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Suits-Play The Man-Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 6th August 2011

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Young Mike Ross runs his bike into Rachel who is incensed. They arrive in the office to find the entire firm assembled for the mock trial. Mike is unnerved to realize he is expected to practice an argue law. Fields matches Mike with the most snotty and cocky lawyer associate there is. Ross tells Rachel she is just mad because she didn’t get way with cheating herself. Rachel tells Mike he can’t cheat hi way out of the mock trial.

Specter’s hotel client wants a merger that isn’t necessary. The other hotel chain will join with him. Specter suggest they examine the handshake deal more closely. The other hotelier’s lawyer gets there and it is someone familiar. Specter’s old flame shows up. They tumble between the sheets while talking over the due diligence. She practices in London. Specter tells Mike that the Mock Trial in the firm sets the tone of his entire career for every partner.

Mike tries to settle the case and the other attorney agrees. But on the day of the argument the other associate pretends he never agreed. The Managing Partner (Gina Torres) is the judge. She gives Mike five minutes as reasonable time to oversee the case because he was told it was settled. He must get witnesses on his own and everyone in the firm is spoken for. Specter’s secretary volunteers  as a witness. Mike learns Rachel is the witness he must cross examine the heaviest.

Specter negotiates the deal but can’t get the other firm’s books. He is proud to get only the showing of his client’s books to the other company. But he senses victory in the sexual antics of his old girlfriend Miss Scott and has Ross check up on the stock purchase. Mike reports someone is buying up huge blocks of stock of his client’s company. Specter confronts Scott, who admits she told her client to exploit the access to the company books for the net worth financing of a takeover.

Ross panics when he has to produce a witness. He goes to his old friend’s ex-girlfriend. She understands and coaches him on his questioning. They kiss and go to bed. Next day Mike comes into the office on top of the world. In the kitchen, she meets Rachel, who realizes Mike has another woman in his life. Harvey gives Mike advice on how to win th mock trial but mike stays himself. When the time comes to put the screws to Rachel and win the case, he refuses. The whole firm watches him give the case away. Harvey is not pleased.

Harvey gets his client to sell the crown jewels of the hotel line so the acquisition won’t be worth it. When Specter shows it to Scott, she realizes that he will make her idea fizzle. She caves and tells her client to show up and return the deal to its original terms. But Harvey first finds out why Mike Ross refused to prosecute the mock trial case. Mike says he is still finding out what kind of person he is. Harvey says that he is blowing a huge chance. Harvey says he is a winner.

After the hoteliers agree, Harvey finds Scott drinking alone in the Harvard club. They knew each other at school. Because she lost the case, she will be in trouble. That’s why she is not on a plane back to London. She tells him that she will be marrying another man in a few months. She starts crying, and Specter embraces her. (She obviously couldn’t wait for him).

At the victory celebration for the other attorney winning the mock trial, Ross sees Rachel drinking alone. She says he didn’t have to do that for her. She says she was more disappointed in him than anyone else because he is different from the attorneys. She implies she has feelings for him, and mike is left to ponder a choice between the blonde and the brunette.

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