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Royal Pains- An Apple a Day- Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 4th August 2011

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Hank co-signs the lease on a beachfront condo for Divya. Jill is out of the hospital but having bad dreams about the accident. Tucker’s sister Libby, goes to mini med camp at Brown. Her mother is a go-getter and overachiever named Elise. Hank is called when Elise scratches herself badly. Anna the partner is very suspicious and jumpy.

The lesbian stepmother, Anna, is quite bit younger than her and very jealous of the Italian cowhand on their organic ranch. Hank is called to treat an accident and sees other bruises. Hank and Evan go to the safe deposit box to get their mother’s ring. Hank almost says something about Paige’s secret but keeps mum. The first blood sample from Elise gets ruined in the lab.

Wynn Meadows is an organic farm and Hank goes to see the patient again but the sutures are not healing. Pains and other bruises indicate that something else is wrong. He wants to see the vet that treats their organic animal. Elise’s chirpy daughter knows a lot about medical healing because she wants to go to medical school. Elise only confides to Hank in confidence she smokes but her partner only sees them talking.

The general told Evan he was not Paige material. But Evan gets Paige into a photo booth and proposes. But Paige is shocked that Evan did not ask the general for her hand in marriage first. She says yes but that she can’t wear the ring until he knows. Evan is floored. Evan is told by Paige his autobiography, “Never Surrender” is about to be published. She gets an advance copy and tells Evan to read it. The general uses strategy to get the better of people in life.

Divya open the door of her new place to find Raj her old fiance there. He comes in to announce his parents are going to sue her for restitution for wedding expenses incurred before they called the wedding off.  He gives her a list. Divya says she has no money her parents cut her off. He says that because she owns one third of HankMed they will sue for that. Divya is shocked.

Hank revisit the meadows farm. he learns from Mana what genius Elise is. Mana does not like how friendly she is with the Italian cowboy Marko. But Elise has a nosebleed when drawing more blood. The alpaca cheese is not pasteurized. Elise is limping because the bruises are worse and not healing. Elise says the farm keeps her mind off her troubles.

Jill has more bad dreams. Hank suggests she see a therapist. it might be PTSD.  Hank finds out Paige says yes but also from Evan he didn’t ask her father. Hank says both Collins and Evan love Paige. Divya asks Hank if he would be interested in buying her share of Hankmed but backpedals when he asks if she is leaving.

Divyea gives Raj a token down payment and says she will make installments. Raj is not pleased.

Paige coaches Evan on countering the general’s move sin battle to ask for her and in marriage. He goes to a sauna where the general relaxes. But Collins asks Evan to wait until after the election. Collins says the press attention is something he won’t like. Evan says he doesn’t mind. Collins reminds him about his father’s time in jail. Evan emphases that he doesn’t now how to keep secrets.Collins says that is what he is afraid of.

Elise has a bad attack and starts choking.Hank is being questioned by Anna at the time and Libby runs up to tell them. Elise is rushed to the hospital. Hank reports to Elise when she wakes up she has a vitamin C deficiency known as scurvy. Elise will improve her diet. Smoking lowers the vitamin C in her body. She says an apple a day really would have kept Hank away.

Jill discusses her abandonment issues with her therapist. Evan tells Paige the general asked him to delay announcing the engagement until after his election. Paige said this was a chapter in his book delaying as a tactic.

Divya thanks Jill for a job at the hospital being a physician assistant. Jill realizes from her therapy that the thing the men said to her in the accident s in German “It’s not her”.(Marisa was the target).

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