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True Blood-Spellbound- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 16th August 2011

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The witches spell of Marnie/ Antonia calls Jessica to the doors of the plantation house, but the cop Jason  flings her back inside after a few moments in the sun. The witch coven continues to chant the spell. (Vampires throughout Bon Temps go outside and burn). Jason and Jessica kiss when she realizes he saved her life.

In the cells, the guards are lying soaked in blood. Jason redrapes the silver chains around Jessica as her skin smokes and burns. Bill tells Jason he needs to whitewash the deaths to cover up what really happened to the police. Bill watches Jessica and Bill whisper sweet nothings, noting their discovery of new love wryly.

Alcide tells his people about the war between the witches and the vampires. He calls the witches fools. Marcus and Debbie who were sworn to the others keep their silence. Chuck calls out that he isn’t afraid. Later Chuck starts a fight with another member of the wolfpack.

Luna is very unhappy to see her boyfriend Sam again even though he claims his brother was abused by their parents and exploited as a skinwalker. Emma demands Sam play Barbies with her.
Sookie rips the chains off Eric, who realizes he hasn’t fed since her fairy godmother. Sookie  offers herself as a True Blood to strengthen him up. He says for her to hold something silver in case he gets out of hand. But in the midst of feeding he sinks his fangs in his hand and make himself and Sookie one. They fall into a passionate interlude.

Jessica dreams that she tells Hoyt she needs to move out. In the dream he is a very passive, whiny man. She says her hunger makes their life together not enough for her. Hoyt starts crying that she was too good for him and that he was happy. Jessica can’t get away from Hoyt who crawls begging on the floor for her to love him. Jessica is awakened by a donor the King sent and she feeds.

Beaulah Carter is the dead mash of stuff. The dead vampire presents a problem, should they call the coroner or sanitation? Jason sees his partner kneel down on the cement and almost eats the vampire. Jason prevents Bellefleur from manifesting.

Vampire King Bill comes to the TV news crew to discuss the “suicide” of Beulah. He cites that the incendiary vampire rhetoric in the media is to blame. He hypnotises the newscaster to shooting is prepared statement. He cites the pervasive anti-vampire sentiment is to blame.

Antonia and Tara watch the TV interview. Tara realizes that they are causing vampires to kill themselves, not just protecting themselves. Bill calls Tara to speak to Antonia. He proposes peace. Antonia recalls Marnie’s violation and Bill claims to have sent him. Bill negotiates a peaceful meeting to avoid more death.

Sookie and Eric are intensely hypnotized by each other’s blood. They go into the shower and it starts to snow. They pull back the curtain and see a bed in a snowy fairyland. They make love in the forest snow bed, possibly watched by another being. Eric and Sookie debate whetehr they owe Eric any influence over their futures.

Mrs. Beltonbury takes pictures while Andy Bellefleur scents a new target. Miss Thortonbury arrive at Merlotte’s talking like a man and tells the waitress to bring dozens of food stuffs. She wants cash on the barrelhead for the property. Sam’s twin brother is in fact Mrs. Beltonbury, and goes through the forest, throwing up.

In the back of Merlottes, the ghost sings to the baby while the cook and waitress argue. Lafayette comes into the kitchen sees the ghost and says “Hell no” and walks out. Mavis notices the medium can see her and sees the baby has a doll.

Jessica arrives home to breakup with Hoyt. His manner is hostile. He smells another man and starts screaming. Hoyt takes back his invitation and Jessica flies outside. Hoyt throws a fit despite the fang marks on his neck. He tells Jessica he can find a woman to love who wants to live life in the sun. He also wants a woman who isn’t virgin throughout eternity.

In their dream state, Sookie tells Eric she wishes it could stay this way forever. But the witches attacked him. They can not run away together. She says they cannot leave Bill alone in the fight to die. He wants to leave this place while they still can. Eric says they are human notions. She says she is mostly human. Eric wants to live in their love paradise forever. But Sookie says he is a warrior and never runs away a from a fight. He wants to stay there but Sookie says that there is no such thing as forever.

The wolfpack barbecue ends and Alcide is told by Marcus he is an alpha and has management potential. Alcide deflects this admiration, knowing they will double cross the pack in time. Debbie makes Alcide promise to stay away from Sookie and the vampires. He does.

The medium Lafayette dreams of the life of the ghost Mavis. She was a black mistress of a white married man who returned home with a doll to find her lover killed their baby. The child was a boy. The man said that the baby is better off dead and her sister has been sent away. The man also refused to let her see the dead baby and bury in in a Christian ceremony. The live person the ghost was is pure and innocent, unlike the the malevolent type the ghost is now.

Lafayette wakes to see the ghost loitering purposefully in the doorway. Lafayette has lots of dolls. Lafayette screams “No” and the ghosts sucks herself into him, appropriating his body. “She” then  gets up, with mannerisms that do not belong to Lafayette, and gets her shoes and walks out. She goes to where the baby is.

Eric and Sookie arrive at the King’s and say they will fight for him. Sookie tells them to stop looking at each other and look at her. Sookie points out her powers are useful. King Bill says they might be talking about peace instead of a battle. Eric calls the King “My liege” but Sookie calls the King “My ....Bill”.

Marcus struts into the house where Luna is having dinner with Sam. Marcus is irate that Sam can stop by the house but he can’t. The little girl is frightened. Luna says he better behave or she’ll tell his probation officer. Marcus throws a fit that his ex-wife ignored his phone message and hosted a shifter. Marcus is itching for a fight.


Jessica arrives at Jason’s. He is angry she broke up with Hoyt. He recalls his invitation. Jessica flies outside for the second time in one night. Jason does frantic push-ups.

Mavis (As Lafayette) enters the mansion. She takes the baby, the doll, and Bellefleur’s gun.

King Bill arrives at the cemetery calling out for Lady Antonia. She says she is no lady but a peasant. Bill says he comes in peace. Sookie is shocked to see Tara is with Antonia. Bill asks Antonia to break the spell on Eric and Sookie. But as Bill persuades her, Sookie detects in her mind that Antonia is casting a spell. She has extracted the promise from Bill without promising anything in return.

Antonia gets Bill to swear, but when Sookie alerts Bill,  Antonia screams that Sookie is a demoness and casts a  spell at the sky. Bill gets a backup rush of human forces to come forward, and Antonia is shocked because the human forces aren’t stopped by her spell. Red lasers crisscross Antonia’s chest. Eric rushes forward and inhales one of the witch forces, his fangs dripping with gristle.

Tara is attacked by a vampire after dispatching one of the vampires. Tara is nauseated by the blood on her face from shooting it. The blonde vampire is disgusted that King Bill forbids to her to ever harm Tara under threat of execution by him. Bill spares her after forbidding the vampiress to touch Tara ever after. Tara asks why, and King Bill says that she knows why.

Eric feeds incessantly. The humans hunt everywhere. Alcide runs up to Sookie’s house, sensing danger. He hears the noise in the woods and goes running. Sookie summons a white flash out of her hand when one of the vampire hunters tries to chain her up. But then she is affected by  wound in her abdomen, possibly a shot.

Eric instantly senses this, as does the King. But this moment of weakness is used to harm King Bill. and Antonia uses a powerful spell to enchant Eric. King Bill’s fate is unknown.

Antonia enchants Eric to fall to his knees and do her bidding. Sookie lies dying, alone, in the cemetery under a tall grave. Debbie walks into the cemetery battle as a white wolf. She watches as Sookie gets carried off by Alcide. She sees he has broken his promise.

*Episode closing credits play ‘Spellbound” by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

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