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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) Malama recap

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Written by : published Thursday 10th February 2011

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The remote part of Hawaii, in a cabin isolated in green tropical growth, a man stands watching the window. Two cars drive up. He says to the woman she'll be safe and then exits to greet the officers. She thanks him, calling him Frank, for everything he's done. He goes outside.
The Marshal realizes the two Hawaii Police Department officers have bullet holes in the uniforms they are wearing. He shoots but is killed. The men rush the cabin. The witness runs and holes up in the bathroom but uses a hairspray can and a lighter to burn one of them. The door is pounded open and fade out.
Danny Williams enjoys some cocoa puffs as he brushes off calls from his ex-wife. The 5-0 squad gets called in when a high value federal witness gets attacked. McGarrett outlines how a massive drug cartel kingpin is being held until 5 p.m. unless the witness shows up in court. The missing two policemen have alerted Hawaiian Police something is wrong. Kona and the team rush to the scene.
But Williams hears the message of his wife getting carjacked with Grace in the car. Two men with guns are shown taking the car. He goes to the Hawaii police building just as the officer reports the $100,000 Mercedes she was driving found with her purse and credit cards. Danny asks his ex-wife is this was a warning for Stan, her husband. She protests he is just a businessman. Danny says the carjackers gave up $20,000 giving back the Mercedes. Stan is in Thailand on business.

Meanwhile McGarrett and Kona scout the crime scene. Broken glass and blood mean the woman is hurt. Chin finds the two dead cops in the trunk of the car. McGarrett goes on a tracking  rampage. The witness has obviously run into the foliage with two armed assailants. Chin says air support can't land a chopper near the remote cabin's location. McGarrett and Chin track the men to where the witness hides hurt in a  cave. McGarrett says he will further pursue the men. Chin says some men just weren't born with a fear gene.

Kona talks to the prosecuting attorney. She asks for data about the witness list. The attorney says the last three people were killed. The witness saw the defendant Aaron Brenner kill a dock worker who discovered the cocaine shipment. She was an accountant in a Honolulu business. Kona intersects Aaron Brenner and threatens him with the witness' testimony. She makes sure to spell her name for his attorney.

Williams drives his wife and daughter to their home, Stan's mansion. The place is ransacked with the door left open. Williams sees nothing is taken but Stan's office is a mess. Meanwhile McGarrett sets traps for the hunters. He gets a call from Danno, who is driving to the airport. McGarrett hears that Danny is near the razor's edge. He tells Danny when the world of cops with guns and angry dads with stepfathers collide there is trouble.

Meanwhile McGarrett traps one killer but the other "cop" snipes shots at the witness on the ridgeline. Chin loses his gun and searches for it frantically. McGarrett questions a trapped shooter while fixing his collapsed lung with a carved branch. He phones Kona and she identifies the men from the plane. But the fourth man is still unaccounted for. Chin finds a garage and a working motorcycle. They get to the witness to the courthouse on time.

Kona reviews the tapes and sees the fourth shooter in the team is a woman. She alters the image and recognises the defendant's co-counsel. At this moment the witness and the attorney are making a deal with her. She leads them to a conference room but nobody is there. Kona runs in and kicks the crap out of her. Chin mentions that Kona has got the ass-kicking thing down. The witness takes the stand against Brenner.
Meanwhile Stan has admitted to being shaken down for bribes. Williams pumps fists into the commissioner blackmailing Stan for permits on his new deal. Grace is safe and Stan is looking OK for once. A better day for Williams and family.

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