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Suits-Identity Crisis -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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Stable Shelters is building public housing projects for Lucille Jackson. The financial company disappeared the money. Harvey brings the bridge loan package to Lucille with an added 15%. Elliot Perkins had to have knowledge, Harvey asserts.

Harvey and the boss oversee the financing of shelter loans but need an additional 15%.
They need to find out where Maslow the embezzler put the money. Mike Ross and Rachel look over the invoices, including $5,000 doggie day care in the Greece. They flirt, and Louis is furious

Harvey gets called to an important client and has to leave Louis to interview Perkins. Clarity Drilling IPO deal is pending, and CEO Jerome Jensen is there to see Harvey. Lewis trying to get in is futile. Harvey greets a man whose daughter Lola needs to be investigated. Harvey tells Mike to get to the bottom of it.

Lewis keeps trying to get into Jensen, saying he is a whale on the food chain, and Harvey’s secretary is phytoplankton. He tries  getting into the meeting but Harvey’s secretary blackmails him about a certain date. June 3rd 1997. Louis slides away when she threatens to tell Harvey. Louis interviews the client and does poorly.

Lewis is supposed to wait for Harvey but comes down hard on Perkins in deposition. Lewis says they are out of water. On the way out the man collapses. Lewis makes light of it. Harvey insists on telling the boss. He sees in the meeting that the man has died. Lewis ponders claiming that Perkins implicated Maslow the minute he walked out of the room.

Lewis paws through Harvey’s LP records. Harvey wants to figure out where the money is. Lewis says they can lie about an agreement while the man was being taking to the hospital. Harvey says the call is final. The cause of death is a pulmonary embolism. Lewis is a financial crime expert. Harvey’s boss orders him to work with him for Lucille Jackson.

Lola Jensen is known as Mildred Jesnewki. That is an assistant controller at the company. Mike approaches Jensen’s daughter. She calls Mike an empty suit.  Lola has funneled money from Clarity drilling to Locksleigh LLC. Clarity fracking damage is the reason she is stealing money to give to her company. Locksleigh LLC is to anticipate damages from environmental damage. Her father’s IPO is imminent. She says she will give away the money.

At Pearson, Maslow’s company appears in the conference room. The 150 million dollars was missing according to them. Harvey says the investigation was a ruse. They say Lucille’s bridge loan means she is desperate.

The $20 million that Perkins has overseas is legitimate. Lucille Jackson deposited over a hundred fifty million and Harvey points out it is still missing and turns own their $15 million settlement offer. Lewis panics that Harvey won’t play ball. Harvey says Perkins was innocent.

Harvey meets with the endowment chairman. Pearson offers her their fees back and her payments to date. They want to fight it out in court. Lucille does not want a Pyrrhic victory. Lewis tells the associates to labor to find Perkins’ wrongdoing. Lewis forbids Mike to work on Jensen. Mike asks Harvey for his corporate card. Specter wants Ross on Lola Jensen and does’t want to know the details.

Mike gets the daughter Lola to lunch with Jerome Jensen. He wants to tell his daughter his side of things. His daughter does not accept the apologies as mitigating the pollution of the water by Jensen Industries. Jensen says he raised a thief. They have an argument and Jensen wants to fire Mike and Pearson-Hardman. Lola says the father ducks his co-conspirator.

She says her research is making the planet more habitable. Jensen offers to pay back the money. Ross says that would make him a co-conspirator. Mike says she hasn’t distributed the money yet.
Lola arrives at Mike’s apartment. She says that he isn’t  real lawyer. Lola researched him online. She tells him to leave her alone or she will expose him.

Harvey shows up at Perkins’ funral to talk to the widow. She is about to help when Lewis Litt shows up. The widow slaps Lewis’ face and denies to help Harvey. Mike is surprised when Harvey says he needs to get his shit together. And find them a new witness.

Harvey is surprised at how conservative Mike Ross is on Jensen. Mike worries abut Lola’s threat.

Lewis approaches Maslow’s assistant and gets the goods on Maslow’s financial skimming operation in Dubai. but at the meeting, the assistant he promised a job to confesses the story was a ruse. Maslow tweaks Harvey for litigious perjury and threatens action. Harvey explodes over Lewis. The boss tells Jackson they will forgo their fees.

Ross gets Lola to step up and find where Maslow stole the money from the Jackson housing project endowment. She works the computers in Harvey’s office searching banks in Liechtenstein. Harvey’s boss tells him she will accept Maslow’s offer unless Harvey allows Lewis to work with them.

Harvey’s secretary Donna locaes Lewis at the shooting range. Lewis feels guilty about spurring Perkins’ embolysm, and Harvey admits to needing his financial crime expertise. Lola and Harvey examine the records. Harvey identifies 5 of the banks without ties to Uncle Sam. Maslow would have known the banks with American corporate parents. Lewis says with embezzlers the eggs were never in one basket so they are looking for a combination of transactions.

They look for bank transactions to Maslow owned accounts totaling the amount stolen from Lucille Jackson’s foundations. Then Harvey and Lewis call Maslow and his lawyer into a conference. Maslow says the money came from their corporate offices in Sri Lanka. They have pictures of Maslow opening safety deposit boxes. They settle for the money to be returned and Maslow’s resignation. The money is wire transferred back into Lucille’s accounts.

Harvey’s boss comes with Lucille to thank him. Lewis struts the halls at Pearson, showering compliments everywhere. Harvey sees Lewis and greets him. Lewis accuses Harvey of cutting him out of a meeting with Jessica and Lucille. Lewis accuses Harvey of taking all the credit. Harvey says Lewis worries too much.

Lola drops by Mike’s cubicle. She says the Maslow deal was not a bad way for Locksley LLC to go out. She gives him a Harvard degree, and says told the Dean’s office he had lost his. She hacked the database and got him in. He says he doesn’t know if she is awesome or terrifying. She shows him his record in the Harvard University database. She says she can’t promise he’ll never get caught but it won’t be because his story doesn’t check out.

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