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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as a rape victim found on a  bus by a religious extremist. When she reports the rape she says her name is Julie McManus. But the examiner thinks she is on drugs or alcohol. She flees the rape examiner, while Olivia calls out they can help. She says they can;t and runs away.

They find out from her fingerprint that is not her real name and that she lives in midtown. They visit her home but she won’t come out. The detectives realize she has a stalker because she has an unlisted phone number and unofficial address. When Vicky sees them through the curtains she asks how they found her and Olivia says she pays her taxes. Olivia can’t get her to come out and talk to them.

They do a car surveillance and see from the curb that another person delivers office supplies and groceries. Olivia pounds on the door again but she won’t come out. They interrogate the delivery person who says that Olivia comes to the office once a month. They say the last day was yesterday.

Olivia waits for Finn as backup when a black car comes to pick the victim up. Then Olivia jumps in a cab and follows her to a meet with a man.

Olivia sees her pay a man and get a gun. They turn and see Olivia and run. Vicki gets arrested after pulling a gun on Olivia. She describes four rapes over fifteen years. The department find missing records and lost case files. Vicky Sayres  says he will threaten her and kill her if she accuse him and always stalks her. She says he tells her she must be a good girl and he always knows where she is.

She describes a man who raped her and the evidence cop find a moisturizer with a sticker from at the Amsterdam hotel. This was found in the victim from the rape kit. They show the sketch of the rapist to a Amsterdam clerk and she says that is a man who entertains clients in the hotel lounge. They ask to speak with him and he denies knowing what they are talking about but agrees to cooperate. he goes into the lineup and Vicky points him out.

He denies the crime and they can’t keep him because he stayed in the room all night. They look at security footage and see him leaving at eleven in the morning after ordering dinner and movies. They have to release him as they do so Vicki runs through the police doors and pleads with Harris for his forgiveness and astonishes the entire precinct.

Olivia is convinced that Harris is the one. Florek says the evidence doesn’t persuade. Then Olivia gets another report from the Amsterdam hotel, Harris was complaining his hotel window on the second floor wouldn’t open. They posit that the rental car he got or his night inside the room had exactly enough miles on it to go through no tolls and thus escape security cameras. Florek is convinced.

So Finn , Olivia and the other detectives start a harassment campaign. Olivia, Finn and others show up on his route. They hand out flyers on the street where he is and ask him in the middle of a business presentation why he raped that girl. He angrily says he will sue the LAPD for harassment and Olivia says he will have to testify where he was.

Harris asks if he can talk to Munn privately and they step to the balcony. Olivia says “You’re my bitch now”. Harris eyes her. He says to her “You’re all the same every last one of you.” As they walk away Vicki says that they shouldn’t have done that. She said that he would slip, and Olivia says he just did.

Olivia tells her boss that there must have been others. They find ten rapes with the same M.O. These are from all over the United States where his job travels. He hunts his own comfort zone. Harris has been terrorizing women across the country for 20 years.

Olivia calls the other departments where the rape kit backlog is over 4,000 untested rape kits. The DNA was significantly is degraded. She goes everywhere but the rape kit backlog is thousand strong in every city. Some of the kits were thrown away by detectives counseling the women to forget the rape and move on.

Rex Winters(Skeet Ulrich)  of the LAPD present to Olivia that the kit is being tested. William Harris rents a storage locker in Boyle Heights. He has had it since 2000. Olivia says Harris’ company is headquartered in Los Angeles, why does he need a storage locker? Winters says he has got a court order to search it.

They find the storage locker filled with poster of the victims, video, pictures, an album with their drivers licenses, and jewelry and underwear from past victims. All the women are health facility employees with dark hair. The detectives get the LAPD forensics examiner to catalog the evidence. This is where Harris visits on occasion. Olivia says to Winters that when they are done with Harris they will hand him over to him in Los Angeles.

The statute for the California rape crime has run out of its evidence statute. Olivia tells Winters that he knew the statutes was run out for him to charge Harris all along. Winter replies that it was for him but not for her in New York where Harris is now being held. He says it is all on her, “Go get the prick”.

The DNA is ruled insignificant because the DNA to identify Harris is expired. The case for a trial is argued before a New York judge. Vicky gives her answers honestly. But the identification of Harris comes from DNA filed in an expired statutory crime. Harris is let go.

Vicky angrily tells Olivia she can’t make promises she can’t keep. The case is turned over to the FBI. The detectives look over the pictures. Olivia realizes the original rape that was in New York State had a set of evidence that was unlocated because the rape report was lost. Finn checks through old batches of NYPD evidence boxes and removes the original 1995 rape case evidence.

But Olivia rushes to the Sayres apartment. Vicki reluctantly comes to the door. Olivia asks her how long he held her in the first rape. She says for two days because the duct tape took hours to get out of. The duct tape is in the evidence locker, with Harris’ DNA on it. Finn finds the duct tape strips for DNA analysis.

In the hotel lobby, Harris chats up a female date. But Munn snaps the cuffs around his wrists and hauls him away. Harris says they have nothing on him and they say that kidnapping is a charge that has no statute on limitations and he held Vicky the first time for two days. (The rest of the charges will keep him in jail for life).

Vicky is nearby watching. . .Harris sees her and desperately tells Vicky that he loves her. She steps forward, and says to Harris through the elevator grille bars, “Now I’ll always know where you are” and “be a good Boy”

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