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Mad Men-Public Relations- Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 14th August 2011

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The employees at Sterling Cooper arrive to find the sleek offices looted. Draper’s secretary thinks they have been robbed. Kinsey hears the buzz about Draper and Cooper and Sterling being fired and wonder what is going on. When Cosgrove runs up and says Campbell tries to poach John Deere, Kinsey jumps up and hurriedly opens Peggy’s office door. The place is empty and Kinsey curses, knowing he has been left out of the loop. (Pete and the head of TV are gone).

The first day at Sterling Cooper Draper Price shows avante garde new white wall offices which are really cubicles made out of partitions. Joan has her own office. Peggy has an art assistant who works creatively with Pete. Peggy and Pete have a successful working relationship with no nuances now.

 (Sterling, Cooper, and Don have been fired by Lane Price, in a secret agreement to start their own firm).

Don tells off the Jantzen bathing suit people, whose risque campaign is not what they asked for. Don throws the clients out of the office, annoying Sterling Cooper, and Price who has joined them there. Don is angry the clients want a bigger slice of the market but aren’t willing to face facts about the advertising needed to get the market’s attention.

Don takes a meeting with his accountant, who tells him he is paying a mortgage insurance and upkeep on a house he does not live in. Betty and her new husband are living there with the kids. Don gets a magazine article published in Advertising Age saying he came from a town that doesn’t exist. Price and Cooper and Sterling signal to Draper this is a missed opportunity for the firm. Cooper says he will get Draper an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Don takes the kids for a weekend in his bachelor pad, except for the baby which Betty does not allow him to see. Betty is taken for a weekend in a romantic Inn, and leaves Don waiting up for them to return in the dark in his own house Betty plays this off, saying she has waited for him lots of times. Don says they need to be out of the house, and Betty makes excuses.

After Don leaves, Harvey tells he’s right about the house and Betty angrily comments that “he” doesn’t get to decide. Harvey says she isn’t even looking and she says there isn’t anything.
At the Rice family Thanksgiving, Betty forces food in her daughter’s mouth at the table to make a pretense of a happy family, and the Sally chokes and runs out of the room after apologizing to Harvey’s mother. When Betty leaves the table everyone is polite and then laughs when Bobby says he liked sweet potatoes.

The home office of Lowell calls Lane Price, who gets dressed down. (Price firing the letterhead talent makes the London deal to sell the company invalid). This is why all the new deals were turned down, so a client could buy them with no conflict. Price is fired. He smiles fleetingly and hands his coat to “Moneypenny” and walks out. (The Lowell firm was sending him to Calcutta).  Price’s wife has gone back to London without him, and he has gotten to know the people at the firm.

Across town, Don has a modest bachelor flat where he drinks much more than before. he gets home in a daze and barely can get his keys in the door. Don marshals the clients, notably Lucky Strike, which is 71% of the new billings. Peggy outlines the new company mores, which have the advantage of a smaller firm. Peggy and Campbell illicitly hire a couple of women to fight over the ham, staging a public relations coup and making the newspapers.

Peggy has a young boyfriend, Mark, with false ideas about Peggy’s innocence. He pressures Peggy for sex, saying he wants to be her “first time”. The two women hired to fight get arrested and Peggy calls Don on Thanksgiving for bail money.

Don is furious he was not told about this and dresses Peggy down. The fiancee steps up, and later Peggy asks why he said that. Later Peggy says to Don they are all working there because of him, they are working for him.

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