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Rescue Me- Brownies- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 5th August 2011

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The station watches the interview with Gavin. The interviewer presses too far and Tommy blows it talking about racism. Gavin says the people working 9/11 didn’t select who they rescued according to race and creed. The female interviewer Tommy threw out deliberately invokes Jimmy Keefe again and again. The interviewer keeps pressing for a psychological response and then closes the interview by saying fire fighters like Gavin don’t get the help they need.

Gavin loses control when the reporter alleges racism. Gavin says he agreed to talk about his cousin but the interviewer keeps dissecting his feelings. Gavin loses his patience and keeps talking. She adduces practices of sexism and the “boys club" allegations. Already steamed and under pressure, Gavin’s temper pops. Gavin’s outburst is made to seem excessive. He says if Barack Obama wanted to become a firefighter he has to take the same test he did.

Gavin says the firefighters are alleged as glorified garbagemen. Tommy Gavin says next time they have an emergency they should call the garbagemen. The interviewer closes with a review of Damien Keefe and his connection to the firehouse of his captain and uncle Tommy Gavin. She implies Gavin is a mental wreck walking amongst the pubic who refuses to get the help he needs. The firefighters are speechless. The phones start ringing immediately.

frnaco jumps at the Lt. He said his Guinea charm was going to get the reporter to take the disturbing parts out. The Lieutenants blows up back at him and says there are things he doesn't know about and really starts yelling at him. The tenth anniversary special had a vicious angle. A man comes in, HQ wants to talk to the Lieutenant.The Lt. tells him to shut up and gets into a fight with Franco. The men hold them apart.

Franco, the guy who threw the fit over Lou’s weight starts yelling at Gavin and the Lieutenant. He starts screaming at Tommy G for getting him into a fistfight with his commanding officer. He says the public is going to start sniffing around the station again once again due to Tommy’s screwed up life, the drugs, alcohol and the women and crazy antics. Tommy says Franco is worried about the fact he tried to have sex with Gavin’s wife.

Then Franco loses control and tries to attack Gavin. Franco says if the rest of them want to tie their carers to a rebel jerk like Gavin they can. But he says if he was in charge he could keep some loose cannon prick in line. He says if he was wearing the white shirt and the blue stripe he would be doing a better job than the officers.  

Keefe’s wife calls Gavin. She hates the reporter. She says she wanted them to remember Jimmy and now they will. The women have a long list of things they need him to bring home from the store. Kelly calls Gavin and they discuss how they weren’t supposed to run Tommy blowing up. Kelly says Pam Kepler makes Sarah Palin look like Madelyn Albright. Tommy laughs.

Lou is reading a cooking with celery cookbook while Gavin talks to the women in his life and their reaction to the show. Lou accuses Tommy of being surrounded by vaginas on all sides and having grown one. Lou said he is heading into an emotional affair. Gavin says Kelly has cancer. Lou says that Gavin has kids with another one on the way. Lou says he is upholding the Godfather agreement and quotes Brando. He says to never go back on the family.

Miss Martha is the (African American) church coordinator who arranges the beautiful church. Black Sean has doubts the cost will be worth it. Mike says Connie will love it. The uncle wants bagpipers and black Sean wants a DJ. But after meeting Connie the coordinator tries to throw them out. Miss Martha harshly tells them to leave.

The church doesn’t want another another Maguire incident. The Maguires are shanty Irish who created a horrible incident at another wedding. Black Sean asks is she serious they are black and white and Martha says that is not the problem. The uncle says his people have suffered enough and Connie says that is discrimination.

She is Malcolm X serious.She is kicking them out because they are green. She cites the Maguire wedding. Connie’s uncle immediately becomes serious and apologizes. He gives Black Sean his deposit plus 100 bones and says this is about reparation. He says the Maguires make the Gavins look like Amish people. They drink like fish, big marlin fish.

White Sean goes on a date with the beautiful wedding shop assistant. They are drunk but happy the date went well. They kiss and he puts her in a cab. He say he will call her and then she drags him into the cab and takes him to 9th and A street. At her place, things progress rapidly into the bedroom...But white Sean is bummed because the dog watches them in bed.

At the bar afterward white Sean complains to Mike about the stink in the apartment. Sean says it totally awful like a dead corpse. They decide it was the dog who had the odd smell. Sean is happy this is the only problem.

Kelly calls Gavin and he comes over. She demands he bring over milk butter and eggs. Her cancer test clean and she is making brownies. He says he sucks and talks about being surrounded by estrogen. (The reason for them to bond emotionally is fraying).

His daughter is marrying the black guy at work marrying his daughter. She says he he is worried about Black Sean having sex with his daughter. But soon they will be married and not having sex and only want to have sex with other people. Tommy realizes he never thought of it that way. (Lou’s contents seem to ring in the air).

Kelly starts making brownies with pot in them for the person who let her use the stuff in the kitchen. Gavin says he loves brownies. She could make him a ham and Vicodin sandwich. Gavin brings flowers and Kelly is touched. Kelly thinks she is happy or something.

The doctor said she won but she doesn’t feel like she won anything. Kelly starts to burn the brownies and starts throwing a fit. Gavin is shocked at the violence. He tries to deal with the unexpected drama. Kelly said she was a kick ass cancer patient and she was prepared for that. Kelly is not prepared for life without the cancer she was prepared for. She was better at being a cancer patient than she was at life and know she is stuck back in her life from before.

She says she wishes she had a real boyfriend to do this with. (Clearly they have both been pretending emotionally to be involved. ) Tommy picks her up off the floor crying. She falls against his chest in an embrace and Tommy says OK. Tommy says while she has been talking about losing her eyebrows and everything he was thinking about her secondary sexual characteristics. They kiss and Gavin waits for the next step. But she pulls away and says the kiss was just OK.

She says she has to avoid being him. He is openmouthed. She says she has to avoid being bitter and going nowhere and doing the alcohol and booze and stuff. He has to go home and find that magic with his wife.  Gavin asks if she wants him to leave. She says yes and kicks the glass on the floor. He pauses and says goodbye. he is hurt. He turn and walks out the door. When he leaves  she looks down and won’t look up.

Franco pulls the old chief aside outside the station house for a word. He says he wants to become a leader. The man says he can have his full support. Franco says he needs something more. The man says if he aces the test he’ll put a call in to downtown and get him a top house to report to. Franco says thanks, this is the opportunity he was looking for. The old man says to keep his wits about him and keep his mouth shut in the meantime.

White Sean has sex again with his beautiful new girlfriend. After they finish he encounters that horrible smell again. He looks around for the dog and she says that her sister took him for the weekend so they could be alone. Sean is horrified because now it can only be her. He is sickened by the smell. It must be her. He asks if they could light a couple hundred candles.

The station engine rushes to a street address with smoke billowing above. Franco is told to take the ladder to a upstairs window. The Lieutenant and white Sean stand at the street level while the crew goes inside. The hoisted ladder mechanically punches out a high  window. Franco climbs the ladder and goes inside the upstairs. Inside on the top floors the men look for the fire.

Inside Black Sean taunts Gavin, calling him ‘Grandpa". Then Gavin goes through the door at Lou’s command at almost falls down a four story shaft to the ground. He comes back suddenly inside the hallway, terrified and the men laugh at the look on his face. Then they look and see the gaping chasm. Four stories down a charred pile of lumber burns. It’s a death hole.

Entire floors have fallen to the ground. Sean gets on a ladder and takes a look over the top and he realizes the entire building is only braced. The Lieutenant calls a Mayday and they must leave before the building collapses. Just then Franco tumbles inside the top window into the gaping shaft. He catches onto a structural outcrop while waving in the air as the other team watches across the gap. They work together to bring him to safety.

Gavin edges over with the ladder. The men save Franco and afterward on the ground he walks over to Gavin. Franco says this doesn’t change that he hates Lou and Gavin and others bringing down the rep of the fire house. Franco says he still holds it against him for all the bad thing he has done. Gavin says in firehouse terminology that he doesn’t respect him either and that’s marked lack of respect for someone who just saved your life.

After the other man walks off, Franco calls Gavin a “dick” (for making him feel like a chump).

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