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Rescue Me -Head- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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Gavin arrives to find himself on the front page of the New York Daily News. He also find union and HQ representatives in his house. Gavin gets to play in the tenth anniversary game for 9/11. Franco says  the Gavin is getting his butt handed to him. As Rep King Joey the Third and department Supervisor Ballsba demand his badge and equipment and jacket and ID.

Pam Keppler’s news report has made enemies. The men circle the wagons because she plans follow up reports. Mike got it on with a man at HQ years ago and has details. The men thank the Lord and find out more specifics. Franco alone won’t play ball. Pam Keppler’s news van is parked outside of HQ. They have a lot to lose.

They discuss scare tactics. The Lt. says Gavin needs to go home and lay low for thirty days. White Sean says that’s won’t happen out loud. They think Mike being gay is the least of their problems. Franco won’t play ball and calls out the Lt. for his lack of leadership. Lou is tasked with researching Michael Douglas lookalikes. They fight fire with fire. The LT says to call Pam Keppler about conspiracy theories, meaning him.

White Sean walks his new smelly girlfriend home and to her apartment. They discuss her smelly issue. She confesses after sex she has an emission. She says it is fortunate that he has such a small penis. Sean is freaked out. She says after the Knicks center she dated the results are much better. She calls his penis little. They agree to go upstairs and cuddle.

Gay Mike tells the Lt and the Chief that his gay friend had a beauty mark. Mike says the man had another name beside Doug. Mike tells the Lt. and the Chief they are approachable with female qualities. They don’t deny the compliment. Lou is hurt he is not soft enough. Chief says Lou has 60 lbs. of soft.

The Lt. approaches Pam Keppler’s new van and the cameraman says he has a cousin who is a firefighter and he is just doing his job. The Lt asks for the man’s number Tommy Dunn he knows him. The cameraman gives him the number with the words “Keppler DUI” scrawled on the back. he looks back and realizes it is a tip.

The Lt. speaks to Pam. Keppler realizes the LT is trying to pretend he is the firefighter. Pam Keppler says the conspiracy guy is Franco with the do-me dimples. She says the public wants sex and she will exploit it to death. She says the house might be the bottom of the NYFD but it is a gold mine for her.

The LT meets with Gavin saying the police might know something they don’t. He shares the changed description of Mike’s old friend. There is no police record of the DUI. The Lt. tells Gavin to talk with Todd his hockey enemy. The Lt says even to throw the charity anniversary game. Too many men sleeping with 9/11 widows is tawdry sex and headlines. There is chum in the water.

Gavin approaches Todd and offers to throw the game. He gets shouted down in confusion. After the NYPD NYFD game they have a tie. During the toast Lou gives Gavin more pertinent details about Mike’s old hookup at the Christmas party at HQ. One of the police men makes an ugly allegation before the drinking contest. He says firefighter lost 343 and the police lost 23 and they still lost more manpower.

An ugly fight breaks out as Todd signals Gavin to meet him outside. Larry Lochness from another precinct has video of Pam Keppler performing oral sex on him in exchange for skipping a cocaine bust. He says to use it and ruin Pam so former cop Jimmy doesn’t get messed up.

At home, Gavin finds screaming women. Colleen is throwing things. Gavin’s newspaper notoriety has caused Sean and Colleen’s wedding venue to be cancelled twice. Sheila says two mansions near where Damien has appointments. Gavin isn’t known out there. Gavin’s wife says that Sheila will not be involved. Uncle Mickey is in the wedding and this means Sheila won’t be in it. Katie is scared Colleen will start drinking.

The dress Colleen wants is $8,000 and his wife won’t let Celia pay for the wedding. Colleen threatens to drink unless she gets what she wants. Gavin mans up and tells his wife Celia will pay for the wedding because she and Mickey are both involved. Gavin says everybody calm down. Gavin says he needs a drink, then they prevent him from opening the cabinet. Gavin’s young son starts crying and silences them all.

Gavin gives a monologue about them all stealing and cheating and lying and addictions and drinking. So that’s who they are. Mickey is going to be in the wedding and Damien in stuck in the chair. He tells his wife that they can’t put a price tag on her sobriety. Colleen will have the best day of her life and he will pay it back.

Katie and Colleen come back in the living room. The truth can kiss their lying Irish behinds. The outside world (the media) will use the truth against them and he has a secret evil plan. Gavin lays a huge kiss on his wife while everybody smiles. He wants the place cleaned up when he gets back and he is picking up his godson and he has Sheila’s assignment outside. Next thing Sheila is arriving at the Pam Keppler news van. She approaches and Pam welcomes her as expected.

She is dressed up and acts shy and confused but under Pam’s questioning displays a lascivious interest in sex with Gavin. Celia revels in sex behind her dead hero husband’s back, gabbling the very stuff Keppler wants to hear. Encouraged, Pam lets Sheila talk on an on and display video from her phone into the camera. Pam rushes for the phone and Sheila tells her to sit down and calls her “Big Mouth”. She references the video and says they all know now just how big her mouth is. Sheila says the video will hit Youtube is she says anything bad ever again.

Sheila then comes into a meeting in Firefighting headquarters corporate offices. As the grieving widow she is awaited by the Inspector Ballsba and the fire commissioner. They are there to throw Tommy under the bus. Inspector Ballsba starts laying down the law. She keeps a straight face. They are waiting for Richard D. Hanrahan, who comes in. Sheila sees he has a beauty mark and looks somewhat like Michael Douglas.

Ballsba is astonished when Sheila takes over the meeting. She then goes over and pours herself a drink out of the hidden bar, which is illegal to have in the office then mentions that Mike of the fire house says hello and remembers him from the Christmas party and references specific marks on his anatomy and then finds handcuffs in his desk. The other men are horrified and shocked, but aware of what she is alleging. The man himself turns pale.

Later, Sheila calls Tommy from her car to where he is watching Damien. She says he has his suspension lifted and that Hanrahan has been dismissed and that Keppler has already offered her cash to turn over the tape. Gavin says he can’t thank her enough and then she says she did it for “us”. Gavin says who is “us" and she says “The Gavins” and she hangs up.

Watching Damien, Tommy is shocked when Damien reached out a hand and grabs him, and says to Gavin “It’s Your Fault I’m Like This”.

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