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Mad Men-Christmas Comes But Once a Year- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 13th August 2011

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Don’s daughter goes Christmas shopping for a tree with the stepfather and Betty and Bobby.  The little boy from the divorced mom, Glenn, works there and says hello to her, and he is very noticeably grown.) He says he will call her.

Freddy, the Cooper Sterling employee fired for soiling his pants and drinking too much, comes to see Roger. Roger says despite the surroundings it’s Potemkinville. He stole a client from JWT and is bringing it to the new company. he must manage the PR personally, is the only caveat. They can keep the client, but Freddy says Campbell cannot be on the account. Roger sees more billings. He says yes.

Don’ secretary reads his daughter’s letter to Santa. It has some sad realities of divorce in it. Lane scaled back the Christmas party to a box of Velveeta. A marketing expert woman lectures to the firm but Draper leaves as well as she starts talking about his father. Don is woken by a nurse neighbor nailing decorations in the hallway.

Freddy is hired back, and all are delighted to see him. Campbell tactlessly mentions his drinking problem in the meeting and is cut off by Sterling who says he will be handling the public relations on this one. Freddy is chosen to be the company Santa at the Christmas party. (Price remarks this will be club soda and crackers due to the budget). Freddy walked out of JWT with a fraternity buddy with Pond’s cold cream.

Working on the Jantzen account, Freddy tries to tell Peggy about old fashioned ideals and Freddy tries to give Peggy advice how to catch a man. Peggy hurts Freddy’s feelings. She says their work is different. Don is the creative shaman around the office. His glo-coat ad is on television.

But when Roger comes back from a wet lunch with the Pond’s man, in a tizzy and remarking how was drunk under the table, Freddy turn pale and calls the man. They are clearly in recovery together. Freddy rushes off and does not show for the Christmas party.

Roger calls Lee the Lucky Strike client saying he is sorry Lee Garner Jr. will miss the Christmas party. But when Lee says he is in New York, Roger panics and must summon a Christmas Party.
Mrs. Harris whips up a party to look good. Freddy leaves.

Glenn calls Sally on the phone and tells Carla his name is Stanley from math class. When she gets on the phone, she realizes who it is and walks away to have privacy. Glenn asks why they are still living there and she says she doesn’t know. He asks why they haven’t moved yet.

She says she hates it there because she expects to see her dad around every corner. He asks how she can stand it that his mother does it with such an old man. She doesn’t understand what he is talking about and when his mother calls for the they hang up.

Lee comes to the party and Joan entertains him doing the cha-cha and the bunny hop around the office. Lee asks Don when they can expect something as good a glo-coat. Lee demands that Roger become Santa. Roger says no but Lee Garner Jr. forces him to. Lee demands Roger don the Santa suit and Roger must accommodate him. Lee makes ugly remarks. They give Lee a Polaroid which he uses to take pictures of every employee on Roger’s lap.

That night when the family are away, Glenn and a friend break in the Draper house and spill food and make a mess everywhere. Rice comes home and they are all shocked and Rice says for them to stay there while he checks the house. Only Sally’s room is not messed up. She finds a woven gimp necklace and takes it, smiling.

The marketing expert corner Don during the Christmas party about dodging the psychological analysis in her seminar. She predicts that Don will be married again in a year. Don goes home drunk. The Secretary gets a call and the agency people think Don is a pathetic drunkard. Don sleeps with his secretary after she brings him his keys from the Christmas Party. They blink and separate.

Peggy sleeps with her young man, but is frozen solid by his claims to being the master of her sexual awakening. He believes in her innocence and she is pressured by the lie. Freddy tells her he won’t respect her to marry her if she leads him on.

Don gives his secretary her Christmas bonus, but the car is unemotional and flat after their awkward morning after at the office the next day. He goes home alone after the office goes dark, with a stack of Christmas presents from the office people for his kids, whom he never sees.

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