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Hell's Kitchen-10 Chefs Compete- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 14th August 2011

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Krupa having been voted out, a new challenge starts. Ramsay asks each team to pick a leader.Paul is chosen as red team leader and Jennifer is red team leader. Then each leader picks the worst leadership people and they get to lead the challenge. Tommy and Carrie are the worst.

Carrie’s choices are derided and Elise says she is stronger on pizza. Tommy asks Johnathon for a caprino pistachio truffle oil and honey flatbread pizza. Paul says the engine in running with Tommy but nobody’s home. Tommy ignores Johnathon’s questions.

Elise makes meatball s and pasta but when Carrie asks Elise if her pasta is dropped Elise asks Carrie if her pizza is in. Very few of the dishes look good. Chef Ramsay is furious with the teams for screwing so badly this late in the game.

Ramsay challenges the teams to come up with a twist on 5 American comfort foods.  Pizza, hamburgers, pasta, soup and Cobb salad and Chef Wolfgang Puck is the guest judge of the challenge. Lamb sliders from the red team’s Jamie and Tommy presents soy ginger Japanese beef burger.

Elizabeth presents a Cobb salad. Nathalie uses salmon instead chicken, Nathalie wins. Blue team wins. Elizabeth loses the Cobb salad contest to a salmon entree. Will presents a pasta with no sauce and Elise’s pasta is a mess. No point to each. Jennifer makes chicken noodle soup but Paul makes a Japanese noodle soup. Red team wins.

Johnathon refuses to come up to be judged on Tommy’s awful pizza idea. He won’t bring it up. Carrie brings a raw pizza to Wolfgang Puck. Johnathon brings the honey pizza. Puck says everything you don’t need on a pizza is on there. Ramsay humiliates Johnathon. No point. Red team wins. Elise points out that Carrie has nothing to be proud of.

Ramsay sends the girl down Sunset Strip in a convertible to the Laugh Factory personalized performance. The comic makes jokes about Ramsay being a childbirth coach. But when the baby comes out he would scream “it’s raw”.

The blue team has to clean everything. Tommy has to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush. But Johnathon is not feeling well because of a pulled muscle. The red team gets a entire set of cookware to take home. They are thrilled. They see their rooms are cleaned.

At dinner service the guests are the Coast Guard. Elise gets an all meat order and throw the table up to the pass. 7 servings are done well. Ramsay is impressed. Carrie blows it with the appetizers and pizza. Jamie thinks that Elise is jinxing them with predicting a win.

Jonathon can’t cook pasta and tanks in the service. The Blue side wait forever. Order after order are not done right. Ramsay screams at the Blue team and Johnathon and Nathalie. They flounder.

The women come together in total harmony. Ramsay screams at Johnathon that a bleeping young man won the Hell’s Kitchen contest with a broken wrist. Ramsay throws Johnathon and Nathalie out.

The women finish. Red team wins. Blue team must vote two losers.

Nathalie and Jonathon are on the carpet. Jonathon is voted out.

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