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White Collar - On the fence - Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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Neill lied to Mozz about not stealing the manifest of the missing German U-boat. But after the breakup Neil wants to know why Sarah dumped him. Neil catalogs the contents of the warehouse every day using the list, making sure Mozz didn't fence the Degas. Neill knows Peter will put him and Mozz away if it surfaces on the black market.

Mozz arrives and says because of a tabloid they are onto them. Mozz says they should go and sell the Degas to Hallie and leave for the islands. Mozz is worried about what Sarah knows. Neill intercepts Sarah to find out what she knows. Keller observes Peter and Neill meet and talk. Peter tracks Neill down because he is wearing the anklet.

Peter hosts an office meeting saying a robbery of an amulet in Egypt has the authorities looking for an artifact. Video of Keller stealing it makes Neill nervous. This ancient scarab was stolen from the Egyptian National Museum and is now in Manhattan. The Egyptian antiquities is Neill's favorite subject. The fence suspected is Raquel (Eliza Dushku). She is in New York. Peter says for Neill to tell his criminal super friends about the deal to be made. He wants in. Peter want to pretend Neill has the treasure to draw Keller in. When Mozz takes Neill to meet with Hallie he asks to meet Raquel. Hailles says yes if it will speed up the Degas deal. Neill says it will. Matthew Keller shows up in New York. He spies on Sarah and Neill talking on the street and sees Neill talk to Peter as well. Peter tries to find out why Neill and Sarah broke up. Neill says they are very different people.

At the cafe Peter preps Neill on the process. He will sting Neill and Raquel and bust them. After a brutal interrogation they will bond and then after Peter lets them go Raquel will lead Neill to the piece. Neill says she won't go for it but Peter insists the tie goes to him. Raquel needs a restoration expert. Peter has shown Neill how she packages Egyptian pieces inside molds that the X-ray machines can't see through. Neill is impressed.  But at the cafe meet Hallie does not show up.

Raquel quotes an ancient inscription and Neill calls the quote. She is impressed. Neill hints about the stolen scarab. She passes Neill a  Middle Kingdom faience piece. There is something hidden inside. Neill says he can have it restored in one afternoon. She says her instinct tells her to walk away. When she gets up to leave he sees Diane approach due to Peter. Neill says to the mobbed guys it's the FBI and it's a raid. The guys at the front of the cafe jump up and block Peter while Raquel and Neill run out the back door. She doesn't trust him completely yet and says she will contact him. She jumps into a cab and gets away. 

At the office Peter chastises Neill. Peter thinks Neill has fallen for dark lady Raquel. The Egyptian Authorities leave a meeting with Peter, the ones who want the scarab back. Neill Caffery suggests that Peter advise Elle that his former kidnapper is back in town. Peter says it isn't important. Then Mozz calls. Hallie didn't show because he was killed. He was the last of the gentleman fences. The security feed from the car shows what happened. On the security feed they see Keller come up in the back seat with a 44 and a silencer. Mozz customized the car himself. Peter wants to bring Keller in. But Neill points out that Keller thinks he has sanitized the car. Peter is unsettled that Raquel and Keller are connected. Elle is uncomfortable when Keller kidnapped him before. On the stakeout Peter calls Elle but cuts Neill off. There is no need to mention Keller's name to her, he says. Later on the street Keller poses as Interpol agent Sloan. He claims a threat to trap Sarah into giving away what she knows. He shows her proof Neil purchasing four helicopters. He asks for something on Neil. He says he has enough to make her an accessory.  She runs to Mozz to tell him that Interpol is onto them. He denies about the treasure but she says she saw it on Neill's computer. Mozz blurts out that Neill wanted to take her with him.

At Mozz's place Sarah sees the photo of "Agent Sloan". Mozz is stunned to realize Keller knows the IP address of the treasure. Sarah is stunned to realize Neill and Peter's enemy is onto them. Mozz calls Neill to tell him that Keller posed as an Interpol agent to threaten Sarah. Neill is not happy to hear it. Mozz changes the IP address. The setup for Raquel and her lab goes smoothly with Neill getting security wanded and turning off his microphone. Neil gets his ankle cuff unlocked to make the rendezvous with Raquel at her lab. Peter says Keller only needs a 60 second window to make his move and he will rush in if the bug is interrupted for more than that.

Neill dissolves the plastic item Raquel gives him as they talk shop. Her air conditioner isn't working and she turns it off. Neill hints he was the one who made the forgery she analyzed and she is impressed. Their partnership could be lucrative. The scarab is buried in plastic and Neill puts in chemicals and unearths the delicate antique gold scarab. Peter waits for the password but Neill waits before giving it. Then Keller appears, declaiming the ancient inscription. He was the one who stole it and he wants it back. Raquel is scared because he has a gun and livid because Keller says Neill has the Feds outside in a van. Raquel realizes he is the infamous Neill Caffery. Keller goes on and on, Neill say they were never friends and Raquel pulls a gun on Keller and walks out the door. 

Meanwhile Mozz has taken the Degas and gone to church. In the confession booth he puts out a hit on Matthew Keller. Mozz says it is open season on Keller and the first one to kill him gets the award. The priest asks for an address and Mozz says they can earn their money. At the penthouse, Keller taunts Neill about men stealing his treasure. He says don't worry about the Feds saving him. He shows him a video feed of men removing the crates.  Neill is freaked out that the treasure is gone and that Sarah is now involved. Neill palms the scarab.

As Raquel walks on the sidewalk, someone on cellphone tells her about the six million dollar hit on Keller. The man is the one from the confession booth. He calls her "Rocky" and tells her to stay out of it. She says that he is in her place, he owes her and runs back. 
In the van, Peter hears the talk in the penthouse and realizes he hears air conditioner noise.

Since she shut it off, Peter realizes they are on a repeating audio feed, and they rush the apartment. Inside, Keller runs and gets out the back door. Neill is frustrated. Neill stalls Peter, changing the video feed on-screen and then unlocking the door. He says Keller ran out the back way. Peter and his men search the back room but find nothing. Then they open a closet and find a cutout escape route. When they come back Neill is gone and he is off his anklet and can't be traced.

On the street Neill calls Mozz. He wants to check the treasure in the warehouse. Mozz says Keller couldn't have moved the treasure because he has it on video in the new IP location. They realize Keller hacked the feed to get Neill off his anklet, scared about the treasure, and running for the location.

Neill realizes it is a trap and asks Mozz where to run and Mozz says the Palace. But Neill hangs up before Mozz can tell him about the hit. Mozz calls his priestly contact and says he has an address for that matter they discussed.

Neill wanders an elegant but gutted building, clearly once a grand mansion. He hides from Keller and activates his anklet. Back at the office, Peter and his crew head out for the Beekman Place mansion. The empty house is seven stories tall but with a central balcony shaft. This is clearly a dumping place of stolen goods in the past. Wandering the halls of the gutted place is Neill, followed by Keller and his gun. Neill hides for a while then taunts Keller that he is predictable and that there is no treasure but he is waiting for the Feds to arrive.

Neill comes out into the open to get Keller into position. Keller tells Neill he doesn't deserve to have the treasure and is about to shoot when Peter and his men burst out. But gunfire erupts on Keller from above. Diana brings out Raquel, who was trying to complete the hit. Neill is wide eyed that Raquel is a hit-woman. Keller gets away.

At the office, Peter is suspicious of Neill breaking the plan again. But Neill points out that he realized the plan was to flush him out and that Peter's idea to pretend he had the treasure worked. Peter is not buying it but brings Raquel info questioning.

Raquel is short of kind words for Neill, mentioning that thanks to him Keller both got away and took her scarab. But Neill doesn't speak and raises his eyebrows, and Raquel notices. They engage in a protracted French Kiss (the amulet may have been in Neill's mouth and he passed it to Raquel).

At home on-screen Neill can't find the Degas. Mozz bursts in. Neills accuses him of sponsoring the hit on Keller with the Degas money value. Then Mozz finds out about the Degas being on the list but then gets suspicious of Neill. Since the office is tracking the U-boat art, Neill says they have to get it back. But Mozz doesn't want to tell him who he gave it to. Then Neill tells Mozz that if the Degas surfaces, they are done.

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