has a habit of losing things she doesn’t like in fires. The brother laughs out loud. They ask who this is. Nancy shrinks in terror as the microphones record all of this. Zoya opens her mouth and says she is Nancy’s new business partner. The sons look disturbed.

Then Zoya announces she is the love of Nancy’s life and kisses her warmly, as all the men watch in stunned surprise. Zoya says Nancy has had a long day. Foster Klein looks at Nancy in a stupor. In the electronics van, the two FCC officers look at each other in total shocked surprise at what they have just heard.

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