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Mad Men- The Good News- recap

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Written by : published Sunday 14th August 2011

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Joan hears from her ob-gyn if she can have a baby. Her husband Greg is going to Vietnam. It’s 1965 almost. It is news to him, although he knows Joan well,  about a second procedure(abortion). They have a plan. The doctor does not understand her unwillingness to stop the Pill.

Allison greets Draper in the office, where the TV exec comes in. He is requested to go to the Brown Derby in Los Angeles to get cast in a movie. Lane is told to go to England and not feel so guilty.

Draper has plans for Acapulco and Price is supposed to go to England for New Year’s. Allison has Times Square plans. Draper goes to the West Coast to see his fake ex-wife. She is in a cast but glad to see him. He meets her niece, who is at Berkeley and charms him completely. The sister knows who Don really is and says hello but leaves.

Don confides in Anna about his kids and never seeing them. Stephanie talks to Don like he is another generation. Don tells Stephanie youth owns the market. They dance to Jan and Dean at the burger place. They have a night out and when Don takes the niece home he is entranced by how romantic and young she is. They have an oddly candid conversation. She confesses Anna Draper is dying of advanced cancer. They don’t want to tell her. Don is broken up.

In New York, Joan tries to sweet talk Mr. Price into additional time off. He says he can’t allow it because they need to do the company financial planning. Nobody at the office knows her husband  Greg is shipping out. Price gets into an argument with her. Joan storms out.

Later Joan goes home and gets into an argument with her husband. They try to get along but they can’t. Joan confesses that she can’t get work off. Greg wants Joan to just not show up. They don’t know when he has to report for medical officer’s camp.

Don is terrified by losing Anna. He sits up all night. He had wanted to bring the kids out to meet her. Don tells Anna that the minute he told Betty who he really was she just wanted him away from her. Anna understands why he never told her about Anna. Don says he had it coming.

Next day Don misses his plane. He starts painting Anna’s wall in his undershirt and shorts. They discuss UFO’s and planes. Anna says she knows everything abut him and still loves him. Anna’s sister walks in and accuses Don of not being able to keep his pants on. Don follows her out to the car to discuss Anna’s cancer.

In New York, Joan gets a dozen long stemmed roses. Peggy talks about her boyfriend Mark and getting a new dress, but when Joan reads the florist note she explodes. She runs into Lane Price’s office and yells at him for a suggestive note. Price screams for his secretary. The secretary has mixed up the notes and now Mrs. Price in London has a note that apologizes to Joan from “Lane" Price. It’s a disaster and Joan fires the secretary.

Don is unhappy with the way Anna’s cancer has been handled. The sister says the specialists say it is very advanced. Don says she is important but the sister says he has no say in the affairs of the family and he is just a man in a room with the checkbook. She begs Don to leave before he something slip. Don leaves, but is too depressed to go to Acapulco. After painting their names on the wall, Don leaves, knowing this is the last time he’ll see her.

Joan makes a big dinner for Greg, who comes home having already eaten. She cuts herself badly and Greg tries to stitch her up. Joan starts crying. Greg shoots Joan with a needle and starts sobbing because they never seem to work things out. Michael brokenly tries to stitch her up, in an obvious metaphor for their failed marriage.

At the agency offices, Draper and Lane Price discuss why they are alone there. Saddened by their mutual presence they drink. Later Draper yells for Price and announces they are going to a movie. Don suggests “Bring Me No Flowers” and Price yelps “No”. They end up seeing a Gamera X movie and yammering at each other. They drink and mock the other watchers. Don points out that hands jobs are going on.

At dinner Price watches Draper and says he reminds him of a school chum. Draper observes that Price likes in the States. he is separated from his wife but Don refuses to give advice. Price poses with his steak at his genitals and yells that he has a Texas belt buckle. Price evidently isn’t willing to go home and face his scary wife. Don orders a prostitute for himself and one for Lane. They go to a comedy club where the comic mocks them as homosexuals.

They retire to Don’s apartment where he refuses to let anyone have sex in his children’s room. Draper doesn’t want to talk about  why he isn’t in Acapulco. Price is slowly persuaded to go with the flow. After a night in Draper’s apartment Price needs a glass of water and forks over $30 for the girl and goes. Draper falls on his bed, unable to rid his mind of sadness.

At the office, Draper, Price, Roger, Joan and Campbell meets for the first business meeting of 1965. Don looks old and weary.

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