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Hell's Kitchen- 9 Chefs Compete- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 16th August 2011

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The new challenge is for dessert. Two famous dessert chefs are the judges. The call for a Date Night and to finish the menu a special dessert. The order is for a sexy dessert and they have 45 minutes to make it. Jennifer’s dish wins because she put more thought into presentation than almost all the others. Elise makes a dessert much too big for even two people, and Ramsay even comments to her during preparation it is too big.

They have to withdraw one and they choose Elise’s. Elise is not happy with this, saying her is the best and they will pay the price later and not to blame her. The men and Blue Team cook very uninteresting or strangely seasoned deserts with little visual flair or taste. Both teams have players who say out loud they hate desserts.

Most of the desserts from both teams are undercooked, terrible looking or simply not interesting. They get very few stars. But Ramsay wants to taste the desert Elise made. Elise puts cream and liqueur and berries in a tall dessert glass but also vinegar in the bottom of her dessert. Gordon says it would have got a zero. Ramsay tells the Red team they made the right choice dropping Elise’s desserts. Elise is humiliated.

The girls get to go to Las Vegas. The punishment for the blue team is to decorate the restaurant for the first ever date night. They will have raw oyster bar and the men have to prep both kitchens. In Las Vegas, Playboy Playmate Holly Madison walks in. The girls are thrilled and they get passes to come back with a guests for three days and two nights in the future.

At the restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen in Los Angeles, the men catch their fingers on the thorns on the roses and crack ice for the oyster bar. When the red team returns they hear that the red team can return to Las Vegas. Natalie on the blue team is very upset.

When service starts, Elise asks to lead but Jennifer says she is very vocal and can lead. Jennifer tells the camera that it is her time to lead. Carrie asks again and again for preparation estimations but Elise refuses to answer. Ramsay notices this and asks for a time and Elsie answers. (Jennifer says nothing during this entire order).

Tommy on the Blue team preps scallops before there are any orders. Tommy does not prepare the ordered food but starts cooking a sea bass for a future order that has not come in yet. Ramsay sees this as cheating and kicks Tommy out and he walks through the dining room outside through the Date Night diners. Tommy stops to talk to people and cute girls. Ramsay is disgusted.

Ramsay calls the red team over to the pass to check something out. Ramsay finds a black hair in the food. Ramsay calls it as Jamie’s. Elise says that Jamie has not exactly been knocking dishes out. Ramsay tests Jamie’s interest in staying in the game. Jamie sort of acknowledges the criticism.

Ramsay also calls over the red team to check out the dish Carrie has cooked. It is burnt and Carrie says “Oh God I did not even see that”. Even Jamie can’t believe that. Ramsay tells Carrie to get out but she argues again and again. 45 minutes into service Carrie refuses to leave the kitchen and Ramsay gives her the burnt fish to take with her. Carrie tells the interview camera she shouldn’t have gotten thrown out.

Tommy has been in the dining room walking around talking to hot girls. Jamie is on garnish for the red team and is really confused. She burns scorch marks into the breaded curled zucchini and serves to the pass. Ramsay gets overcooked food and Ramsay is furious. From the Blue Team, Paul inexplicably serves pale raw chicken. The whole kitchen can see it is raw. Gordon throws him out. Pink chicken does not go with the pink carnations.

Elise brings in vegetarian lobster capellini and Ramsay screams at her. Elise finally brings a cappelini with no lobster in it. Tommy on the Blue Station comes back to find Chef Ramsay making their scallops. Tommy is not sure whether to take over the station from him. Ramsay makes Tommy shout at him. Ramsay calls Tommy a bozo.

Elise is ready to impress with her spaghetti with no lobster. Ramsay kicks Elise out with her plate of overcooked oysters and calls her a princess. Elise is furious with herself. Ramsay is furious and Jennifer says that Carrie and Elise are dead weight. Jamie and Jennifer and Elizabeth send out the final red team entrees.

The Blue Team with Natalie and Tommy keeps working. A Blue Team couple gets a wedding proposal, and the entire restaurant enjoys the spectacle and applauds. Paul is touched and everyone claps hands and cheers for them. Half the teams have been kicked out of the kitchen that night.

In the kitchen Ramsay is absolutely disgusted. Ramsay addresses that Jamie’s performance is getting worse. Ramsay is fed up with Carrie’s lack of ability to cook. He says Carrie is a sandwich girl. Ramsay calls the Blue team the winning team. The Red Team nominates Carrie because she argued with Ramsay. Carrie says she is going up and to decide the other person.

Jennifer says that Carrie embarrassed the team for arguing with Ramsay. Carrie and Elise are made to step forward. Carrie says Ramsay is wrong about her. But she also cites how Elise picks on her.

Ramsay calls out Elise. Elise says that she made mistakes that night. Ramsay says he thinks Elise is done. Elise says she knows she is one of the Final Five. But then he tells both of them to get back in line. Ramsay says that there is one member who is going nowhere. Jamie is leaving Hell’s Kitchen. He gets no response for her. She leaves.

One of the Blue team men said if he got thrown off the contest he would be dragging security and kicking and screaming. In Ramsay’s voice over, he states her lack of fight made it game over for Jamie.

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