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Entourage-One Last Shot-Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 9th August 2011

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Vince address his drug abuse recovery group. Turtle has a problem with the freaks. Carl Ertz the director of Danger Beach shows up. It’s a Tv movie made for Johnny. Ertz really wants to see the script as his official apology. Turtle is angry Vince even considers it.
Scott Levin (Scott Caan) Caan hears Drama complain about working with Andrew Dice Clay.

Drama pressures E to hone in a bid for his uptick in payment. Ari tells Vince he would castrate himself before letting him work with Carl Ertz. Vince is the good addict and Ertz s the sleevy old man addict. Vince says Ari isn’t doing anything. Lloyd tells Vince Mrs. Ari is seeing someone else.

Turtle receives a gold watch from his actor friend. Turtle is retired. But Alex is breaking up with him and is seeing someone else. The agent reminds him of “Concrete Heat” that failed against Seinfeld. Drama does’nt want to do a voice over. Dice is painted as the bad seed ruining the deal.

Ari dates Lloyd’s manicurist and she is not used to being on dinner dates. They discuss Ari getting divorced. Vince asks Turtles to go out but Turtle wants to start his own business. Vince and Turtle decide to sell their stock in Alveon.

Ertz calls and says he had nonalcoholic drinks with Les Moonves. The screenplay is on.

Andrew Dice Clay holds a meeting with Scott, E and Drama. Dice’s son plays the drums while they talk. Drama has to defend himself against Dice Clay’s rant. He says that they aren’t making money. They claim the “Simpsons” animation shows they are underpaid. Dice Clay turns on drama and says he can’t resurrect his career with animation.

Ari wonders whether to come up at the end of the date. Her crazy sibling nearly attacks them in Ari’s car before leaving. Ari calls Dana and stops by for a drink. They end up sleeping together.

Turtle calls Mark and they agree to sell the stock in Alvion to fund his new fish place. They need cash for investment costs and startup funding  and decide to cash out their alcohol stock. Vince says since he is in recovery he can’t really own part of an alcohol company anyway.

Ertz throws them a meeting about Drama in  Vince’s new screenplay. Ertz now demand that Vince do something for him. Ertz starts telling Vince about another screenplay he has for Vince for him to play. He says it will be “Falling Down” for the new generation. Turtle says he will hate it and goes outside for five minutes.

Vince tells Carl about the screenplay being no good. Ertz acts high. Vince acts very calmly and Ertz is crazy. He is very high and Vince won’t leave him high after months of recovery. meanwhile Ari’s office has received an email from Les Moonves about Vince doing the Tv movie.

Phil (William Fichtener) replaces the Diceman with a wannabe that enrages the director. E says he will call Ari. When E challenges Aru for putting Vince in a TV movie to capacitate Drama, Ari says it was Vince’s thing. E then calls Vince and asks why he is taking TV roles and meeting with Ertz behind his back.

At the beach house Carl Ertz gets high and sniffs and talk trash while Vince tries to calm him down. While Vince answers his cellphone, Ertz sniffs large amounts of cocaine (after months of recovery) inside the bathroom. Turtle comes back inside. He urges Vince to leave. Vince demands Ertz come outside to expain things and Ertz uls a gun and they hear a shot.

E is still one the phone with Vince and hears the shot. Turtle breaks down the bathroom door and he and Vince stare in a reaction shot at the mess the gun made. Vince is horrified.

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