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Royal Pains-Ta Da For- Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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The brothers Hank and Evan of Hankmed attend a party with Magic Andy who steals their watches. He then burns himself escaping and then tells Hank about the pains and sweating. Divya does not tell Hank about her shifts at the hospital. Jill can’t get Boris to answer her calls to talk about the murder attempt.

One of the Hankmed promotional DVD’s made its way into a Matt Lauer place. Evan plants the DVDs anywhere he can including women’s purses at the party. Hank agrees to to do the Today show if by some reason Evan can get him on. Evan then goes to the swim club and crash bombs into a man swimming he believed to be Matt Lauer. It is not Matt Lauer.

Hank visits Magic Andy at his residence filled with magical stuff. He hears a closing door and then hears Andy calling form inside a magic box. Hank tests Andy and discusses him taking water pills. Hank suggest an anxiety disorder. Hank takes blood and advises no escapes.

Evan continues to stalk Matt Lauer. Jill agrees to get a college friend to setup a fake Today show. At the hospital, Jill fakes a cough to get Hank from noticing Divya. A Physician tells Divyea to discharge a patient he suspects of seeking drugs. The man is drunk seemingly, but Divyea takes a second look. She perform a procedure with borrowed equipment and helps the patient.

Divyea learns about how a hospital as protocol. Without authorization from Dr. VanDyke, a nurse catches her and tells her she will be fired after two shifts. Jill tells Divyea she has to follow the rules. Divyea gets her first lesson in being a medical assistant.

Evan bumbles over an antique carousel horse from the film Mary Poppins. He breaks in and has to buy it. He brings it home and Hank tells Evan that the Today show will interview them. Evan is overflowing with joy. But Hank gets a message from Magic Andy the water pills are working.

Maic Andy performs his act at the Wellerbeing’s home. Hank and Andy rush there because Hank realizes magic Andy will really be crushed due to paralysis. Mr. Wellerbeing drives his Aston Martin into the crate where Andy is locked in. Hyperthyroidism stops the potassium an Andy won’t stop performing the confinement tricks. The waitress follows Andy says that Andy’s magic act look good and better than any of the other magic on the islands that summer.

Dr. Van Dyke tells Divyea she did a bad job correcting his patient. Divyea apologizes and he says the patient’s lab work. He came back with a condition. The patient

Boris and Jill discuss her memories of the accident. Jill realizes Boris knows what she is doing and asks what her therapist thinks. Jill says she has spoken to the police. Boris brushes off the warning and says he will speak to his security chief. Then he rushes to call everyone when she is gone.

Hank comes to the set of the fake Today show and jokes as if it is not real. Then Matt Lauer shows up onscreen and discusses them, and announces them on the Today show. Hank completely breaks out in a case of nerves. Hank completely freaks out. He can’t summon an explanation of what a concierge doctor is.

During the break they show the Youtube  jitney footage while Hank completely freaks out and Hank is sweating. When they stop arguing the TV producer says nobody will probably ever see the TV spot because it was so bad.

Hank confesses that he didn’t belive the Today show spot was real because he didn’t believe it could happen. Hank realizes that Evan is more fearless than Hank is. But Hank refuses to turn Hankmed into Doc in the box, McMedicine, or Hankbucks.

Hankmed must expand. Hank refuses because he is comfortable the way things are. At that moment the fake “Today” show crew arrives and Hank smiles.

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