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Burn Notice- Besieged -Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 6th August 2011

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Fi tries to identify the boat bomb. (From the boat Jake was supposed to die on). Meanwhile Sam has a side job from a woman he knows. The husband is a ex-Army man whose tours brought him back with a deep distrust of authority. Michael senses this is more than a quick job. Fi is nervous about what Pearce wants next. Michael has to wait.

The man kidnapped his ten year old. Michael and Sam track the ex-husband to his place but Sam triggers a wire and the man shoves a rifle in their faces and get away. The ex-wife says her son’s athsma medication will run out soon. Michael uses this for leverage. They chase the satellite tracking device to a remote lair. They have pictures. She says the athsma will get worse there.

Michael uses his background in the armed services to talk to the father. Then they track down the man in a militia for anti-government extremists. Michael tries to talk his way in while Sam sets explosives on the fuel tank. But the leader of the group calls the shots and butts Michael in the gut with a rifle when he tries to delay their return. Michael uses this to his advantage. The infiltration is a success.

When the tank explodes later, they track a new fuel shipment and put Fiona on the bottom of the truck. But as the truck nears the compound they come out shooting. Michael tells her to jump. The men start firing. Sam realizes that they have Fiona trapped. Sam then blows up the fuel truck and Fiona runs to safety. Michael senses from the low lying satellite antennae they’ve been eavesdropping electronically.

Michael stages a call pretending they will hole up in a ammunition dump East of the militia headquarters. The armed extremists listen in. When they surround the empty cabin, Michael and Sam invade the camp. But the boy’s father has stayed behind. Michael talks him into giving up the child. The militia men are arrested and the father checks himself into a psychiatric hospital.

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