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The Vampire Diaries-the last dance- Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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The Vampire Diaries:The Last Dance

On the Vampire Diaries, the new schoolteacher is Alaric who notices Elena right away. The subject is the Sixties, and the teacher lamely recalls some vague highlights. Elena corrects him when he cites Watergate as a major milestone. Elena confides in Bonnie about her fears. The big dance is a Sixties retro dance.

Klaus asks Elena to the high school dance by way of a friend. She is being propelled. Lark is being sucked under by her powers with the thousand witch power.  Alaric is really   Klaus and must summon enough power to kill Lark, the inheritor of the witch power. Maddox and the gang plot and they strategize how to channel that much power. Making Lark manipulate Bonnie into using the power is the only way to defeat her, and he fears this. Alaric’s body is weak but Maddox can protect him with a spell.

Jeremy gives Bonnie his ring to protect her from the supernatural. She has been given a warning by the dead witches. She says it won’t help and she can sense Klaus. She must defeat him to protect the dead witches inside lark and their power. But Klaus is inside Rick, who watches as the vampire group are unsettled by his shout out to Elena.

Damon and Stephan get into an argument because Jeremy tells him that the sheriff knows what they are. (her daughter is a vampire). Damon is very concerned and shares this with Stephan.

Gilbert walks into a trap when three men corner him and attack. Damon his vampire friend fend them off, and say “let me guess Klaus says hi”. They realize this is a distraction, just as Rock runs up to Aline and Bonnie in the parking lot. They have been arguing about Elena putting her life before Bonnie’s. Alaric finds them and leads them to a deserted gym room. Elena says something is wrong. Alaric makes some strange remarks. They think he is being compelled.

Klaus is inside Alark. Damon says she has the power she can kill him. Damon tells Elena to go find Stephanie. But Klaus in Alaric’s body lures Bonnie into using her powers extensively. At the dance, others notice Elena’s frantic concern. Inside the gym, Klaus repeatedly comes at Bonnie. Soon Bonnie tells Elena to run. they run outside.

Bonnie goes back into the gym. She shunts her powers at Alaric. Bonnie becomes so weakened by repeated attacks. Devon says it is too late to give her blood. Damon says he will take care of the body. Back at home, Elena sobs. Damon tells her to calm down. Elena slaps Damon. Then he says that Klaus was never going to stop until Bonnie was dead. Until he believed she was gone.

At a remote place Bonnie comes alive amidst candles and Jeremy. Elena calms down, Bonnie is OK. Damon walks away while Stephan pursues him asking why he didn’t tell him. Damon says because he will put Elena first and that weakens him. Later Elena meets Damon and apologizes for the slap.

Elena acknowledges that Klaus was fooled. (Klaus’s body is being shipped to him). Damon says he will be coming to pay her a visit soon. But Damon says that if it comes to Bonnie and Elena he will always put Elena first. Elena says good night and then goes into the caverns under the mansion. She finds the body of a dead man, Klaus’s brother with a dagger in his heart. Elena removes the dagger and sits and waits.

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