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Entourage- Whiz Kid-Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 16th August 2011

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In the aftermath of the Karl Ertz shooting the police tell Vinnie he has to come down to the station with turtle because they were found at the scene with all the cocaine. Turtle is traumatized by the appearance of real brains spilled all over the place. Drama is nervous that Vinnie is not lawyering up.

Scott Karl Ertz is dead.  E and the others stand around at the scene of the crime at the porchway to Ertz’s house. Vince is on probation in a house full of cocaine with a dead man The paparazzi and a TMZ helicopter arrive and Vinnie dashes off.

Dana and Ari wake up together after a night in bed. They debate who has more missed voice mails and emails. Dana is shocked Ari is attending marriage couples therapy. They find out about the Vinnie episode together. Ari arrives at the courthouse but has to push back couples therapy. Vinnie tells him to leave and fulfill his family commitments.

Vinnie is still on parole. He didn’t use any cocaine so he and Turtle are clean. Shauna joins them at the police station where paparazzi swarm Vince. Inside the station, police ask Vinnie and Turtle to give their statements. Vince and Turtle go into the questioning rooms even though Drama says they will be interrogated and “Broken”.

The lawyer Lefkowitz (Rob Morrow) says if Vinnie was found where drugs are his parole officer will want a drug test.  On the way home Vinnie tells E to pull over. Vinnie says when Ertz shot himself he was instantly worried about what E would say. Vinnie says he smoked a joint the previous week under pressure in rehab.

Vince does not know what will happen when the weed is detected. Vince takes drugstore tests and they turn purple for positive. Vince is worried. Drama says he juiced in high school for wrestling. He knows how to avoid detection of the drugs in the test. Drama pours Niacin, distilled water and vinegar. They drink this and spit it out.

Vince says he’ll just face the test. Lefkowitz calls and announce Vince’s drug test is seven o’clock that night. Vince gets an idea, jumps in the car and takes a drive. He drives to his friend Billy’s house. Billy describes the drug test process. Billy has a fake member to deliver clear urine for the test. Vince is worried that the “installation” process entails.

Mrs. Ari is seeing Bobby Flay. Even Shauna knows this. But both she and the psychiatrist are stunned that Ari is seeing someone. Mrs Ari leaves in the middle of the session. Mrs. Ari is very annoyed and leaves the session. Ari instructs the shrink (Nora Dunn) to bill the session to the wife.

Ari dines with Dana at Bobby Flay’s restaurant. Dana says she is still forty and single but Ari got the wife and the perfect family. Ari acts surprised that Bobby and Dana used to see each other. Bobby feels somewhat guilty because Mrs. Ari is only separated and he is dating her. Dana is wondering what is going on.

Billy reminds Vinnie about what happened in “Midnight Express” when the guy panicked. Drama, E, and Turtle and the gang all join Vinnie at the police station for a confidence boost. Vince requests to speak with E alone. Vince confesses he is wearing a fake penis to pass the drug test.

E (Eric) flips out and says Vince will get into serious trouble if he wears the fake and passes the test. Vince agrees and then says he’ll face the music.

Dana leaves the restaurant saying she knew that Ari and she weren’t going to work. Dana leaves Ari standing on the sidewalk saying they have to do business in the daytime so just cut line. Mrs. Ari calls Ari and says she always knew he was doing Dana Gordon. Mrs. Ari says she is very hurt and insulted. She hangs up on him.

Ari arrives at the fireside vigil for Vinnie’s drug test. Ari is freaked out but E says that they will lose Vinnie’s role on Airwalker. E mentions that Ari can negotiate that start wit Dana Gordon. Ari winces.

They are all mightily relieved that the test is clean. They speculate his drug test got switched with someone else’s. E watches Vinnie and says that he didn’t take it off. Vinnie fears Eric will be angry.

Then Vinnie confesses and produce the rubber penis throwing it around in the air like a hot potato. They all laugh.

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